Places To Visit in Nepal

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Here are the top 32 tourist places and attractions in Nepal

Here are the tourist places in Nepal to explore sightseeing destinations. Read more to plan your travel to Nepal.

1. Kathmandu

4.5 /5

1 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 46
Tourist attractions

Sprawled over its namesake valley surrounded by Himalayan mountains, Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital and most-visited destination, full of ancient temples, golden pagodas, natural beauty and fascinating villages. At an elevation of 4,344 feet, Kathmandu marks the confluence of the Bagmati and Vishnumat...

Best Time: September to November

2. Pokhara

4.4 /5

2 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 33
Tourist attractions

Pokhara, the 'Tourist Capital of Nepal,' is the second-largest city in this Himalayan country, after Kathmandu. At an altitude of more than 900m, it is one of the highest cities, making it the base for many world-famous treks. The highlight of the town is its Lakeside, which is a boating paradise fl...

Best Time: September to November

3. Lumbini

4.1 /5

3 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 20
Tourist attractions

Nestled in the Himalayas in Nepal,  the beautiful town of Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Lumbini is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many ancient stupas dating back to 2000 years and monasteries built by past dynasties. People come here from all over the world to this abode of ...

Best Time: April to May

4. Chitwan National Park

4.3 /5

4 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Chitwan National Park, nestled in the subtropical lowlands of southern Nepal, spans an impressive area of approximately 932 square kilometers. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this sanctuary embodies Nepal's commitment to preserving its diverse ecosystems and rich wildlife. The park stand...

Best Time: October - March

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5. Bhaktapur

3.8 /5

5 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 11
Tourist attractions

Bhaktapur is one of three medieval cities in the Kathmandu Valley, the other two being Kathmandu and Patan. It is often referred to as Bhadgaon and Khwopa and has a mix of Hindu and Buddhist population. This city is located around 12 kilometres from the capital city of Kathmandu and is divided into ...

Best Time: October to November, March to April 

6. Janakpur

4.0 /5

6 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 9
Tourist attractions

Janakpur is a city in Nepal which is believed to be the birthplace of Goddess Sita and the place of her marriage with Lord Ram. Also known as the City of Ponds, Janakpur boasts of more than seventy ponds that dot its verdant landscape. Here you can learn more about the ancient and revered Hindu...

Best Time: September to March

7. Patan

5.0 /5

7 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 10
Tourist attractions

Patan is the third-largest city in Nepal right after Kathmandu and Pokhara. It is presently known as Lalitpur. Both names are derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Lalitapattan’. The city is located just across the river Bagmati from Kathmandu. Patan has a Durbar Square that is full of statues, templ...

Best Time: November-January

8. Bandipur

8 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Pretty as a picture - that is how one can perfectly describe Bandipur. This living and breathing abode of Newari culture is a hilltop settlement in the Gandaki Zone at 1030 metres, some 700 metres above the Marsyangdi River. The municipality snuggles itself on the saddle of the Mahabharat Range...

9. Nagarkot

4.0 /5

9 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 8
Tourist attractions

Located at a mere 28-kilometre drive away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot offers one of the best views of the Himalayas in the entire region as it has an altitude of 7000 feet (2000 metres)! Perched at the edge of Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot gives you one of the widest panoramas of the Himalayan ranges...

Best Time: October to March

10. Sagarmatha National Park

3.8 /5

10 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Sagarmatha National Park is a wildlife reserve that is well known to people for its location which is dominated by Mount Everest in the Himalayas of Eastern Nepal. The location, which is in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal, has been visited by tourists since the 1960s, although it was officially est...

Best Time: October to November

11. Dharan

3.8 /5

11 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal 8
Tourist attractions

Dharan is a city located near the Southeastern border of India and is a replica of Indian culture and tradition. Dharan is the gateway to the Mahabharat hills and is one of the biggest pilgrimage locations in Nepal. This low-lying hilly region is extremely clean, colourful and culturally d...

Best Time: January to April; September to December

12. Mustang

3.5 /5

12 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Mustang is known for its trekking tours and mountain sightseeing. Elevated at an altitude of 3840 kilometres, this city is divided into two parts: Lower and Upper Mustang. Even though it is relatively unexplored, this city is a great destination for those who want to immerse in Tibetan culture as we...

Best Time: June to September

13. Chitlang

4.0 /5

13 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Chitlang is an ancient Newar dominant village in Nepal. Surrounded by the Chandragiri hills, it is acclaimed as one of the most popular stops in the old trading routes from Tibet to India and thus holds a rich historical significance. Chitlang serves to be the most preferred destination from Ka...

Best Time: Throughout the year

14. Gorkha

14 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Some 25 km north of Abu Khaireni, the picturesque town called Gorkha is the ancient home of the lionhearted Gorkha people. Around 300 years ago, when Prithvi Narayan Shah unified all the rivalling fiefdoms of Nepal into one monarchy and divided up the country into 50 different states, Gorkha was bor...

15. Kirtipur

15 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

The sleepy town of Kirtipur comes like a breath of fresh air amidst the other dust laden villages and cities. Thanks to the stunning ancient temples that are scattered along its backstreets and the authentic experience of the Newari culture that it offers, the town has been gaining more and more pop...

16. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

16 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Towards the north of the Kathmandu valley, just from where the hustle and bustle of the urban world start to fade away, and the imaginary lines of the city get blurred into the outskirts, lies the Shivpuri National Park. The sprawling sub-tropical forest, spreading for around 160 square meters, the ...

17. Lukla

17 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Located in the Khumbu area of the Solukhumbu district in north-eastern Nepal, Lukla is a small town perched at the height of 2,860 metres above the sea level. While many would describe the place to be just an airport and a strip of hotels, this quaint little town definitely offers much more than tha...

18. Biratnagar

3.5 /5

18 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Biratnagar is a metropolitan city located near the Indian border and is the capital city of Province No.1 in Nepal. Biratnagar is popular for its Jute Mills - the first large scale industry of Nepal and the famous Kali Mandir that holds high religious importance in Hinduism in the country. Name...

Best Time: November-March

19. Dhulikhel

19 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

You can never get enough of the mountains. There is something about the scenic beauty and tranquillity of the majestic peaks that just makes you want to stay there forever and breathe in the pure fresh air. Dhulikhel in the Kathmandu Valley is one such place, which offers picturesque views of the hi...

20. Panauti

20 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Located some 32 kilometres away from the capital Kathmandu, Panauti is a leftover reminiscence of a time long bygone. The word ''Panauti' in Hindi means 'unlucky', and for some reason unknown, it sits perfectly well with the historical background of this medieval city. At one glance, the town of Pan...

21. Pathibhara temple

21 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Pathibhara temple, also known as Mukkumlung, is said to be one of the most significant Hindu temples in Nepal. Located on top of the Taplejung hills, this temple offers scenic views of Mount Kanchenjunga. This temple is considered one of the holiest temples, and many people travel from various parts...

22. Birgunj

5.0 /5

22 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Birgunj is a Nepali city which is based near the border of the Indian state of Bihar. It is a major point of entry for Indian goods trade. Birgunj also receives the goods coming in from the port of Kolkata. Located in the Terai region, Birgunj is the second-largest city after Bir...

Best Time: November-March

23. Bharatpur

23 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

A lot of people visit Nepal for the attraction of the wilderness, namely Chitwan National Park. Bharatpur is the city that falls right in the gateway of the forested area. Located in central-south of Nepal, Bharatpur is the headquarters of the Chitwan district as well as a separate metropolitan admi...

24. Itahari

24 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

A sub-metropolitan city with seven municipalities in the Sunsari district, Itahari has recently evolved into a bustling transportation junction in the eastern side of Nepal. The two main branches of the Nepal highway circulation - Mahendra Highway running from east to west and Koshi Highway running ...

25. Jomsom

25 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Jomsom is also known as Dzong-Sampa or New Fort. Jomsom lies along both the banks of Kali Gandaki river in the Mustang District of Nepal. Jomsom is the capital of Mustang district. Kali Gandaki happens to be the deepest gorge in the world. The altitude of Jomsom is 2700 m. Jomsom has developed as a ...

26. Kagbeni

26 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Far away from the bustling town squares and temples and dance festivals of the towns and cities of Nepal, the village of Kagbeni awaits you with its audacious beauty. Officially Kagbeni is a settlement that bridges the gap between Lower and Upper Mustang, right at the feet of Muktinath Valley by the...

27. Mount Manaslu

27 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

The word Manaslu comes from the Sanskrit word manas, which means a person's soul, and Mount Manaslu can be reflected as exactly that - the mountain of the soul. Despite all the chaotic craze around mountain trekking that Nepal experiences every season, Manaslu has surprisingly held on to its pristin...

28. Narayangarh

28 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Narayangarh is a major transportation and commercial hub in Nepal. This moderately crowded city falls under the bigger umbrella of Bharatpur City and under the administrative jurisdiction of Chitwan district in southern Nepal. Narayangarh, also referred to as Narayanghat, sits with all its buzzing n...

29. Shashwat Dham

29 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

The thing about Nepal is that you can never run out of spiritual places to visit. And yet most of them are old temples with the same archaic architecture and follows a typical path of devotion. Shashwat Dham, on the other hand, is completely different, both in terms of ambience and philosophy practi...

30. Nuwakot

30 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Stuck somewhere in between the 17th-century ambience and 21st-century facilities, Nuwakot is one of the most attractive destinations of Nepal. Albeit there are not many attractions to see, the Nuwakot Palace and its Durbar Square in itself are enough to draw the travellers who love to delve deep dow...

31. Daman

31 out of 31
Places to visit in Nepal

Located at 2322 metres above the sea level in the Thaha Municipality of Nepal, Daman has inarguably the best view of the Himalayan range in the entire country. On the best of days, the whole stretch from Mount Dhaulagiri in the west to Mount Everest in the east can be seen perfectly. The snow-creste...

FAQs on Nepal

What is the currency of Nepal?

Nepalese Rupee comes in the form of coins of denominations 1, 2,5 and 10 and paper notes of denominations 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000. Credit and debit cards Visa, MasterCards, AmericanExpress etc. are all accepted at hotels and malls.

What is the history of Nepal?

Nepal was originally governed and ruled by the Shah dynasty. They expanded the geographical territory of the Kingdom up to Sikkim (India) and beyond the Sutlej river. However, the British, who ruled in India, declared a war in 1814 and ultimately conquered Nepal in 1816. It was because the British wanted a buffer state between India and China that the geographic territory was reduced to approximately the current size and kept independent from colonization.

What is unique about culture of Nepal?

Nepalese are very religious by nature. They are bound by their beliefs and principles and follow them very diligently. 85% of the population follows Hinduism, 8% follow Buddhism and there is a small Muslim minority of 4%. Nepalese is the most common language spoken. Other languages that the locals speak include Bhojpuri and Maithili. English is only spoken in business groups and among trading personnel.

How is Nepal divided into regions?

Generally speaking, Nepal is divided into 11 states and 5 development regions. However, the basic divisions are dependent on the regional elevation. These are - Himalayas, Kathmandu Valley, Middle Hills, Western Tarai and Eastern Tarai.

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