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How to Reach Taipei from India

Many flights connect India with Taipei from almost all international airports throughout the country. Many of these in fact go through New Delhi and is the only airport from where a direct route is available which is provided by China Airlines. Other airlines like Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and others provide services on routes to Taipei.

How to reach Taipei by flight

Taipei's international airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, is fairly well-connected to all the continents and major countries in the world. The city also has another airport, the Songshan Airport which flies domestic routes and also international routes to nearby countries.

How to reach Taipei by road

Taiwan has a great network of National Highways, Expressways and Provincial Highways, which connect towns and cities throughout the country to the capital of Taipei.

How to reach Taipei by train

Rail connectivity in Taiwan is very good. Taipei is connected to all the major cities and towns via the HSR (high speed rail) and to others with the normal railways. The Taipei Railway Station is the main station in the city and all trains come here.

How to reach Taipei by bus

Taipei Bus Terminal is the main bus station of Taipei. Buses connect Taipei to almost all the towns and cities, since Taiwan isn't a very big country anyway. The major cities of Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung are all very well-connected.

Local transport in Taipei

Local transport in Taipei is quite efficiently connected, much thanks to the MRT. This subway system connects the city very efficiently. The bus system is quite efficient too, though at first it might seem a bit complicated. Bus fares are consistent regardless of the distance. The best way to make your commute simple in Taipei is purchasing the EasyCard, which can be topped up and used in the MRT, the buses and even gives you discounts on a few stores. Taxis run throughout the city like anywhere else in the world. They can be hailed from the pavement and they are not very expensive.

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