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"The Green Paths"

Chitlang Tourism

Chitlang is an ancient Newar dominant village in Nepal. Surrounded by the Chandragiri hills,  it is acclaimed as one of the most popular stops in the old trading routes from Tibet to India and thus holds a rich historical significance. Chitlang serves to be the most preferred destination from Kathmandu for hiking. It is home to more than 100 species of birds, making it a haven for ornithology.

Inspired by Laxmi Prasad Devkota, writer of ‘yatri’ – a Nepalese poem, Chitlang also attracts poets who find serenity in this natural paradise. The homestay experiences and a taste of the hilly life are especially popular here. The people of Chitlang do goat farming and goat cheese is the most popular dairy product of the village. Goat Cheese Homestay, of Ashok Singh Thakuri and family, is an interesting place to stay and learn the process of cheese making and taste organic plum and ground apple wine. 

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Newar and Tamang are the major ethnic groups of the village. Languages like, Nepali, Newari, and Tamang are mostly spoken by the locals. The dominant religion of the village is either Hinduism or Buddhism. Kartik Purnima nach is the most attractive cultural activity of Chitlang. It is basically celebrated on the Tripurari Poornima, which is believed to be the day Lord Shiva defeated Tripurasura. In Nepal, this celebrated with a religious dance.

Swochhanda Bhairab Temple
Located just off the main street of Chitlang, the Bhairab Temple is an important place of worship for the locals. It is quite a calm spot and is off the radar for most tourists but still worth a visit.

Satdhara (Seven Tap)
Resembling seven taps set in stone, Satdhara is another popular place to visit in Chitlang. It is a small trek of about an hour to get to these falls. You can witness the true Newari culture and customs while you are here.

Bhedafaram (Largest ground of Nepal)
A scenic, open plain set against the backdrop of mountains in Nepal, Bhedafarm is purported to be Nepal’s largest ground. Located close to the Markhu and Kulekhani villages, it has been used as a backdrop for a few film songs as well.

At the topmost point of the Lamicchane village lies Shikhardham, which is a well-known Brahmin settlement popular for its Shiva Temple. It is said that you can get a glimpse of the Brahmin way of life here and it is nonetheless, a scenic outpost to admire the valley.

Markhu and Kulekhani Villages

Home to the widest manmade lake in Nepal - The Indra Sarobar Lake - Markhu and Kulekhani are remote villages that still look like a land lost in time. Daily buses run here from Kathmandu and the drive through mountain passes is slightly unsettling albeit scenic. It is common to do a day hike here from Chitlang and takes about 3 hours. There isn't much to do as such, except enjoy the landscapes.

The trail in Chitlang came to be known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ trail. And in 1900s automobiles were only for the royalties and rich aristocrats and foreign dignitaries, and this trail was used to for their transportation, that too not on wheels, but on bamboo poles borne by 60 porters, while hymning the Nepalese cry- ‘hoste- hainse’. In 1940 porters carried a 1939 Daimler-Benz gifted to King Tribhuvan by the then German Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. The vintage car is kept on display at the Narayanhity Palace Museum.

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