Nusa Dua Light Festival - Biggest Lantern Festival of Bali

An atmosphere packed with activities like trampolining, dodgem cars, live music, great food, hot air balloon rides and of course amazing lights shows. The Nusa Dua Light Festival, an annual lantern festival forms a spectacular evening scenery on Peninsula Island. There are plenty of exciting activities that are hosted to keep everyone entertained for the night. Attended by over 10,000 people, this is an event filled with a lot of fun and frolic. 

What is Nusa Dua Light Festival?

The Nusa Dua Light Festival is the biggest lantern festival in Bali and is organised by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation. It is usually hosted for one and a half months, providing ample time for all who wish to visit. The first edition of the Nusa Dua Light Festival was held in July 2017. It was touted as the biggest lantern festival in the whole of Bali. The second edition of this annual festival took place in July 2018, with “Water Fire Dance” as its theme. The third edition successfully wowed its viewers in 2019, with the theme “The Jungle”. It is a perfect opportunity for families and friends to spend quality time with each other and take part in all the fun activities.

Main Highlights of the Bali Lantern Festival

Hot Air Balloon at the Nusa Dua Festival
Hot Air Balloon at the Nusa Dua Festival (Source)

The life-size lanterns, whose shapes range from dinosaurs to hot air balloons is madness. Visitors can even ride on the hot air balloons to look at the beautifully lit landscapes from up above. Another highlight of this annual lantern festival is the dancing fountain that is decorated with LEDs.

Nusa Dua Light Festival 2020 Date

The Nusa Dua Light Festival usually takes place in July. However, the third edition of Nusa Dua Light Festival took place in December 2018 and went on till January 2019. The exact dates and duration of this annual can always be found on the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation’s official website. The festivities start at 5 PM and go on till 10 PM.

The Venue of the Light Festival  

The Nusa Dua Light Festival is hosted on Peninsula Island in Nusa Dua. The most common mode of public transport in this region is private taxis. There are several villas available near the venue of the Nusa Dua Light Festival. They are the perfect option if you wish to experience the ambience of this annual lantern festival.

Nusa Dua Light Festival 2020 - Tickets

The price of entry for domestic visitors is IDR 20,000 and for foreign visitors is IDR 75,000. Food and Beverages are not included in the entry fee.

What to Expect at the Festival

Lights at the Nusa Dua Light Festival
Lights at the Nusa Dua Light Festival (Source)

Myriad lanterns of all shapes, sizes and colours float around in the night sky against the backdrop of live music performances. A wide variety of international as well as local food are showcased in the food bazaar (or market). Plenty of exciting activities like face painting and face sketching are organised to entertain the visitors for the duration of the night. There is an exclusive play arena that has bumper cars, trampolines and inflatable slides for kids. All of these activities are included in the entry fee. Visitors usually sit on the grass and soak in the festive atmosphere.
Nusa Dua Light Festival
Lanterns at the Festival (Source)

Tips for Visitors

Travellers are advised to carry a camera or smartphone that is capable of low-light shooting. You will want to capture selfies and group photos against the backdrop of various lanterns. A low-light camera will be able to capture the essence beautifully.

The Nusa Dua Light Festival is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the food and music performances against the backdrop of a beautifully lit landscape. There are several exciting activities hosted to cater to a variety of crowds, like face painting, hot air balloon rides and a dancing fountain. These are bound to keep you entertained all night long. Overall, the Nusa Dua LIght Festival is a fantastic light fest providing you with food, entertainment and plenty of photo opportunities.

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