Seychelles Visa for Indians - Tourist Visa Application & Conditions

Ask any ardent traveller what they find the most cumbersome, and most of their answers would be getting their visa and finishing their procedure. Issued by different countries to let citizens of other countries visit them, visas are of different types such as single entry and multiple entries. Some countries have understandings that allow citizens from specific countries to enter their country without the possession of a visa. For example, American citizens are eligible for visa-free travel to many countries around the Earth. Sadly, the list of countries an Indian citizen can visit visa-free isn't that long.

Visa on Arrival

Entering Seychelles for Indian Citizens - Seychelles Visa Procedures

With turquoise waters and soft white sands that look like they belong in a postcard, Seychelles is finding itself in the travel lists of many Indians off late. But how does an Indian citizen enter Seychelles? What is the procedure to obtain a Seychellois visa?

Seychelles Tourist Visa fees for Indian 

There's good news for everyone who's planning to visit Seychelles. It's a visa-free access country! That means that tourists don't need to obtain a visa to enter Seychelles. Upon entry into Seychelles, the passport is stamped with a visitor's permit, if some prerequisite conditions are fulfilled. This permit is valid until three months from the date of arrival. What's even better? This permit is free of cost, i.e. one isn't charged to enter Seychelles!

Seychelles Visa on Arrival - Requirements

Type of Visa - Visa on Arrival 
Duration of Visa - Maximum of 30 Days
Conditions - Onward and Return Tickets, Fund of USD 150 per person per day for a span of 30 days, Proof of Accomodation. 

Conditions for Entry into Seychelles

One needs to have a valid passport as one would naturally expect when taking an international trip. The passport needs to be valid till the end of the trip in Seychelles or till the holder of the passport returns to their home country. The other conditions that are required for one to be eligible for the visitor's pass are:
  • The person visiting Seychelles isn't a prohibited immigrant
  • The person visiting Seychelles is not a resident of Seychelles
  • The person visiting Seychelles holds a valid return or onward ticket out of Seychelles
  • The person visiting Seychelles have confirmed accommodation in Seychelles
  • The person visiting Seychelles have sufficient funds to support their stay in Seychelles, i.e. have enough money to fund their stay in Seychelles. The minimum amount is around USD 50 or equivalent per day of the trip.

Documents Required

All the documents mandated by the immigration officials have been listed below and are required to be submitted-
  • Confirmed air ticket
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Original valid passport
  • Adequate funds for the span of the stay in Seychelles
  • Proof of hotel accommodation or a letter of invitation if visiting friends, family or company
The process itself is very simple since there isn't anything specific that one has to do other than have all the prerequisites ready. Upon arriving in Seychelles, the passport is stamped with the entry permit allowing one to stay in Seychelles until 3 months! So, all one has to do really is to plan their trip and go.

So, what's keeping you from packing your bags and going and visiting Earth's own slice of Paradise in Seychelles? No long and expensive visa procedure acting as a deterrent. Go out there and make some memories which will last you a lifetime!

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