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Kathmandu Valley

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Country rank: 13 out of 14 Places To Visit In Nepal

Sub-Region: Nepal


Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

Best time: October-December (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport (Check Flights)


"The Valley of Beauty"

Kathmandu Valley Tourism

Kathmandu Valley is the capital city of Nepal. Located at the country’s centre, Kathmandu Valley spreads over 600 square kilometres. Kathmandu Valley holds the Kingdom’s three largest cities, including Kathmandu and contains several small towns and villages. This valley has been a great tourist attraction as it has more than 130 historical monuments, including pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhists. Being the most crowded area in Nepal, Kathmandu Valley has seven World Heritage Sites designated, which are worth spending time and exploring.

It is an economic epicentre of Nepal and is rich with industries, natural beauty and tourism hotspots. In the aftermath of the earthquake in 2015, the valley has restored most of its tourist monuments and infrastructure.

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Nepal is mainly filled with Hindus and Buddhists. 82% of the population are Hindus and about 8% of the population are Buddhists. Dussera is the longest and the most important festival in Nepal. Most of the Hindu festivals include music and dance along with different types of food.

Kathmandu Valley has its own Mythology stories as to how the place came into existence. It is said that this valley was, in fact, a huge lake several years ago. The history says that Manjushri, who was a Tibetan Saint landed in Kathmandu. He saw a beautiful lotus flower in the middle of the lake and wanted to get hold of it. He cut the Chobhar ridge with his powerful sword that drained all the waters of the lake. This division can now be seen as a deep gorge. But according to geology, the waters of the lake did not drain at once but in phases. As and when the Southern Valley grew 3cm each year, the lake started to move towards the north. The lake started to shrink which resulted in the formation of bare land.

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The closest airport to Kathmandu Valley Is Tribhuvan International Airport which is located to the east of Kathmandu. Hence, reaching the valley from the airport is not a problem at all. It is also... (Read More)

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