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"Thimpu- Third highest capital of world"

Thimphu Tourism

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. This place which has a population of somewhat 80,000 is known to be the largest city located in the country. Made the capital of the nation in the year 1961 this city is also known as the third highest capital in the entire world. An hour drive from Bhutan International Airport located in Paro it is known as a city which has a stronghold of the Bhutanese culture as well as tradition. This is also known as the only capital which doesn't have any traffic lights installed.

Thimphu which is originally pronounced as 'Thimbu' is the capital of Bhutan. This place is known to be the largest city located in Bhutan and is known to contain a population of about 80,000 people. World's third highest capital Thimphu is known to be most modernised country present across Bhutan and is known to contain tons of good restaurants as well as internet cafe. This place is where the royal family of Bhutan resides. One of the interesting things to consider about this place is that there aren't any traffic lights present in the city and at certain intersections, you would find policemen standing in their decorated booths in order to control the traffic. This is a place where you would find a very clear glimpse of what Bhutanese culture is about also you would be able to see traditional arts as well as some architectural structures which would tell you a lot about the history of this country.

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Dzongkha is the national language in Bhutan and hence you would find most of the people conversing in this language. The educated people of this city can also speak English as this is the language which is used for the purpose of education in Bhutan. You would also be surprised to find some people to be able to speak Hindi, although not as fluently.

Thimphu wasn't the capital or this large city since the beginning. Initially, it used to be a small hamlet which consisted of very few houses. Gradually, this city grew alongside the river as well as on the mountain cliffs. Over the years this city has seen a rapid development and you would find it to have the most modernised facilities as compared to any other city present in Bhutan.

The Bhutanese culture may not have been too much affected by modernisation, however, you would still find a good enjoying nightlife over here. The city is known to be a bit small however the clubs over here have witnessed stars such as Cameron Diaz etc. gracing their parties. You can easily find numerous clubs as well as pubs over here some of the prime one being Vivacity, Mojo Park and Club Ace.

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In Bhutan you would be able to mainly find three categories of products - books, hardware and handicrafts. All the stores out there are known to have similar items and hence in case you cannot find anything at a particular store there is a very little chance that you would find it at any place else.

The primary currency utilised in Bhutan is Bhutanese Ngultrum. This currency is utilised all over the Bhutan including the areas such as Thimpu and Paro.

You can get your currency converted into the local Bhutanese currency easily at the Airport. Also, we would advice you to carry cash all the time as there are some times when ATM wonêt work or you wouldnêt be able to find one in some parts.

On an average you would be spending BTN 350 per day, which includes meals as well as basic travelling. However, in case you are shopping and travelling to nearby places, this cost would rise up to BTN 700 - 800 per day. These charges do not include any alcohol or any other luxury expenditures.

You would find most of the people in Bhutan following Buddhism are their religion. However over time there has been a considerable increase in the levels of people who follow Hinduism.

Being one of the traditional nations located in across the world, Bhutan has been known to follow a very refined etiquette. People over here are normally dressed in the traditional Bhutanese dress where men wear a knee length robe which is called as Gho, while the women are known to wear what is known as Kira. Also here certain etiquettes are observed while speaking, while eating in public, while sending as well as receiving gifts and hence at many such occasions.

Rice is the main component of the numerous meals cooked in Bhutan. Here you would find rice being served along with two or one type of side meals, including meat as well as vegetables. Some of the common vegetable eaten or consumed in Paro are tomato, spinach, pumpkin etc. There are a number of Bhutanese dish such as Ema Datshi, Phaksha Paa and everyone's favourite Dimsum or Momos which you should definitely try.

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