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Country rank: 10 out of 13 Places To Visit In Nepal

Sub-Region: Nepal


Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

Best time: January to April and September to December (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Biratnagar Airport (Check Flights)


"The Gateway to Mahabharata Hills"

Dharan Tourism

Dharan is a city located near the Southeastern border of India and is a replica of Indian culture and tradition.  Dharan is the gateway to the Mahabharat hills. This low-lying hilly region is super clean, colourful and culturally diverse. Located in the Ganges, the city does not have extreme climate, making it a pleasant destination for tourists throughout the year. 

Tourists mainly visit this place in order to experience a clean environment as well as take part in activities like gold, trekking and hiking to Namche, driving to Bhedetar hill station, visiting Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, picnicking at Raja Rani Lake and visiting places like Tamar Khola, Yalamber Park and Bhanu chowk. A few historical and religious sites to visit in Dharan are Buddhasubba Temple, Pindeshwor Temple, Panchakanya Temple, Shiv Jatta, Vijaypur Hill and Datankali Temple. Apart from these, visitors are always treated at home with local pubs and bars in Dharan, making it a major tourist attraction in Nepal. 

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Dharan is called a colourful city with multi-cultural diversity. People living in this city are from Sankhuwasabha, Panchthar, Ilam, Bhojpur, Dhankuta and Taplegung Khotang. This calls for multi-ethnic festivities and activities that are celebrated here all throughout the year. Dhan Naach, Dhol Naach and Chyabrung Naach are a few dances that are performed in Dharan. Sangdangragma is also a festival that is dedicated to the goddess of Wealth. Along with these, more specific cultural festivals in Dharan include Gai Jatra of Newars, Sakela of Rai, Rodighar of Gurungs, Baalan and Saangini of Brahmin and Chhetris and Selo of Tamangs. One of the most common festivals in Dharan is called the Sakela Competition that starts on the Baisakh Sukhla Purnima and goes on for 15 days. A very famous Hindu temple called Pindeswari is located in Dharan where people hundreds of devotees come from all over India and Nepal in order to receive blessings from Lord Shiva. Needless to say, the culture in Dharan is surely multicultural.

It is safe to travel to Dharan, Nepal for international tourists. However, it is suggested that international travellers should not travel alone. Moreover, the risk of earthquakes and other natural calamities in this region is high so it is always good to speak to travel agencies and travel insurance companies before planning a trip.

Dharan feels home to a lot of tourists for it has quite a nightlife despite the Terai tradition that follows no nightlife. In Dharan, there are a number of lounges, bars and pubs where tourists can enjoy Karaoke nights and live concerts. Nectar Juice Bar, Vintage Cafe Lounge and Bar, Buzz Pub and Restro and Rodeos Restaurant are some of the popular ones. Having said that, there are many localities who follow the Terai tradition and may not appreciate loud noises at night.

Dharan was found around 1580 AD. The city of Bijaypur, located next to Dharan, was founded prior to it. Dharan traces its history to the kingdoms of Limbus during 865 AD. King Mawrong and King Sirijonga were important rulers in this region. This alludes to the lineage and monarchy in Nepal. In terms of the modern era, Dharan’s foundation was laid by the first Prime Minister, Chandra Shamsher in 1902. During this time, Dharan played a very important role in supplying timber to East India Company. Later, in 1953, the British Gurkha Recruit Center was opened in this city when people from all over Nepal came in to join the British Gurkhas which led to the influx of population in Dharan. In 1960, Dharan was officially declared a municipal town. Since then, Dharan has grown into one of the biggest towns, rather cities in Nepal with tourists visiting this place throughout the year.

Dharan is known for its Dal Bhat (steamed rice in a lentil soup), Pork Sekuwa, Pork Dameko, Barbecued Pork, Sargemba and Aalu Nimki. These delicacies are best served at Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner at Bagarkot. Other good places to eat in Dharan are Susant’s Home, Prazwal Sekuwa Corner, VRC Momo and Olive Cafe. 
Momos, Chowmein and Wai-Wai are very popular dishes found in Dharan. 

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The nearest airport to Dharan is Biratnagar International Airport. It is around 37 kilometres and an hour and a half away from Dharan. Another close airport is Bhadrapur airport which is around 103... (Read More)

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