Long Weekends in 2015 India and Holiday Calendar - Save the dates!

As soon as the calendar for a New Year arrives, this is what most travellers do – sit with a marker and chalk out holiday plans for the whole year. If you plan your leaves strategically, you can make the most out of these long weekends in 2015 India. This year, however, Holidify has taken care of it and done it for you! Start planning your holiday, fellow travelers!


Start the year with a bang! Some holidays, we’re given. Some, we’ve to learn to take. In year 2015, January is a month to look forward to. Call in sick on 2nd Jan (partying last night, duh) and take a planned leave on 16th Jan and you have 2 five-day-weekends up for grabs. Lots of holidays piled up near the weekends. Let’s pack our bags!

January Holiday Calender, Long Weekends in 2015 India

2015 Holiday Calendar : January

Long Weekends in India 2015: January, 2015

1st Jan (Thu): New Year’s day
3rd Jan (Sat): Milad-un-Nabi
5th Jan (Mon): Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
14th Jan (Wed): Makar Sankranti
15th Jan (Thu): Pongal
24th Jan (Sat): Vasant Panchami
26th Jan (Mon): Republic Day

Places to visit in January, 2015:

Santiniketan, West Bengal – For a colourful Poush mela at the time of Makar Sankranti, Gujarat for the Modhera Dance Festival , Kutch for Rann-Utsav, Bikaner for the Camel Festival, Mahabalipuram for the Mammalapuram Dance Festival, Jaipur for the Jaipur Literature Festival, Tamil Nadu – For an experience of Pongal, which is a four-day festival in Tamil Nadu. Lots of food and frolic!, Goa for the nightlife

 More places to visit in January



Club Maha Shivratri in with your weekend, bunk that God-awful Monday, and set sail! Or you can think of it as the Valentine’s day weekend and go to one of these. Perfect way to utilize this extended weekend.

Holiday Calender 2015 India, february long weekends

2015 Holiday Calendar: February

Holidays in India: February, 2015

17th Feb (Tue): Maha Shivratri

Places to visit in February, 2015:

Varanasi, India – For one of the biggest Maha Shivratri celebrations takes place in Bhole Baba ki Nagri, Nasik for the Kumbh Mela and the Sula Festival, Mumbai for the Kala Ghoda Festival,  Konark, Odisha for the Dance Festival, Gulmarg for skiing, Jaisalmer for the Desert Festival, Ludhiana for Qila Raipur – Rural Olympics , Other places for Mahashivaratri in India, Float Festival in Madurai

Romantic Places near Delhi, Offbeat Romantic places in India More places to visit in February



Those who can manage the long weekend around Holi, this month is going to be a breather at its very outset.

March Holidays 2015, Long Weekends in 2015 India

Holidays in India 2015: March

Holidays in India: March, 2015

5th Mar (Thu): Holika Dahan
6th Mar (Fri): Dulhendi (Holi with colors)

Places to visit in March, 2015:

Vrindavan and Mathura – For a Holi that you’ll remember forever!, Jaipur for the Elephant Festival just before Holi, Rajasthan for the festival of Teej,  Goa for the Shigmo Festival and Carnival,



April is yet another month with Long Weekends in 2015 India. College-goers with holidays before and after Good Friday, plan a long trip to some place nice! ;)

Holiday Calender 2015 India, april long weekends

Holidays in India: April 2015

Long Weekends in India 2015

: April, 2015

2nd Apr (Thu): Mahavir Jayanti
3rd Apr (Fri): Good Friday
13th Apr (Mon): Vaisakhi
14th Apr (Tue): Dr Ambedkar Jayanti

Places to visit in April, 2015:

GoaKerala - For a feel-good Easter vacation. Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Aizawl, Munnar, Coorg to escape summers



Labour day may turn out to be extremely un-labourious coupled with a weekend! Happy long weekend in India, 2015!

May Holiday Calender, Long Weekends in 2015 India

Holidays in India: May 2015

Holidays in India: May, 2015

1st May (Fri): May Day
4th May (Mon): Buddha Purnima

Places to visit in May, 2015:

Spiti – To beat the heat somewhere high up in the mountains!

Bodh Gaya, Bihar – To regale in the old world charm during Buddha Purnima.



June Holidays 2015, Long Weekends in 2015 India

Calendar with Holidays 2015: June

Even though the dates aren’t really very favourable for travel in June, but we all need that mid-summer break and go to the hills. SO go ahead and plan a trip to break that monotony of every day life!

Places to visit in June, 2015:

Ladakh - because June is the best month to visit this heaven, Valley of Flowers and Hemkund SahibHemis, Ladakh – For the Hemis Festival, Tawang and other parts of North-East for these must-do activities

More places to visit in June



July doesn’t have many Long Weekends in 2015 India, mainly owing to the monsoon. But you can definitely plan for some short weekend trips to nearby places.Watch out for the moon and enjoy the Eid weekend with Biryani at a friend’s house, or in Lucknow or Hyderabad!

Long weekends in 2015 India, July Holidays

Calendar with Holidays 2015: July

Holidays in India: July, 2015

11th Jul (Sat): Id-ul-Fitr

Places to visit in July, 2015:

Hyderabad, Telangana – For the Eid of a lifetime (foodies of the world unite)!, Leh-Ladakh for these 23 things to do, Puri, Odisha for Rath Yatra Festival – (18th to 26th July), Amarnath for the Amarnath Yatra , More places to visit in July in India, Meghalaya – for these must-visit things


The Independence Day weekend is one of the most awaited long weekends in 2015 India. Not planning a trip on the Independence Day weekend just FEELS wrong on so many levels. Club in Friday the 14th and take a rejuvenating trip to somewhere close that’ll relax your senses.

August Long Weekends, Long Weekends 2015

Calendar with Holidays 2015: August

Long Weekends in India 2015: August, 2015

15th Aug (Sat): Independence Day
29th Aug (Sat): Rakhi

Places to visit in August, 2015:

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya – For a beautiful monsoon experience!, Delhi for the Independence Day,

Alleppey for the Nehru Snake Boat Race (2nd Saturday of August)

Monsoons in Mumbai and places near Mumbai for monsoons, Places nar Delhi for monsoons, Places near Bangalore for monsoons, Places near Kolkata for monsoons, More places to visit in August



A September full of holidays, weekends, and a few (psst!) sick phone-ins in between. ;) Enjoy yourselves.

September Holidays, long weekends in 2015 India

Calendar with Holidays: September 2015

Holidays in India: September, 2015

5th Sept (Sat): Janmashtami
17th Sept (Thu): Ganesh Chaturthi
24th Sept (Thu): Bakrid

Places to visit in September, 2015 :

Mathura and Vrindavan for Krishna Janmashtami – For a beautiful, honest-to-God celebration of Krishna’s birth, Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh – For the lovely marble rocks that’ll be a memory for a lifetime, Places near Delhi for long weekend in monsoons, Places near Mumbai for long weekend in monsoons, Kerala for a grand celebration of Onam, More places to visit in September



October is simply a heaven for long weekends in 2015. IndiaFor those of you who are looking forward to exploit the Durga Puja and Dussehra holidays, plan a long vacation in advance! Here’s your guide. What’s more, Muharram happens to beckon us at the same time. Thank God for a multicultural country, right? :D

October Weekend Plans, Long Weekends India

Holiday Calendar 2015 India: Ocober

Holidays in India: October, 2015

2nd Oct (Fri): Gandhi Jayanti
12th Oct (Mon): Mahalaya
23rd Oct (Fri): Dussehra
24th Oct (Sat): Muharram

Places to visit in October, 2015:

Kolkata, West Bengal - With Kolkata coming alive during Pujowe don’t need any more reason! Gujarat for Navratri Celebrations

Nubra Valley, Jammu and Kashmir – For the beauty of the Silk Route, and for those who want to get to someplace quiet and serene.

Places near Delhi for long weekend in OctoberPlaces near Kolkata for long weekend in OctoberPlaces near Mumbai for long weekend in OctoberPlaces near Bangalore for long weekend in October


A super-long holiday for those that can manage, plan to get somewhere far, far away!

November Long Weekends, Long Weekends India 2015

Holiday Calendar India: November 2015

Long Weekends in India 2015: November, 2015

9th Nov (Mon): Dhanteras
11th Nov (Wed): Diwali
13th Nov (Fri): Bhai Dooj

Places to visit in November, 2015:

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – For Dev DeepavaliPushkar, Rajasthan – For Pushkar Camel Fair, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh - For the utter calmness of Kasol Circuit, Lucknow for the Lucknow Mahotsav (with the Vintage Car Rally), Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata for the NH7 Festival

More places to visit in November


With Christmas and New Year, December is the best month to plan long weekends in 2015 India. The last two weekends of the year are always the best, so plan this one in advance, tickets et al!

December Holidays 2015, long weekends in 2015 India

Holiday Calendar India: December 2015

Holidays in India: May, 2015

24th Dec (Thu): Milad-un-Nabi
25th Dec (Fri): Christmas

Places to visit in December, 2015:

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh – For enjoying moderate winters in a moderately cold hill station.

Pondicherry – For the soul cleansing holiday that this has the potential to be. Walk around in shorts and flip flops and find yourself in this little French town, Kutch for the Rann Utsav

Nagaland – For the beautiful Hornbill Festival (http://www.holidify.com/blog/best-places-to-visit-in-nagaland-and-the-hornbill-festival/), Jaisalmer for the love of desert safari

More places to visit in December, Places to celebrate New Years in IndiaGoa in December - for the love of beaches and parties


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