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Hoi An

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Country rank: 4 out of 46 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Hoi An City


Ideal duration: 1 day

Best time: February to June. The best time to visit this place is during the months of summer or springs. (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Đà Nẵng, (Check Flights)


"Hoi An-City With Heritage"

Hoi An Tourism

Hoi An is one of the oldest cities located all over Asia. This city has been known to be around 2000 years old. This city is known to be established in the 15th century and is now declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO. This city was once a popular port and now is known to attract thousands of tourists worldwide.

Hoi An is a popular heritage sight which is located in the country of Vietnam. This city which is considered to be established in the 15th century consists of some beautifull designed building as well as flaunts a great architecture. This site has been declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO and has quickly become one of the most loved tourist sights in the country. Being to this place you would see a mixture of numerous customs as well as numerous traditions which are the key part of its history. This place doesn't have any airport or any rail network and the only way to reach here is through a taxi or cab service. However this is one of the most beautiful as well as the most pleasant locations you would ever find.

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  • Lime villa

    VND 792,000 /night onwards

  • Lavini Hoi An Boutique Villa

    VND 653,122 /night onwards

  • Babylon Villa

    VND 665,000 /night onwards

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More on Hoi An

The primary currency utilised in Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong. This currency is utilised all over the country and hence in the areas of Halong Bay as well.

Try getting you currency converted on the airport and hence remember carryig cash at all times. This area is quite modernised therefore you would not have problem getting money exchanged or withdrawn in the town.

Per day cost of moving around the country is somewhat VND 892491. This inlcudes meals as well as cost of ferries and some light drinks.

In vietnam you would find most of the people practicing the native or the folk religion of Vietnam. However, some people also donêt practice any religion. Apart from this some people in the area practice Budhism, while some tend to practice Catholicism.

Vietnam has some very specific etiquettes such as not displaying affection in public places, never touch someone's head. Also while talking donêt point finger rather use your hands. Make sure to dress up intelligently and avoid wearing short clothes in any of the public places.

Vietnamese is regarded as the official language of this country. However some of the other languages spoken in this area include Chinese, Kham etc. Some tourist guides and local people might be able to communicate in English too.

This area was once known as one of the prime ports all through Asia. Due to the influence from numerous religions as well as traditions this place is a mix of Chinese, Cham as well as the Vietnamese culture. Moving around this area you can very well see numerous Chinese styled shops as well as goods.

In Hoi An you would find some exquisite range of caf_ as well as bars.You can sit down and relax or get up and dance to the awesome ambience as well as music present in such locations. Some of the popular venues as well as bars offering exciting night life include Before and Now Bar, Cafe 96, Champa, Dive Bar Hoi An.

This place is known for its world famous tailouring services. Here you should definitely buy some quality dressess as well as tops, while you can also shop for some exquisite variety of jewelleries as well as apparels.

One of the most commonly consumed food item in this area is rice. People tends to make rice in numerous forms and then consume it along with chicken, beef or pork. There are a lot of spices as well as herbs a part of their normal diet.

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10 months ago by Antara Mandal

Walking around Hoi An, I felt like I was in ancient Vietnam. People around here are traditional and have properties that date back to 16th century. There are Japanese temples from the time when the Japanese came to the country and settled for a while. I discovered in one of the temples they worshiped dog a lot. In one of the Chinese temples, they have huge circular incandescent lamps under which, if you wish for something, it becomes real. That was the belief the people of Hoi An hold true to their hearts. I also boated around the Hoi An canals. It's simply a divine place to be in.

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