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Country rank: 3 out of 40 Places To Visit In Sri-lanka

Sub-Region: Central District


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: December- April (Read More)

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"City of the bruised sky"

Kandy Tourism

The Capital of what is Sri Lanka's central province, Kandy lies in the Kandy plateau. It is surrounded by hills. Kandy is both a religious as well as administrative city.

Originally called Maha Nuwara which literally translates to Great City, Capital. Kandy is a world heritage site having been declared as such by the UNESCO in the year 1988. The city happens to hold one of the most sacred places of worship in the Buddhist religion - Temple of the Tooth.

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The LKR is the local currency in Sri Lanka which replaced the British pound in the country.There are portraits of previous Sri Lankan prime ministers as well as ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa in the fronts of the bank notes.The backs have Sri Lankan flora and fauna, landscapes, industries as well as pictures showing local culture and history.

1 LKR = 0.46 INR.

The average daily budget of a tourist would depend on whther the travel is luxurious or budget travels. So a budget trip would cost 2500 - 3000 LKR each day.

Theravada Buddhism is the major religion of Kandy

Kandy has no special customs that need to be observed.

Sinhala and Tamil are spoken mostly. However English is also a language of communication in Kandy.

Founded by Vikrambahu III, Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu was the first ruler to officialy be the king of Kandy. After the Portuguese had taken over all other cities, in 1592, Kandy was the last remaining free city. It was also the capital of the last free kingdom. The Nayaks were the last dynasty to rule Kandy. Kandy developed rapidly under Brfitish colonial rule and now it is the second largest city in Sri Lanka.

Kandy is not very known for its nightlife, but some places to hang out at are the bars - Pub Royale which has an English feel and Le Garage. The nearest disco in Kandy is located here. However the disco is only open on Saturdays in the evening.

Kandy has a popular shopping mall called the Kandy city centre which has some renowned international stores, some stores selling local products and boutiques. Some renowned local garment stores are Odel, Abstract.

For authentic local food try the Kandy Muslim hotel which is very popular among locals and tourists alike. Helga's Folly, The White House and Kandy House are also popular choices. Soya Centre is a popular choice as well and moreover it is a completely vegetarian place.

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Kandy is accessible through airways, land transport. (Read More)

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