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Here is the list of 12 Hong Kong Waterfalls

1. Tai Tam Mound Waterfalls

A laid back and hidden waterfall along the Tai Tam Reservoir trail is the beautiful Tai Tam Mound Waterfalls. The walk towards the destination is equally astonishing with hidden stairs right slowly leading you to the path, surrounded by trees, bushes, and birds. Crossing two consecutive bridges, you will see the little Mound waterfalls, with underlying colorful and spiky pebbles, little fishes offering you a free pedicure and plenty of sunshine.

2. Lotus Stream

Lotus Stream, one of the most important streams of Hong Kong, is a unique place for intermediate-level hikers. Throughout the 10-km stretch you will witness pools of water like the White Lotus Pool, the Rainbow falls from the Red Lotus Cliff, Lotus Terrace Fall, and Hidden Valley of Fairy lotus.

3. Sheung Luk Stream

Right behind Tai Long Sai Wan lies the magnificent Sheung Luk Stream with its ever-glowing aura. After hiking the walls, you will reach a different pool of waterfalls with every approaching step of yours. Be it the Ming Yau falls, Choung Yau Falls where you can try to jump off the cliff right into the water, at your own risk, though. Beautiful is the Blackdeer Pool Falls and the Reindeer Pool, too. Also, you can feel the breeze of the Sai Wan beach, nearby.

4. Wong Lung Hang Stream

After crossing the slippery rocks through the hiking area to reach the Wong Lung Hang stream, you will witness the cascading waterfalls of the Main fall in the adjacent field. The natural swimming pool down below remains mostly crowded in the spring and summer. Magnificent will be the experience of showering under the Dragon Tail falls after crossing the gorge section. Also, the Dragon Jaw Stream, a little beyond the falls, is as refreshing as ever.

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5. Ma Dai Stream

To enjoy lonesome time amidst greenery and the chirping of birds, the best choice will be the Ma Dei stream inside the Ma On Shan Country park in Hong Kong. This hidden treasure is one of the best-known places for canyoning, organizing a picnic, or just relaxing. The water is crystal clear where you can swim your way through the stream or just get tanned over the enormous rocks placed poolside. Nevertheless, the Hero waterfalls are also near, cascading its beauty as usual.

6. Waterfall Bay

Pokfulam’s Waterfall bay witnesses a historical past and is one of the best places for a family hike in Hong Kong. History says the freshwater which Waterfall Bay inherits gives the name of the city, the Fragrance Harbour, also known as Hong Kong. The surrounding is particularly serene; the pool is crystal blue and is filled with elements of creativity. A walk down the trail will also lead you to the exquisite statue garden and the infinite ocean blue.

7. Dragon Ball Waterfall

Hong Kong’s famous Dragon Ball Waterfall homes in the Wang Chung Stream, with a glorious appeal. This gigantic waterfall has two portions - the upper and the lower portion, both remain crowded by enthusiasts. The cascading water is fresh, and the pathway beside the falls will lead you to the upper part of the falls. The cold water beneath forming the Dragon Ball pool is one of the best places for swimming and snorkelling into the blues.

8. Ping Nam Stream

If seeking an adventurous trip around an exhilarating waterfall, then Ping Nam Stream, near Fanling will be the best place to stand by. Ping Nam Stream, a part of the famous Hula Skirt Falls of Hong Kong, with its tons of waterfalls, make the entire area refreshing and attractive among the travellers. An excellent spot for abseiling, swimming, canyoning, stream trekking, and free jumping - Ping Nam stream is a complete package of adventure and excitement.

9. Brides Pool

Located in the quiet regions of Plover Cove Country Park, Bride’s Pool is a hidden treasure in the North-Eastern part of the New Territories in Hong Kong, attracting nature lovers for years. Legends say Bride’s Pool got its name from the tragic incident of the wash away of a bride in this waterfall. The calm and serene natural swimming pool below Bride’s Pool is a perfect destination to spend the summer afternoon along with preparing a picnic and barbeque.

10. Tai Yuen Stream

A hike for 45 minutes from Tai Mo Shan will lead you to the abundant beauty of Tai Yuen Stream, surrounded by bushes, birds, natural swimming pools, scrambling streams, rocky pathways, picnic spots, and whatnot. Up from the waterfall, the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir will wave at you and from the foothills of the stream you can get the ultimate panoramic view of the place. A wooden footbridge over the waterfall adds to the beauty and will turn the journey into the most memorable one.

11. Silvermine Waterfalls

To experience a waterfall welcomed by the sea is what Silvermine Waterfalls in Mui Wo is all about. Near the old Silvermine cave, lies the Silvermine waterfalls, finally getting mixed in the Silvermine Bay Beach. A once in a lifetime adventure, spring and summer offer the best sunshine beauty to the falls, with water gushing over the rocky pebbles, offering you the best time of your stay. Near is the Silvermine Bay Waterfall Park, too, a perfect place to feel nature.

12. Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

From Hong Kong to Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls is an exhilarating experience, crossing the parasol trees in the jungle in Ng Tung Chai, also called the Chinese Parasol Tree Village. The series of four successive waterfalls of Ng Tung Chai namely Bottom fall, Middle fall, Main fall, and Scatter Fall - will make your summer vacations near the Tai Mo Shan base of Ng Tung Chai memorable. Also, enthusiastic hikers can spend a good time while hiking towards the waterfalls.

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