14 Travel Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel - Thank us later !

Even for the best of us, who love it more on the road than anywhere else, travel can be hard. Creams can leak into your bags, you can get stuck without battery or wifi for hours, loose or tangle up jewelry in your bag. The routine. It’s time we we make our travel plans smoother minus the mess and the turbulence. Here are 14 hacks  you must try right now so that you focus only on the good bits of your trip !

1.  Take a selfie. If you lose your camera and have to claim it, you can prove it’s yours.Take a selfie travel hack

2. Use Plastic Wrap on bottles to avoid spill and the sheer horror that they convert your bag into !

Use plastic wrap travel hack

3. Contact lenses boxes are good for storing make up  and creams on the go and touch ups while travelling. 

travel hack for concealer or lotions

4. If you forget your wall plug charge devices through the USB slot on a TV ! 

USB slot on a TV travel hack  

5. Use Tic Tac bottles to carry hair pins without having them sneak into every corner of your bag !

Tic Tac container travel hack  

6. Avoid stressful situations by having a scanned copy of important documents with you each time you travel. 

Scan important documents travel hack

7. This one isn’t exactly a hack – but will leave you feeling good. On your last day in a foreign country collect all your loose money and give it to the homeless.

travel hack loose money

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8. No more tangling and breaking of your bling !

straw for necklaces travel hack

9. Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors.

binder clip razors travel hack  

10. Roll up your belt and stick it inside your collard shirts to keep them clean and stiff and your belts in place !

belt in collar travel hack  

11. Use buttons to keep your earrings (and more importantly their backs) together !

buttons earrings travel hack  

12. Use this trick to get the perfect photographs !

vacation photos travel hack

13. Sit in the seats near the wing of the plane for the least turbulence.

wing of the plane travel hack

14. Smartphones and shades are made for each other ! 

Smartphones and shades travel hack Can you think of  more travel hacks? Leave them in the comments below !         



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