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Graduating is a monumental time in any student’s life. As someone who’s graduating this very year, I can understand the storm of emotions that we go through, every day and every night. Emotions can be solicited by the smallest of things and there’s full reason for it. This is your big push-off into the real world and every emotion that you feel is  justified many times over.

But, standing at the threshold of your runway, you’ve every right to take things a little slow at the last moment. So, take a trip with your buddies. Life is quite worthless without that last trip you take as students and the memories you pack during that time. Therefore, we at Holidify put together a list of trips that you can take with your amigos before life starts for you in a big way after summer this year.

1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand:

If there is a place where serenity and beauty go hand in hand, it is this. If a trip to have fun with your favorite people in the spring months is what you seek, Valley of Flowers might easily be your dream destination. Wild, untamed blooms, treks and cloud-walking. Do we need another excuse?

Note: Trekking in the valley is only allowed in the months of July to September.

Valley of Flowers (Source), Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Valley of Flowers (Source)

2. Coorg, Karnataka:

We all dream of that perfect holiday to take with our friends uncountable times in our lives. Coorg is one of those dream destinations that makes the dream seem imperfect. Take a trip to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary and have a great, great time! Coorg is an amazing destination for road trips as well!

En route , Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

En route

3. Rishikesh:

The land of many facets and umpteen possibilities, Rishikesh is the place to go to with your friends to shake off the blues of those final exams and sappy grad parties. Let’s engage in some crazy adventure sports and live it up before we have to go off into our lives!

Adventure sports at Rishikesh, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Adventure sports at Rishikesh

4. Munnar-Alleppey:

Munnar is your perfect summer retreat in the hills, among the clouds, several feet above the noise and pollution that governs our everyday lives. Perfect to chill and make memories that’ll bring smiles for the rest of all your lives. Don’t forget to splurge on tea and coffee while you’re there! Alleppey is on every traveler’s bucket list for its majestic backwaters, beautiful sights and sounds and its picturesque charm. Could you ask for more awesomeness in a single trip?

Sprawling Munnar, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Sprawling Munnar

5. Varkala:

Untouched, unspoilt and a gem of God’s own land, Varkala is one of our top recommendations for your graduation after-party. Chill, relax, and dive into the ocean while having the most amazing time of your lives!

Varkala, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Varkala ( Source )

Looking for weekend getaways from Delhi? 

6. McLeodganj-Triund-Dharamsala:

The mountains are found to be calling pretty often during the build-up to summer. What better than this beautiful Himachal circuit to answer their beckon? Each of these places is beautiful, secluded and an idyllic getaway among the hills and clouds. You can also choose to go trekking from Dharamkot to Triund and have a complete blast with your pals. “Main udna chahta hun Naina“. :P

7. Leh-Ladakh:

Remember how you sat discussing plans to implement a holiday to someplace and Ladakh invariably came up as one of those destinations? Well, Ladakh is a must-do with your buddies before you pass out of college. The beautiful surroundings, the azure skies and the albino all around makes this one a real treat for your peepers. To get the most out of this trip, do it on a motorcycle circuit from Delhi via Manali.

Pangong Lake, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Pangong Lake

8. Kamshet, Maharashtra:

Dear Adrenaline Junkies,

We at Holidify love you dearly, and we want you to soar to the great skies with fluttering hearts. Therefore, we bring to you the Hero of the ‘hood – Kamshet. This is a picturesque location with world-class paragliding schools, and to add to it, you can actually see sunflower fields while you’re up there. Starry-eyed already? Do not miss this one after you graduate!

Kamshet, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends


9. Gokarna, Karnataka:

The beach holiday that’ll leave you absolutely satisfied, Gokarna is one of those places that you have to go to with your friends before you graduate. This is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful vibe, with the golden beaches and azure waters that beckon you to them with complete austerity.


Kudle Beach, Gokarna , Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Kudle Beach, Gokarna (Source)

10. Jim Corbett National Park:

This is one eerie, slightly mysterious holiday that you have to arrange with your friends while you’re still in the college hangover phase. After all, what’s the point of Corbett and all its glistening mystery that seeps in in the form of moonlight between the trees if your friends don’t shout “bhooooot!!!” in the middle of a silent night!

11. Kasol and Parvati Valley:

Kasol and the Parvati Valley make for an amazing, offbeat holiday with your friends. Chill in the Parvati Valley, eat in hippie cafes that reiterate the very essence of cool, laugh and sing and enjoy a lot because this time isn’t coming back too soon.

Kasol, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends


12. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

The Andamans are on every traveler’s bucket list. If you have some dough to spare, or some “desi jugaad” to see you through the trip, this is one journey you should definitely consider taking with your pals! Fun is guaranteed at every nook and cranny of this paradise! The adventure sports are just the cherry you need on the pie.

Andaman, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Scuba diving in Andaman(Source)

13. Darjeeling-Gangtok:

What is better than living somewhere like this, you ask? Going somewhere like this with your friends. Take a trip to the sleeping tea town of Darjeeling and trudge on to Sikkim in all its silken glory. Eat the yummiest food and drink the best tea and coffee and make this one, a love affair to remember.

Darjeeling, Places To Go After Graduation With Your Friends

Darjeeling, West Bengal

14. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh:

One of the best offbeat holidays to be taken in the country, Ziro holds a lot of promise for a young traveler. Chill with the Apatani tribe, click some beautiful pictures and inscribe this holiday in your hearts for a lifetime.

15. North Sikkim, Sikkim:

And at the very end, we have the therapeutic cure of North Sikkim. While you gaze at the stunning beauty of the snowcones, rhododendrons will be beaming up at you. Lachung, Thangu Valley, Yumthang and Chopta Valley are our favorite ingredients in this intoxicating cocktail! Have a whole lot of fun while humming “Yaad aayengey yeh pal” during your freezing night jam sessions.

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Have more suggestions for us? Tell us in comments below!

Happy last semester, beautiful people. Travel a lot. Discover. Make it count!



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