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How to Reach Hanoi from India

Hanoi houses a personal international airport of its own, Noi Bai International Airport with several direct flights flying to and from India. There are many flight services that ply on regular basis including Air India, Malaysia Airlines, VietJet Air, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jet Airways, China Southern and others from various India cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Goa and Ahmadabad etc.

Visa Policy for Indians

As an Indian citizen, getting the visa for Vietnam can be a bit difficult. For on-arrival visa, one can apply online for the visa at Vietnam-Immigration.Net and make the payment online. There is no need to send any documents. The approval letter will be sent via mail within 2 working days. Use the printout of the form as boarding pass and get it stamped at the landing visa counter after arriving at Vietnam. The fee for tourist visa is as follows: 1-month single entry visa: USD 35 person for plus USD 25 stamping fee (paid at airport) 1 month multiple entries visa: USD 40 USD plus USD 50 stamping fee (paid at airport) 3-month single entry visa: USD 50 USD plus USD 25 stamping fee (paid at airport) 3 month multiple entries visa: USD 160 USD plus USD 50 stamping fee (paid at airport)

How to reach Hanoi by flight

Hanoi is home to Noi Bai International Airport catering to a plethora of domestic and international airlines. Situated 45 kms north of the city, the airport is well connected to 17 countries through various flight companies.
There is a regular direct flight service from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and more recently - India. Upon reaching the airport, there are ample transport options such as metered taxis and 15-seater mini-buses.
The minibuses ply only when all their seats are full and drop you off at your exact destination. Towards the right side of the exit terminal, there are public buses that will take you to city centre covering the journey in about 45 to 60 minutes. There is also an option of Airport taxis, however, make sure to check the meter before starting your journey.

How to reach Hanoi by road

Self-driving in Vietnam is not quite recommended, owing to the less than ideal state condition of the roads and often confusing and lax traffic rules. It is better to hire a taxi or take a chauffeur-driven car to commute within the city or between the cities. 

How to reach Hanoi by train

Gia Lam station serves as the main railway station for Hanoi city and has a single route for trains departing to and from Nanning, China. There is a line between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the journey being quite inexpensive and packed with scenic views. However, a Vietnam railway is not high on speed and so the journey takes 50 hours to complete.

Local transport in Hanoi

There are plenty of options for public transportation in Hanoi including buses, taxis and motorbike Taxis (Xe Mo), all of them, easily accessible. Bus service is the cheapest way to commute but is quite confusing. With many service providers and 70 bus routes, it can get a bit messy but one can get the schedule on the website of the Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Centre.

Monthly passes are also available. The best way to move around this city is by taxi that can be hailed literally from almost everywhere. However, it is advised that you check the meter before starting your journey. If you are a solo traveller, motorbike taxi is also a good option.

It is cheap and convenient although only for short distances. Finally, there are also a number of cars, motorbikes and bicycle rental companies around the city who offer these transport options on hire at reasonable rates.

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