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Hong Kong has close to 150 malls spread out mostly in the New Territories. Here are some of the best malls in Hong Kong, travellers ought to visit at least once.

Here is the list of 23 Malls in Hong Kong

1. Pacific Place Mall

One of Hong Kong’s swankiest malls, the Pacific Place mall is a palatial complex of 140 shops and restaurants, four 5-star hotels, a department store and 270 furnished apartments. Sitting on an area of 711,000 square feet of world-class amenities and high-end shopping with the world’s most prestigious brands like La Mer, Saint Laurent, Nars among many others setting shop here, this mall is the ultimate lifestyle hub and a must-visit!

2. Times Square Mall

Hong Kong’s first mega-mall with 16 floors, the Times Square Mall is no less than a shrine for shopaholics as it has over 200 stores! There is something for everyone here because the brands range from mid-end to high-end, local brands to international ones, and don’t focus solely on the luxury market. It has managed to rope in the city’s big-name restaurants like The Fat Pig, Heichinrou, and also has a cinema, department stores, a kid’s square and so much more. To top it all, the entrance always welcomes you with the most picturesque displays and lavish events during the New Year’s time!

3. The Landmark

An exclusive luxury mall in the Central, The Landmark is divided into four buildings, with the shopping complex comprising five floors of premium brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Harvey Nicholas, Prada to name a few, with their lust-worthy displays making all visitors drool. The elite vibe extends to not only stores but also to prestigious, Michelin-Star restaurants too such as 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana. This shopping haven dabbles in everything-luxury from high fashion to urban-lifestyle stores, gourmet food, and so much more!

4. Harbour City

The veritable and stupendous Harbour City, the largest shopping centre in Hong Kong, is located in the heart of the city near Victoria Harbour. Divided into 5 color-coded sections/zones, it has a mind-boggling selection of over 450 stores and 70 restaurants among other attractions like an observation deck, 3 prestigious hotels, 2 cinemas, and an art gallery while also being an ocean terminal. Harbour City is the quintessential stop for shopaholics and non-shopaholics alike.

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5. Festival Walk

Located in the heart of Kowloon Tong in Hong Kong, Festival Walk is an elegantly designed shopping mall that offers its shoppers a unique and relaxing atmosphere combined with innovation, originality, and pleasure. A smart use of natural light and open space, Festival Walk Shopping Mall serves one of kind experience to its visitors that is spread across an area of 980,000 square meters with about 200 shops and outlets, more than 30 restaurants, Hong Kong’s largest Ice rink and near to 220,000 square feet area of office space.

6. 1881 Heritage

Former Marine Police Headquarters and located in Tsim Sha Tsui, this mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Hong Kong. The visitors can enjoy artefacts and settings of the city’s history from over 120 years ago. This place is also always decked up in various festive themes throughout the day, making it a great full-day visit for everyone looking to shop and also explore the city’s culture!

7. APM

As the name is an amalgamation of AM and PM, this after-dark shopping paradise stays open till 2:00 AM for all the nighthawks! Located in Kwun Tong, APM mall has 170 stores and restaurants spread over eleven floors. It is home to the famous Japanese lifestyle store named LOG-ON and to a lot of entertainment facilities. The vibe of all the boutiques is trendy and more youth-centric, making it a must-visit for everyone wanting to go someplace happening!

8. Hysan Place

Conveniently located in the heart of Causeway Bay with direct access to the MTR station, Hysan Place is a harbour of open-storefronts, natural sunlights and impeccably high ceilings in the form of a shopping complex. It sits on the retail space of 42,000 square meters with over 120 popular, sought-after international brands like GAP, Hollister among more along with unique restaurants like Green Waffle Diner and Ho Hung Kee spread across 17 floors.

9. City Plaza

The largest shopping sanctuary in Hong Kong, and the only one to have ice-skating inside, the City Plaza mall having over 170 stores, is a very family-friendly mall. It is varied in its purposes because from finding daily necessity items to attending grand piano concerts, this is your one-stop destination to it all! This mall is the exclusive home to the infamous Japanese store-chain called Apita.

10. Langham Place

A trendy mall with youth fashion-centric stores, Langham Place, is a happening shopping spot located in Mong Kok with over 200 shops. Beyond the shopping scenario, it also draws in big crowds thanks to the live performances it organises, the digital sky. A unique feature of this mall is its corkscrew design which enables you to move up the floors or come down without having to use an escalator!

11. SOGO Mall

The largest Japanese-style department store and very famous on the city’s shopping circuit, SOGO Mall has a wide selection of top international brands for fashion, cosmetics, leather goods, electronics and more. It has 16 floors dedicated to a large variety of stores along with cafes too. SOGO also has seasonal sales which add to its exclusivity of being one of the best shopping hubs.

12. The One

Hong Kong’s tallest retail complex, The One sits on a floor area of 400,000 square feet with a whopping number of 29 floors! It is called the one-stop destination to everything that shoppers desire as it has over 200 stores for a variety of fashion, jewellery, lifestyle goods and accessories among more. Some famous brands it houses are Harvey Nicholas, BEAMS and Journal-Standard. It is a good mix of everything hip with several diners, a cinema theatre, and even a concept lost and found store, making it a must-visit for everyone alike!

13. Elements Mall

A mall which, as the name suggests, takes its inspiration from the five elements of the world, the Elements Mall was designed by the world-renowned Benoy and sits on the MTR Kowloon Station. The brands housed here range from mid-end to upper-end; it is home to the city’s most abundant organic supermarket called 3hreesixty. In addition to shopping, the mall is also linked to the city’s tallest building- International Commerce centre so you can always make your way to sky100 for stunning views of Victoria Harbour!

14. Olympian City

A conveniently located mall which is close to 5 MTR stations, the Olympian City contains over 250 stores whose products range from internationally known fashion, accessory labels to stores for luxury lifestyle items, healthcare, wellness and personal care among others. It also offers unique entertainment experiences in the form of events, promotions, etc. Combining the three phases of the complex, the area space covers a whopping 800,000 square feet!

15. IFC Mall

One of the most visually appealing shopping destinations in Hong Kong with soothing water displays and sounds, the IFC mall has over 200 international brands from mid-end to high-end, is also home to the very famous Four Seasons Hotel with its Michelin-star restaurants and some of the most exclusive office spaces in the city. Having impeccable connectivity to most other attractions in Central, you can hop from one place to another place very conveniently and not need to go out of the way to be here!

16. New Town Plaza

Located at the MTR Sha Tin Station, the New Town Plaza is a great pit-stop for all travellers alike with around 350 stores and boutiques of international brands, a variety of electronics, 50 restaurants along with big supermarkets. The kids will have fun too because of a designated space created on the theme of Asia’s first Snoopy World! It is clearly one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong, catering to everyone's needs.

17. Island Beverly Centre

Home to Hong Kong’s iconic 1000-square-feet cube shops, Island Beverly Centre is a four floored gem, trove of local and indie fashion stores which are super trendy and popular among the young crowd. The couture warren has a variety of electric stores that offer everything from accessories to toys and shoppers should keep their eyes wide open because you never know what great, affordable product you’ll find here!

18. Lee Theatre and Leighton

One of the best luxury shopping havens in Hong Kong, Lee Theatre and Leighton houses some of the most popular international labels like Hong Kong’s first UniQlo store, Nike, Adidas, MUJI among many more. A premium destination in Causeway Bay, it is a landmark of the city which curates a unique, all in one shopping experience by having a mix of Asian as well as internationally recognised fashion boutiques.

19. China Hong Kong City

A contemporary shopping complex located at the end of Harbour City Mall in Kowloon, this super popular mall is easily recognisable thanks to it being clad in a golden curtain-like exterior! It is the perfect place to get mark-downs of up to 70 per cent off in over 20 fashion outlet stores. The categories of shops span from fashion and clothing to electronics, personal care, jewellery and more.

20. Horizon Plaza

An outlet shopping complex tucked away in the Southern Coast of Ap Lei Chau; Horizon Plaza boasts of 28 floors of outlet factory fashion stores where shoppers are bound to find a large variety of furniture and unbelievable bargains on items of high-end brands like Alexander Mcqueen and Jimmy Choo! There are some cafes and an Italian supermarket to cater to hunger needs that come with a shopping spree. A pro tip would be to grab a directory from the reception and make your way down from the top floor instead of waiting for the crowded elevators.

21. Citygate Outlets

The largest outlet mall in India, Citygate outlet is a highly appealing mall for shoppers, especially for travellers due to its proximity to the airport. It is known for great bargains and deals of up to 90 per cent off year-round on 150 internationally acclaimed branded clothing, accessories, electronics, outdoor items, etc. It also boasts of a state-of-the-art cinema hall, over 40 food and beverages food stalls. It is not only a one-roof-has-it-all shopping destination but is also a gateway that connects other attractions in Lantau Island.

22. Design Gallery

Established by the Hong Kong Trade Council in 1991 and located in Wan Chai, Design Gallery is a hub for locally designed and made goods. It promotes innovation and creativity by housing over 5000 items crafted by artisans, designers and brands of Hong Kong. The offerings comprise of premium quality watches, household appliances, toys, clothing, jewellery and more. All travellers who are looking for an all Hong Kong-inspired shopping experience must pay a visit here!

23. Telford Plaza

Located in the heart of Kowloon East and being a massive mall, Telford Plaza has over 250 stores that can be explored by shoppers as they browse around in this lesser-known shopping trove. The brands housed here are all well-known international labels like Zara, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, Bossini, etc. as well as companies offering the latest electronic gadgets, household items and more.

Which of these malls in Hong Kong have you visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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