Benjamin Von Wong's Epic Underwater Fashion Photoshoot Captures the Eerie Shipwrecks of Bali

Picture this… You are on the bottom of the deep blue sea. You are bound to the vessel of the shipwreck. You are wearing a stunning gown that weighs you further down, with no way to swim up to the ocean surface to breathe a chunk full of air.

How does that sound? Like your worst nightmare come true? Well, we don’t know if it would come true anytime for you (hopefully, not…) but, the Canadian activist, artist, and a photographer, Benjamin Von Wong has made it come true through his work of art, “Forgotten.” 

So, Who Exactly Is This Legend?

Renowned for his hyper-realist art style and art installations, Canadian-born activist, artist, and a photographer, Benjamin Van Wong was a former mining engineer whose work falls beautifully between photography and fantasy. He uses them and combines world statistics and everyday objects to create a masterpiece. His work has gained eyeballs of mammoth corporations that include Nike, Dell, and Starbucks that rendered over 100 million views for causes such as marine and ocean plastics, fashion industry pollution, and electronic waste. He was featured as one of Adweek’s 11 content branded masterminds, which was his recent accolade.

The Story Behind His “Freedom"

Underwater Photography So, post his first underwater photoshoot, Wong dreamt of taking more shots in a bit more challenging atmosphere, which was out of the swimming pool and into the ocean’s shipwrecks. And during his Bali vacation, he wanted to act on his dream: underwater shipwreck photography. Although he didn’t have a certification for diving, he had two of the biggest skills in his favour: strong swimmer and experience in underwater photography. All he needed was a set of a great team to achieve the goal. And he used the power of social media to find the team. Through connections, he finalised discussions regarding several elements (free divers, hair and makeup, dresses, location, gear, etc) to bring the shoot to life with the underwater photographer and dive instructor Chris Simanjuntak.

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

Chris Simanjuntak was monumental in bringing together half the team with connections and equipment from dive schools and the divers, that made this fashion photoshoot a success. Along with Chris Simanjuntak, there were three safety divers to assist the free diver models who were 25 meters underwater, tied to a shipwrecked vessel. There was also a team of hair and makeup stylists and a Bali-based international fashion designer Ali Charisma who provided Wong with the stunning gown designs from the old runway shows.

A Terrifying Job Of Passion
When it comes to lighting, it is a bit hard to find, especially when underwater. Hence, Wong had to depend mostly on natural light and camera strobes. For the part of posing, the international models had to be tied down to the shipwreck, who could hold their breaths for approximately 3-4 minutes. This was a risky decision and communication here played a significant role, because a slight miscommunication could lead up to a disaster. And despite all the odds, challenges, and dangers, the results from the shoot are otherworldly and magical. With all of the team working together for one ultimate goal, the final pictures from the photoshoot reap in all the effort.

Bali underwater shipwreck photoshoot - Benjamin Von Wong

Explore His Work of Art

Bali underwater shipwreck photoshoot - Benjamin Von Wong
Bali underwater shipwreck photoshoot - Benjamin Won Vong

From looking at the photos, many naysayers would say “it is Photoshopped.” However, that is not the case at all. Other than the classic process of post-production, photoshopping was not used in any of the pictures.
Bali underwater shipwreck photoshoot - Benjamin Van Wong 
Bali underwater shipwreck photoshoot - Benjamin Von Wong

The models pose in 25 meters depth of the ocean.

What do you think looking at these exceptional photos of the underwater shipwrecks? Does Benjamin Von Wong’s work blow your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

Here's A Peek Into His Instagram

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"Sharks are the shepherds of the sea while we are the shepherds of our generation" -#vonwong #shonduras

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