Top Indian Restaurants in Kathmandu: A guide.

Every traveller wishes to have a memorable experience at every destination they visit. The significant factors that determine the quality of hospitality are tourist-friendly guides, transportation services, and the food sector. Nepal, being a neighbour of India, has several Indian multi-cuisine restaurants. If you are planning to visit Kathmandu and you are looking for some spicy dishes of the North Indian delicacy or the sweetness of South India, don't miss out on these Indian restaurants in Kathmandu.

1. Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant

The Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant is famous for its veg biryani.

If you are a vegetarian and you are looking for a restaurant that offers pure veg food with great ambience, then Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant is the best place for you. The best thing about this restaurant is the professionalism presented by the waiters. The prices are higher than in an average Indian restaurant. But the reason behind the higher rates is that of the freshly prepared food. Also, apart from providing tasty dishes, the Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant is famous for the smoothies and lassis. The vegetarian biryani is as delicious as its non-veg counterpart. So, if you are in Kathmandu and are looking for an Indian vegetarian restaurant, visit Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant.
Address: Thamel Marg
Timings: 7 AM to 10 PM
Price for two: NPR 114 to NPR 456

2. Third Eye Restaurant

The Third Eye Restaurant is famous for its Mutton Seekh Kebab.
If hygiene is your topmost priority for visiting a restaurant, then this Indian restaurant in Kathmandu is a perfect choice. This restaurant provides a great ambience along with a clean environment. The restaurant serves speciality dishes which include the tandoori roti, chicken tikka masala, and the mouth-watering butter masala. The Third Eye Restaurant also offers beverages like coffee and desserts. The third eye restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants present in the city.
Address: J.P. Road
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price for two: NPR 1453 to NPR 1708

3. The Ship Restaurant Bar and Lounge

The Ship Restaurant Bar is one of the most popular restaurants offering Indian dishes and drinks in Kathmandu.

One of the best Indian restaurants in Kathmandu, The Ship Restaurant Bar and Lounge is well known for its authentic Indian and Chinese dishes. The menu comprises a wide variety of dishes and is famous for its non-veg options; the best ones are those of chicken.
Address: Near Amrit Marg
Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM
Price for two: NPR 342 to NPR 912

4. Fusion Himalaya Restaurant

Fusion Himalaya Restaurant is famous for its MOMOs

The Fusion Himalaya Restaurant is a common name in the streets of Kathmandu. The reason behind this is the classic interiors and peaceful surroundings. The professionalism of the staff is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. The menu consists of a wide variety of dishes of Indian background. The best thing about this Indian restaurant in Kathmandu is its economic value of the dishes. What is more lucrative than having quality time with your family in an Indian restaurant and not burning a hole in your pockets? 
Address: Paknajol
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price for two: NPR 228 to NPR 399

5. Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

The manchow soup is one of the most popular dishes at the Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant.

The Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant is a regular member of the “highly rated” restaurant list in Kathmandu. This restaurant provides high-quality Indian food along with the perfect ambience. The Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant is famous for its active participation in social activities. This restaurant gives the contribution to society and for the untouchables, women, and children who are trafficked. The menu mostly consists of vegetarian food along with desserts. The staff’s professionalism is the best part of the restaurant. But when you consider the ambience, food, and its contribution to society, you will automatically discover the reason behind the price. 
Address: Shiva Complex
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price for two: NPR 228 to NPR 684

6. Dudh Sagar Restaurant

Dosa, the famous Indian dish is available at Dudh Sagar Restaurant.
If you love the warmth of Sambar, the spiciness of Dosa, and the crunchiness of Vada, then you should check out this South Indian restaurant in Kathmandu. In South Indian restaurants, then there is no competition for Dudh Sagar Restaurant. The menu comprises a wide variety of dosas and idlis. The friendly staff are omnipresent in this restaurant and help you sort out the best combination from the menu. Make sure you visit this restaurant for a healthy breakfast.
Address: Kanti Path, Jamal
Timings:  7 AM to 7 PM
Price for two: NPR 159 to NPR 319

7. Grill Oregano Restaurant

If you want to avail Punjab Foods, especially the grilled dishes, then visit Grill Oregano Restaurant
The Grill Oregano Restaurant is one of the most excellent Indian restaurants in Kathmandu. The restaurant offers unique Punjabi dishes, which is rare in the city. The variety of dishes will make sure that you will fall in love with this restaurant. Visit this restaurant to have an experience of the beauty of Punjabi dishes. 
Address: Z Street
Timings: 6.30 AM to 11 PM
Price for two: NPR 228 to NPR 384

8. Pilgrims Garden Restaurant

The pulao is one of the most popular dishes here.
This Indian restaurant in Kathmandu is an extension of the Pilgrims Guesthouse. This restaurant is situated in the heart of the city. The tranquillity and Jain dishes will make sure that you visit this restaurant multiple times during your stay in the city. If you are looking for a guesthouse that consists of a decent restaurant, then you should consider staying at the Pilgrims Guesthouse. The dishes are pocket-friendly too. 
Address: Near Leknath Marg
Timings: As the restaurant is an extension of the guesthouse, the timings vary
Price for two: The booking for a room is around NPR 2186 to NPR 3321

9. OR2K

The OR2K is one of the most famous restaurant in Kathmandu.
The OR2K is known for providing meals from all around the globe. But, it is the Indian genre that attracts many tourists and locals. The vegetarian dishes are the most popular ones in these restaurants. OR2K is also popular because of the quality and freshness of the dishes. The ambience of OR2K is one of the best amongst the restaurants. The prices are a bit high, but you will never regret spending money on OR2K.
Address: Mandala Street
Timings: 9 AM to 11 PM
Price for two: NPR 570 to NPR 1122

10. Western Tandoori and Naan House

Western Tandoori and Naan House is famous for its naan.

The Tandoor and Naan is an indispensable part of the Indian culture and if you wish to avail of the dishes while travelling in the streets of Kathmandu, then the Western Tandoori and Naan House is your best option. Widely regarded as the best restaurant which offers Tandoor and Naan, the chicken dishes are often considered as the “one to die for” by many locals. This restaurant has amazing vegetarian options too. The prices are affordable, and hence, the Western Tandoori and Naan House should be present in your “must-visit list” of restaurants if you are travelling to Kathmandu.
Address: Amrit Marg
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Price Range: 456 NPR to 1711 NPR
The best thing about Indian restaurants is their omnipresence in every corner of the world. The wide variety of Indian restaurants in Kathmandu makes sure that you never miss your traditional cuisines. Hence, if you are around Kathmandu, make sure to visit these places to experience the best Indian dishes.

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