All About Currency Exchange In Seychelles & Seychellois Rupee

The Local and Official Currency of Seychelles

The currency of the Seychelles islands is the Seychellois Rupee, or simply Seychelles Rupee abbreviated as SCR, SR or SRe, the first one being the international currency code and hence most widely used. 100 cents make up 1 SCR. The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) issues currency notes of denominations 25, 50, 100 and 500 SCR and coins for 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents and for 1, 5 and 10 SCR.
Currency notes of Seychelles, Currency Exchange in Seychelles

Exchange Rate in Seychelles

1 US Dollar exchanges for SCR 13.81 with a daily appreciation of around 0.11

1 Euro exchanges for SCR 15.89 with a daily depreciation of around 0.26

1 Pound Sterling exchanges for SCR 18.27 with a daily depreciation of around 0.16

Places for Exchanging Foreign Currency

In Seychelles, money can be exchanged in any of the branches of the nine banks in the country, the authorised forex dealers of Bureau de Change and in the hotels itself where you are staying.

Victoria on Mahe island being the capital, a majority of these money changing centres and banks can be found here.

Some of these include Cash Plus Co. Ltd, Creole Exchange, UAE exchange Ltd, Lulu Exchange Ltd, Thompson Ltd, etc. There are some in other parts of Mahe also like Sylvie's Exchange Ltd in Beau Vallon, Anthrium Foreign Exchange Ltd in Anse Royale, Royale Growth Ltd in Mont Fleuri district and some in Praslin Island like Best Exchange Ltd, Ideal Money Changer Ltd and Vims Exchange Ltd.

Major banks include Barclays Bank, Nouvobanq or SIMBC, Mauritius Commercial Bank and Seychelles Savings Bank (also called Seychelles Commercial Bank) with branches in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Banks mostly don't charge any fees for currency exchange, and they are operational on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, on Saturdays only in the morning till 11:00 AM, and closed entirely on Sundays.

Seychelles International Airport
offers money changing facilities in the form of a dealer - Saymore Ltd, and also branches of Barclays and Nouvobanq inside the airport itself to let you exchange your money as soon as you arrive on the island. Apart from banks and forex dealers, you can also avail of ATMs which pay out in Seychellois Rupees only. ATMs can be found in the airport, Victoria, Baie Lazare, Anse Royale and Beau Vallon in Mahe and Praslin and La Digue as well.

Apart from the three main islands - Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, private islands like Fregate island, Denis Island, Desroches island and others offer money changing facilities at their respective resorts.
Barclays Bank, Currency Exchange in Seychelles

Currency to Carry to Seychelles

USD, EUR and GBP are all accepted in Seychelles but the most frequently demanded one is EUR. In fact, some places like hotels, national parks, boat operators etc. accept payment only in EUR or USD from foreigners and not SCR! However, transactions in EUR could be costlier so using SCR where possible would be better. Small restaurants and street stalls selling groceries, fish, etc. accept only SCR. Sometimes, if you fall short of either SCR or EUR, you can make the payment with a combination of both.

All major hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and car hire operators in Seychelles accept credit cards like Visa, MasterCard or American Express, debit cards and also traveller cheques. Traveller cheques should preferably be in USD or GBP and not EUR. Sometimes use of credit cards to make payments involve an extra charge.

JPL Exchange, Bureau de Change, Currency Exchange in Seychelles

Useful Tips for Currency Exchange

  • By law, you cannot enter or leave the nation with more than 2000 SCR; so except for keeping a few notes as a memory of the island nation (only if you want!) remember to exchange your Seychellois rupees for your respective home currencies before you leave. Moreover, forex dealers in your own country will be unlikely to accept SCR.
  • NEVER take the risk of purchasing SCR from anyone and everyone you meet. NO, not even if they offer attractive rates because it's illegal and might land you in trouble which is the last thing you would want on your cherished vacation. Do so only from the previously discussed places.
  • It is always better to convert your local currencies to SCR after your arrival on the island instead of getting them converted in your own country because as already said, you cannot enter the country with an amount exceeding 2000 SCR and you are also likely to get a better deal here.
  • Before rushing headlong to any money changing centre that you find, make an effort to compare the rates offered by different dealers. In general, currency exchange centres tend to give better offers than banks while hotels supposedly give the worst rates.
  • Some foreign banks charge higher withdrawal charges when you use their debit cards in Seychelles, so ask the banks beforehand.
  • At a time, withdraw or purchase only small amounts of SCR because at the time of departure, if you have excess, the forex counters at the airport will change only small amounts, say up to 100 EUR only. You will only have to sell it back to the trader from whom you purchased it upon showing the initial exchange receipt.
  • Use your cards wherever possible and avoid keeping too much cash as you might get robbed or pick-pocketed.
Currency exchange in Seychelles

Amount of money to be carried

Mentioned below are prices of some common goods for your reference.

A 1.5-litre bottle of water: Around SCR 18
A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant: SCR 600-1200
A 500-gram loaf of bread: SCR 15-40
A 2-litre bottle of soft drink (Coke, Pepsi etc.): Around SCR 53
A 500ml bottle of domestic beer: SCR 16-30
A single one-way ticket via public transport: SCR 7
Taxi fare per kilometre: SCR 40

Overall, it's not a very budget-friendly place but it's quite easy to get currency converted, and cards, traveller cheques can all be used so there's nothing to worry or to carry high amounts of cash.

Hopefully, we have been able to provide an answer to most of your queries regarding currency exchange in Seychelles. The bottom line - carry more and more of Euros (there's no legal limit to it), small amounts of SCR and use your cards.

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