6 Best Music Festivals in Hong Kong to Groove to Your Rhythm

Music is food for our soul and mind. From feeling all the feels of losing ourselves in the trippy music beats, grooving our hearts out and singing along, music festivals are a culmination of it all. Hong Kong, too, is a hub for some of the most happening music festivals around the globe! Here is a lineup of the best music festivals in Hong Kong:

1. Road to Ultra

Road to Ultra, Hong Kong
Debuted in 2016 in Hong Kong, and almost like a globally dominating player in this industry, Road to Ultra sees large numbers of people flock from all over the world to tap their feet to and buzz their head with some solid EDM lineups! This is one of the music festivals in Hong Kong where you can expect world-renowned DJs and artists, massive stages and terrific production!
Festival Dates - March every year
Entry Fee - HKD 900 onwards
General music lineups - Famous DJs and performers like David Guetta, Galantis, Axwell Ingrosso among more. 
Highlights - This is one of the most popular music festivals taking place in over 20 countries across the globe. It is best known for EDM and young, trendy crowds.

2. Clockenflap

Clockenflap, Hong Kong
A 3-day magical experience, Clockenflap is the most inspirational and sensational music fests out there with artistic vibes and joy at its peak. It is the most hyped and loved music festival in Hong Kong, witnessing amazing performances by a perfect mix of international and local artists, art installations, and so much more! This fest is all about harbouring and enhancing the community feeling with music. 
Festival Dates - November every year
Entry Fee - HKD 920 onwards 
General Music Lineups - Khalid, Interpol, Cigarettes After Sex, Wolf Alice, The Vaccines, David Byrne among more.
Highlights - They create a stunning and innovative environment, vibe. The theme and decor give out the most enchanting feelings. It features both globally famous as well as upcoming local artists, performers thereby giving us the best of both worlds and promoting a sense of community and home-grown labels.

3. ALTN 8

ALTN8, Hong Kong
Presenting a forward-thinking approach to showcase incredible Electronic music, this is one of the music festivals in Hong Kong that has a strong Asian fanbase for its world-class DJ performances and EDM genre of music. This is a multi-venue festival that goes on from noon to midnight and beyond, which is especially known for its unparalleled innovative use of technology for laser light and sound shows!
Festival Dates - March every year
Entry Fee - HKD 680 onwards
General Music lineups - Leon, Roman Flugel, Super Flu, Sophie, Britta Arnold among many more. 
Highlights - The most incredible light and sound show using immensely innovative technologies to create an amazing vibe, entrancing experience.Multi venue event with around 8 stages!

4. Sonar Hong Kong

Sonar, Hong Kong
The place to be at if you’re looking for a great blend of music, creativity and technology, Sonar Hong Kong is a very popular music festival in Hong Kong. It is known for its solid lineups and an incredible promotion of visual arts and digital culture. The show will give you goosebumps with its intensity and incredible vibe where you’ll be jiving to the amazing music being played! 
Festival Dates - April every year
Entry Fee - HKD 780 onwards
General lineup - Thundercat, Bonobo, Benjamin Damage, John Talabot, MO among several others. 
Highlights - Promotes visual arts and digital culture, uses innovative technology to create interesting and unique showcases.Is a single day event so all the performances and displays are condensed into one day instead of having to attend for several days to cover it all.

5. Dragonland Music Festival

Dragonland Music Festival, Hong Kong
A music festival that unites and brings together a plethora of music genres in one big event, Dragonland Music Festival is something utterly fantastic. It is among the unique music festivals in Hong Kong which will make you fall in love with EDM and Pop Music with foot-tapping beats and tunes you will love jiving to!
Festival Dates - February every year
Entry Fee - HKD 780 onwards
General lineup - Black Eyed Peas, Iggy Azalea, Mike Posner, Steve Aoki, Carly Rae Jepson, Redfoo among several others. 
Highlights - Brings together a diversity of music genres under one festival especially EDM and Pop music. 

5. Shi Fu Miz Festival

Shi Fu Miz Festival, Hong Kong
Almost like a new DIY (do it yourself) art project created by some creative minds, Shi Fu Miz Festival is an event where you are not just a spectator but are also participants in creating some great vibes! There are cultural activities, some really solid DJ and live music performances and a lot more. It is like a modern twist to the underground music scene and artistic culture. 
Festival Dates - May every year
Entry Fee- HKD 320 onwards
General lineup - Levon Vincent, Kuniyuki, Kamma and Masalo, Orpheu The Wizard, La Mamie’s among several others. 
Highlights - The many activities that take place here are participative in nature so you can be a part of them and create more memories than by merely being spectators.Combines music and creativity, culture all into one big festival. 

6. Creamfields Music Festival

Creamfields Music Festival, Hong Kong
An iconic British dance and music festival and a European Export to the Asian centre, Creamfields Music Festival is among the music festivals in Hong Kong that presents the performances of some of the biggest names in the music industry in a gala event. It showcases international artists playing some dope beats and creates a very cool environment for the same. 
Festival Dates - December
Entry Fee - HKD 200 onwards
General lineup - Alesso, Holy Goof, Martin Garrix, Diplo, Armin Van Buuren, Firebeatz, Maurice West among more. 
Highlights - Is an international fest so the variety of artists and performers is interesting and new for the Asian community. 
Music can bring people from all walks of life together to revel in the beats and tunes of entrancing music. Add EDM and Pop genre to it, and you have an unparalleled experience being created for you. Hope to see you enjoying at some of the fests mentioned above and take home a whole lot of memories, divine rhythms!

This post was published by Sharanya Gupta

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