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Bai Tu Long Bay

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Country rank: 29 out of 34 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Northwestern Vietnam


Ideal duration: 3-4 days

Best time: February - April (Read More)

Nearest Airport: hanoi (Check Flights)


"An expanse of blue waters and lush green rice fields"

Bai Tu Long Bay Tourism

Bai Tu Long Bay, located at a mere 30 km from Halong Bay is its sister city in every sense. The untouched limestone and karst rocks remind you of Ha Long before the tourists overran it. The bay spans a vast expanse of oceans with numerous islands made of limestone karst. The area is picturesque and instills a sense of calmness in you.

Shimmering waters and striking karst cliffs of the mesmerising Bai Tu Long Bay is compounded by the lack of crowds and junk boats in the area. Bai Tu Long Bay may be off the beaten track, but it offers a sense of tranquillity that is unparalleled. This UNESCO World Heritage site is dominated mainly by the lush Bai Tu Long national park that serves as an ideal location for trekking, bird-watching and butterfly hunting. Other jewels of Bai Tu long Bay include Van Don Island - the bay's largest and most visited island, the traditional fishing village of Vung Vien, the white sand beaches of Quan Lan Island and the remote, serene Co To Island. Some typical activities include Kayaking, Cave exploration, Trekking, Banana Boating and even just sitting on the beach and relaxing.

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Bai Tu Long Bay has legends connected to that of Halong Bay. 'Bai Tu Long', literally means 'Letting go of the offspring'. The dragon that helped the Vietnamese defeat their enemy is said to have bid farewell to its offspring just before she ascended to Heaven. The offspring dragons continued to live amongst the karst rocks in this area. Another slightly modified version of the legend states that when the Vietnamese ruler called on the Mother Dragon for help to defeat his enemies, the Mother Dragon descended at Halong Bay. She was so large that she occupied the entire area. The offspring descended at Bai Tu Long Bay.

The customs in the bay area are largely similar to the customs throughout the rest of Vietnam.

An Overnight cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay is an experience that cannot be aptly described in words. The cruises that cost about 7,000,000 VND - 10,000,000 VND per person are exclusive getaways and Bai Tu Long, with a relatively lesser crowd density than Halong Bay instils a sense of serenity in you. The cruise ships cover most of the major locations in the area. In addition to that, they also take you on boat rides to caves, kayaking and bamboo boating. The boats itself are exquisite and provide a great deal of entertainment. There are activities such as squid fishing, massage, sundeck yoga, stargazing, art galleries and an open bar at night keeps the drinks flowing and the chatter lively. The multitude of activities lined up will ensure that you have a fun-filled experience. This a definite no-miss!

Much English is not spoken in the area but shopkeepers and restaurant owners will write down prices on paper or on their mobile phones. However, you may find it difficult to communicate with the locals.

The Bay area and the coast around it have played a minor role in some Vietnam- Chinese naval wars. Apart from that, the area does not have any major historical significance.

The towns in the area have next to no Nightlife and they all shut down as nightfall approaches. However, cruise boats offer exciting things to do at night. Some cruise boats have dinner buffets and mixers with an open bar and a dance floor while some other boats choose to serve dinner on the deck, under the starry night sky. Some boats even have bizarre activities such as midnight squid fishing!

Souvenirs can be purchased from a number of stalls and shops on every island or even on your cruise ship. A definite no-brainer purchase here is authentic pearl jewellery obtained from oysters from Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay.

The religions followed by the people in this area are largely similar to those followed by Vietnamese people in general.

The Bay area is a treasure house of seafood. Fish, Crabs, Lobster, Oyster, Octopus, Clam - you name it you have it! The Bai Tu Long Bay area has its share of authentic dishes cooked Vietnamese style. Some prominent dishes that you definitely should not miss include - Cha Muc (Bay Squid Sausage served with rice cakes or sticky rice), Sam dishes (Sam or Horseshoe crab is served with cakes, soup, noodles or rice), Oysters or Lobsters boiled in beer or lemongrass, Ngan (a special kind of hard clam) and Banh Gat Gu (steaming rice cake served with caramelized pork sauce).

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Bai Tu Long Bay does not have great connectivity as it is located quite far from main cities. You will have to switch around and change transport, stopping over at a number of intermediate destinat... (Read More)

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