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Ideal duration: 2 days

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"Caves, Waterfalls and Limestone Karsts"

Ba Be National Park Tourism

Located at a distance of 240 kilometres from the city of Hanoi, Ba Be National Park is a stunning national reserve blessed with rolling hills, tall limestone karsts and over 550 plant varieties. It is also populated by 353 types of butterflies, 65 types of mammals and the rare Vietnamese Salamander.

A part of the Bac Kan Province, Ba Be National Park is named after the Ba Be Lake. The best way to get around the park is through the relaxed river cruises that take you around the Puong Caves and the Ba Be Lake. However, trekking and hiking through the paths is also a great way to see its verdant beauty.

The limestone cliffs here stand in stark contrast to the emerald greenery that creeps all the way up to the peaks. Chinese pangolin, slow loris, rhesus macaque, and European otter are some animals that can be found here.

Things to do in Ba Be National Park

1. Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake
The highlight of Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake is a beautiful waterbody fed by the Nang River. While the lake formed over 200 million years ago, it is surrounded by tall limestone formations and cav (Read More)es formed over 450 million years ago! Translating to mean "three lakes",it is a melange of three parts- Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam is a charming sight to behold.

2. Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave
The Ba Be National Park is an intricate network of caves and caverns, and one such occurrence here is the Hua Ma Cave. Located in the Hua Ma range of Horse Head Mountain, this cave was opened to the p (Read More)ublic in the year 2014. This cave is a natural formation and has many beautiful stalactites within its bounds.

3. Puong Cave

Puong Cave
Puong Cave is a mesmerising cave destination in Ba Be which was formed as a result of river erosion over the years. The cave is embellished with fascinating incrustations which are quite interesting t (Read More)o observe. With the river flowing right through its heart, Puong is an adventure of another kind.

4. Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall
Lying about three kilometres west of the Ba Be Lake is the Dau Dang Waterfall, which is a cascading form of the Nang river over the rocks. This waterfall is most famous for its scenic beauty and the f (Read More)ish species that find a place here.

5. Lo Mo Cave

Lo Mo Cave
Discovered in the year 2016 by Mr Linh's Adventure, the Lo Mo cave follows an underground river for a distance of about 3000 metres. Flourishing with imposing mountains, lush ecosystems and fascinatin (Read More)g stalactites, this is a below-the-ground adventure that will surely awaken the explorer in you!

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Getting Around 

  • Tickets to see the interiors of the park can be bought at the Tourism centre and would cost around approximately 3,48,145.50 VND. 
  • One of the best ways to get around is trekking. Locals swear by the adventurous trails that cut through the vegetation and bring you vistas that are rich with wildlife and green pastures. 
  • Another exciting way to witness the beauty of the Ba Be Lake is to take a 3- Hour Cruise through the Nang River, Mr.Linhs Adventures is the most popular choice for this. The boat cruise languishes over calm waters opening up vistas of mirror images of the karsts and the caves.

Important Information

  • There are no ATMs within the National Park so make sure that you withdraw enough money to be comfortable. Hire a local guide while trekking to make your travels safe and secure.
  • The food is mostly homecooked and can be served to you at the homestay itself.
  • Avoid touching the limestone formations Wear light and neutral-coloured clothing.
  • If you wish to kayak, please remember that official services are only provided by Mr. Linh's Homestay in Bo Lu Village or by the Ba Be Tourism Centre.
  • You can shop for fresh natural produce and some of the local merchandise as souvenirs to take back home.

Daily Budget for Ba Be National Park

  • Shoestring Budget: VND 906,672 /day
  • Comfortable Budget: VND 2,266,566 /day
  • Luxury Traveller: VND 3,407,686

History of Ba Be National Park

The Ba Be National Park was established in the year 1992 as Vietnam's eighth national park. The culture and history here are closely related to the indigenous tribes that find a place. Among the villages scattered in this destination are the Coc Toc, Pac Ngoi and Ban Cam villages, which are inhabited by the Tay people of Vietnam. Their houses are simple in construction, with wooden slit houses that lie along the banks of the quiet river flowing here. Local people rely on farming and fishing for sustenance and are skilful at handloom and handcrafting wooden canoes. You can also experience the traditional music, dance and other art forms of the Tao people here, which is a wonderful encounter in its own right.

Best Time to Visit Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park Photos

Ba Be National Park, Vietnam
Ba Be National Park - Situated in Bac Can Province
Ba Be Lake - Largest Natural Lake in Vietnam
Dau Dang Waterfall (Ta Ken Waterfall)

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FAQs on Ba Be National Park

Who should visit Ba be national park?

  • Wildlife Lovers
  • Adventure Seekers
  • Experience Hunters

What is the best time to visit Ba be national park?

The Ba Be National Park weather is most suitable during the months of November to January as the cold isn't too biting and the wildlife and vegetation are at their best. If the cold is not your thing, you can visit this national park during springtime that lasts from February to April. The spring ensures crisp sunlight and just the right amount of chill to make your travels peaceful. The dry season is also the best time to visit this national park as in the wet seasons, the Nang River can flood the Ba Be Lake, making travel all the more difficult.

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What is the local food in Ba be national park?

Ba Be National Park has a culture of farming and fishing, and hence you will find a rich variety of Vietnamese food here. Lon Cap Nac is a spicy treat made out of pork and is a delightful accompaniment of chayote served with sesame, which is a vegetable based preparation. Rice is the most popular form of carbohydrate consumed here and is readily available. You can enjoy these dishes at the various home stays here such as Ba Be Lake View and Mr Linh's Homestay. Food can cost from VND 20,000- 65,000.

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What is the best way to reach Ba be national park?

What are the places near Ba be national park?

The top places near to Ba be national park are Hanoi which is 155 km from Ba be national park, Sapa which is located 181 km from Ba be national park, Halong bay which is located 233 km from Ba be national park, Hue which is located 694 km from Ba be national park, Ho chi minh city which is located 1293 km from Ba be national park

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