Surfing in Hong Kong - 4 Sites for the Perfect Adrenaline Remedy

Hong Kong has a dedicated and top-notch surf scene with quite a few beaches serving as great options for a surfing day-out. It’s an activity that is very fun and quite interesting to indulge in as you pace and play with the water waves, feel the breeze on your face and have a great time! This article compiles a list of top spots to go surfing in Hong Kong:

1. Tai Wan

Tai Wan Beach, Hong Kong
A beautiful coastal stretch nestled in the country parks, Tai Wan is one of the quartets of beaches that comprise the entire stretch of Sai Kung (Tai Long Wan). It is one of the best spots for surfing in Hong Kong as it has the most beautifully formed waves. The location for this beach is not very easily accessible so it is never crowded or busy, giving you the opportunity to also lay back and feel the tranquillity of the sea and nature. 
Location - Tai Wan Beach, Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung East Country Park
Difficulty Level - Beginner level during summers and intermediate during the winters.
Highlights - This in itself is a beautiful area so even if surfing is not on your mind, a trek till here will be a very wholesome experience and you can add surfing to that mix of adventure and scenic beauty! 
Best Time to Visit - Summertime for beginners and Winter season for intermediate/advanced surfers 

2. Big Wave Bay and Shek O

Surfing at Shek O, Hong Kong
The focal point of Hong Kong’s surfing culture, Big Wave Bay and Shek O are the 2 very popular surf spots on Hong Kong Island especially because of their easy accessibility. There are also several stores here so you can also rent gears and surfboards instead of carrying your own. The breaking waves are of a decent size, making it an overall enjoyable experience while surfing in Hong Kong. 
Location - Big Wave Bay and Shek O in Hong Kong Island. 
Difficulty Level - Beginner to intermediate 
Easy to access and reach.
Availability of surfing gear and equipment for rent. 
Best time to visit - During winters that are from November to March, and during the seasons/months when typhoons are not likely to happen even though both these spots handle, contain or control them well!

3. Cheung Sha

Cheung Sha Beach, Hong Kong
A very comfortable and pleasant beach on Lantau Island, Cheung Sha is a huge stretch of serene ocean and sand in a way that you would never feel at a loss of space. There are also many nearby beachside restaurants where you can unwind and gorge on good food along with rental stores for surfing equipment, shower facilities, etc. 
Location - Cheung Sha on Lantau Island of Hong Kong
Difficulty Level - Beginner to intermediate
Highlights -
Several restaurants around and near the Cheung Sha Beach
Availability of facilities like rental stores and showers, changing rooms, etc.
Best Time to visit - During South Westerly Conditions; summer months. 

4. Pui O

Pui O Beach, Hong Kong
Home to smaller waves and the best place for beginners to surf, Pui O is near Cheung Sha and is great territory for new surfers to get a grip on the activity with reasonably heightened waves of good consistency, less disruption. The iconic and infamous Mavericks bar is also at this beachside so you can always kick back and chill around there!
Location - Pui O on Lantau Island of Hong Kong 
Difficulty Level - Beginner
Highlights - The legendary Mavericks bar here is the ideal place to unwind and have fun when you are done surfing in Hong Kong. 
Best time to visit - Summer months (June to September)

Gear Essentials Before Surfing in Hong Kong

  • Surfboard
  • Fins - Attached to the bottom of the surfboard for consistency, stability and drive over the waters for the surfer
  • Leash - Attached to your leg and the surfboard so that high waves don’t detach you from it
  • Wetsuit - To ensure you don’t feel too cold or hot so get the season-appropriate wetsuits.
  • Surf Wax - This wax is massaged on the surfboard to enhance the surfer’s grip
  • Surf Earplugs - To stop water from entering your ears as you go under the waves/in water
  • Boots, Hoods and gloves for winter surfing - To ensure you don’t feel freezing cold during the wintertime in the waters
There are several other gears which are more optional and not essential depending on the surfer’s preference like a rash guard, sunscreen, surfboard bag, etc. 

Precautions for First-Time Surfers

  • Get a soft-top surfboard because the board will inevitably hit you as you surf initially so you might as well have a soft-top one which will go easy on you and do great as entry-level ones comfort-wise.
  • Make sure to practice your pop-ups well which is an exercise of controlled push-ups in order to get used to picking yourself up during big waves.
  • Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated so that you don’t exhaust yourself
  • Hold on to your surfboard when you fall so that it does not slip away and hit anyone around you
  • Avoid obstacles like rocks, boulders, etc in decent proximity also because that can be very dangerous and you may injure yourself

Tips for Surfing in Hong Kong

Surfing in Hong Kong
  • Go for less crowded spots or surfing waves because in most popular places the experienced surfers will take the best waves and you won’t want that!
  • Take that extra paddle! This will be beneficial to surfers of all levels because the extra big paddle will help you drop better and not stay stuck at the top of a wave for too long.
  • Bend the knees and not your back when you get your feet on a wave.
  • Fall nicely flat on your back or side so that you don’t injure yourself. Stay perpendicular to the whitewash
A city which is best known for its skylines and skyscrapers, the activity and sport of surfing here comes as a very pleasant surprise for most people but is well worth it if the right spots are identified and visited. So get set and ready to sway with the waves and winds!

This post was published by Sharanya Gupta

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