Incredible Places to Slackline in the World

After trying various adventure sports, if you are looking for something new that would give you a significant adrenaline-rush, you must go for Slacklining. The mother of all adventure sports, this requires some cojones to balance yourself on a nylon webbing which has been strung between two poles and the string is not stretched to be taught. Did your heart rate rise a bit? Not meant for the faint-hearts, Slacklining needs great strength and concentration to get the maximum fun out of this daring adventure.

Here are the best spots from all around the world to try slacklining:

1. Yosemite Valley, California

The birthplace of slacklining, the iconic Yosemite Valley in California, is a fantastic place to slack as you get to view the gorgeous valley and grey stone from up above. The ideal time to visit the Valley is Spring through fall as there are some locations which are closed temporarily in individual seasons. Get a good spot at Camp 4 and explore the valley zipping back and forth under the bright sun. Slacklining in the Yosemite Valley is a  guaranteed adventure as you embark on this enthralling journey of walking on a not-so-taut rope with spectacular views all around you.

Yosemite Valley, California, Places to Slackline in the world

2. Moab Desert, Utah

Push your limits off the 400-foot cliffs as you take the first thrilling step into the adventurous world of slacklining. Try the improbable and get the satisfaction out of the sport as you successfully reach the other side of the anchored points. The Fruit Bowl, as known locally, is one of the most spectacular Highline areas fit for adventurous sports. The Moab Monkeys, a Utah-based group of adventure sports junkies even set up a spider web once over the canyon to be able to shoot photos and videos of the slacklining in the area.

Moab Desert, Utah, Places to Slackline in the World

3. French Alps, France

Put up a fantastic performance at this gorgeous location if you are looking for an Alpine adventure. Record the perfect slacklining video by harnessing the courage to cross the 200 m long Highline at an unimaginable 3000m above the sea level. Enjoy an incredible view of the Alps at the dizzying heights where the winds try to push you off track with all their might. The ultimate destination in France, French Alps, offer the most magnificent scenic beauty in entire Europe.

French Alps, Places to Slackline in the World

4. Glacier of Gasherbrum II

Face your fear and get your adrenaline flowing as the slacklining in Glacier of Gasherbrum cast its calming effect upon you. Being the third highest mountain in the world, situated at 8035 metres above the sea level, it is located in the Karakoram. The elegant line begins with a 900m rock and leads to a glacial plateau at 6000m. The area is heavily blanketed with ice and avalanches are common here.  Hence, always opt for a safe route to traverse the striking distance in the mountains on a slackline.

Glacier of Gasherbrum II, Places to Slackline in the world

5. Gavea Stone, Brazil

Be the master of constant motion and walk away with the full confidence to put up an excellent slacklining performance at the Gavea Stone in Brazil. A monolithic mountain, it is located at 844m above the sea level. Being one of the highest peaks that directly ends in the ocean, Gavea Stone, can remind the explorers of the Sphinx in Egypt as the engraved rock on the top resembles that of an ancient giant.

Gavea Stone, Places to Slackline in the world

6. Seal Rocks, Australia

All the adrenaline junkies can enjoy the daredevil practice of slacklining at the Seal Rocks, Australia, where you get to produce the testimony of your ultimate balance and the power of concentration. Tiptoe across the 2.5 cm wide rope and get mesmerised by the coastal beauty. Spot the Seal House lighthouse which is formally known as Sugarloaf point lighthouse. The peaceful town is sure to woo you with its charm.

Seal Rocks, Places to Slackline in the world

7. Lake Tahoe Area, California

This freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada mountains is slacklining heaven. A tourist destination, Lake Tahoe Area, offers year-round access to visitors who come here for winter sports and summer recreational activities. Slacklines in Lake Tahoe come with a unique combination of waterlines and alpine lines. Embark on a hike to reach the starting point and enjoy the extraordinary camping experience. The 78-foot-long alpine Highline at Lover's Leap is popular for its 500-foot challenging exposure which is the amount of space in the surrounding area of the Highline. The ideal time to visit here is from late spring to early fall season.

Lake Tahoe Area, Places to Slackline in the World

8. Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

Ko Yao Noi is a large island located in the middle of Phang Nga Bay. The island is a peaceful retreat for those who want some time off from the urban world. Slacklining here will not only be a thrilling experience for you but will also let you watch the tourists happily kayaking below. Enjoy the liberating experience as you get a wonderful chance to delve in your mind deeper, up in the air, with no dialogue in your head, as you walk on enchanted by the natural beauty around you. 


9. Table Mountain, South Africa

Ever heard of a flat-topped mountain? The infamous Table Mountain is one such example which is flattened at the top and attracts thousands of tourists every year. While nature-lovers must visit this place but if you are an adventure-sports enthusiast, you have a stronger reason to plan a trip to this beauty. More than the destination, slacklining at the Table Mountain in South Africa is about the adventure that lies in the very solemn act of attempting something of this magnitude. Soak the sun as you and your crew cross the line admiring the natural charms below you only to celebrate your victory when you finish.

Table Mountain, Places in Slackline in the World

10. Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Get your share of the awesome slacklining moments at Kilauea Volcano area by being a brave heart and receive a standing ovation later for your exemplary courage. While the area is famous for its notorious volcanoes, slacklining here can give you a newer perspective on your life and other things crucial. While the idea surely sounds dangerous with hot lava beneath you instead of water or land but if you want to try slackline of a higher level, you must conjure some magical will and get there as soon as you can.

Slacklining can be enjoyed best with versatility as you realise that with a few basic tricks, the sport which appears to be gravely dangerous is all about fun in the air. Make no mistakes as you plunge into one of the most unforgettable experiences of life. Slacklining allows you to have a rendezvous with your inner self as you silently walk across the elastic with nothing but air below your feet. Our list of slacklining gives you options to try slacklining all over the world. Now that you have a comprehensive list, your primary goal should be to plan a trip, rig some of the coolest Highlines in the most exotic places and make memories with friends who are as fun-loving as you are. So, grab your slacklining gear as you plan your next adventure.

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