11 reasons why Carpooling is better than you thought

A step closer to your travel plans, a fuller wallet, version of the peer to peer economy, chance to meet new people, have company while you travel, a shift in the way we share, own and trust each other while we travel or just your way around baggage claims and delays, here are the 11 reasons why you might want to check out the car pool trips around you, the next time you step out.

1. Save Money

The most obvious reason to carpool is that you end up spending much less than you would by almost any other way to cover distance on your own. So you aren’t endlessly spending too much on a regular travel routine or shortening your travel budgets and plans

2. Greener 

While we are listing down the obvious, the second in line, must be the benefits to the environment that trod along the concept. Lesser fuel- Lesser Pollution-Lesser vehicles on  the road. You know how it’s spelt.

3. Meet new people : Two is company, Three is PARTAYYY 

If the idea of travelling alone only with your Ipod’s shuffle button to console you along the way seems a little blue to you, you know what you must do. Not only does carpooling keep you company during a ride but helps you meet people from your own city or a fellow traveler.

4. Don’t like driving? 

In case driving seems to get the better of you, or you never managed to make it past the driving tests, or the signals on time, or the parking lot without scratches and dents, maybe it’s time to stop, and be driven around instead. #Likeaboss

5. Less Cumbersome

Double checking tickets, passports, baggage claims, taxis and delays haven’t really manged to get a lot of  fans yet. Especially when you can hop on a ride to leave these behind.

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6. Who needs a car anyway? 

Whoever thought that you need to buy yourself a car and go around EMI schedules in order to travel in one, definitely didn’t get this one right. And it’s also cheaper than a cab.

7. Public transport woes 

Local trains, metros, buses with endless ques and herds are no ones idea of comfort. Carpool to get the comfort of a car journey without having to spend much.

8. Lesser traffic jams 

Unless you have acquired a thing for taking selfies while stuck in jams, carpooling is perhaps one of the best ideas to reduce the vehicles on the road and ensure scarcer traffic.

9. Safer

Not only is travelling in groups generically safer than on your own, but with options like Driver and Passenger rating system, mobile and email verifications as well as ladies only rides, if you prefer to travel only with women on Tripdacarpooling is safer than it was last time you checked.

10. Step out of a new car each time!

Have a thing for cars or not, no one minds getting their hands on a new car each time and maybe even a fancy one once in a while.

11. Sharing is good

A strand of the Sharing economy, a ride you share is not just good for you but a new opportunity for communities and organizations to use human and physical resources more efficiently as well as a shift in the conventional way people use and own resources.

To check out the available carpooling trips around you or create one,

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This post was published by Pragya Sarin

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