Jab Harry Met Sejal Shooting Locations To Fastrack Your Pending Europe Plans

And it's here folks! Perhaps one of the most awaited movies of the season, Jab Harry Met Sejal is finally out! While it may not have lived up to the expectations of many, the destinations are nothing short of gorgeous. Have a look at all the lovely locations that make an appearance in the movie, and reignite your wanderlust.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital city of Netherlands probably has one of the most chilled out vibes across all cities of Europe. If you're travelling to Amsterdam, rest assured, it's going to be one of your most wonderful experiences. The city has everything, from a bustling night life to picnic parks, to some spectacular museums. You're going to find yourself spoilt for choice!

Amsterdam's canal cruises are world famous and are quite a beautiful way to tour the city. The cruise takes you through the heart of the city, making it a visually enchanting and learning experience.

Vienna, Austria

One of the gorgeous capital of Europe, Vienna is a city packed with architectural wonders, buzzing with melodious music, and streets are lined with most astounding restaurants and cafes. While innovative museums preserve the rich past of the city, there is a remarkable blend of old and new, giving Vienna a distinctive charm. With the sheer quality of life and abundant artistic skills of the city makes it a perfect all-rounder destination.

Prague, Czech Republic

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe and even the world, Prague is a city of rich history, remarkable architecture and rustic cobblestoned streets. Packed with tourist attractions, old-school cafes and lots of beer, Prague is the place for those who enjoy culture, serenity and history.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest also called the 'Little Paris' of Middle Europe, is the largest city in Hungary. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has a diverse range of tourist attractions, from museums, galleries, churches and synagogues to ruin pubs, thermal baths and spas. Budapest has a rich culture and history which makes you want to know more about it.

Lisbon, Portugal

Nestled in the bosom of emerald mountains, quaint villages and scintillating beaches lies the enchanting country of Portugal. It is one of the oldest nations of Europe, and every alley here gives away a whiff of its glorious past. Explore the natural beauty of this landscape at the Parque Nacional da Peneda-GerĂªs peaks here, or go for an evening stroll along the village of Monsanto. You can even listen to a great ballad like Harry and Sejal did!
The beaches here are some of the best in the world, and coastlines such as Praia da Adraga are the perfect place for a laid-back weekend. Be it the breathtaking scenery, delicious food or the heartwarming hospitality, Portugal is an amazing tourist destination indeed!

Frankfurt, Germany

A bustling multicultural town in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is known for its unusual historical landscapes on the one hand and extraordinary show of trade and commerce on the other. With multiple cultures thriving in the cosmopolitan, it is ready to be the new traditional destination waiting to be discovered. Frankfurt is a growing metropolis feathered with contrasting features of trading and celebration, tied together beautifully. 


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Some Indian Flavour

Nurmahal, Punjab

Nurmahal or Noor Mahal is an ancient town in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. It was earlier known as Kot Kehloor, but it was destroyed around 1300 AD due to some unknown reasons. The city was later built again by the Mughals, and the name was changed to Noormahal after Noor Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jehangir. Noor Jahan was brought up here, and she spent her childhood in this town. Serai Nurmahal is the major point of tourist attraction here as it is a remarkable specimen of oriental architecture and is looked after by the Archaeological Department. The whole structure of the Sarai is in the form of quadrangle consisting of 140 cells, spread over the four sides of the structure.

How to reach Nurmahal
Apart from roads, one can take a train to Nakodar Junction, which is the nearest railway station well connected with the rest of North India and then take a local train or hit the road to reach Nurmahal.
So wait no more. Go ahead and watch this oh-so-beautiful movie with Europe at its exotic best.

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