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How to Reach Nha Trang from India

You can reach to the Ho chi Minh city located in this country by taking numerous direct flight from India. From their you can get a domestic flight which would drop you off in the Nha Trang region. Flights such as Bangkok Airways and Air India would serve you to the Ho chi Minh destination.

Visa Policy for Indians

Visa is required by the citizens of India to enter the country of Vietnam. You can either apply for Visa at New Delhi or can apply for the same online. You can also apply for Visa on arrival. Cost of a single entry visa is approximately Rs. 1500/- while for multiple entry it is Rs. 3000/-

How to reach Nha Trang by flight

You can take a local flight from Ho Chi Minh city to the Cam Ranh Domestic Airport. From there you can reach this location with the help of cabs or taxis.

How to reach Nha Trang by road

You can always rent a car or a taxi for reaching this place, however that might be a bit costly for you compared to the other means of transportation.

How to reach Nha Trang by train

There is a local railway connectivity and you can get a train from the city of Hanoi. The railway station is located near to the cathedral and you can easily get yourself

Local transport in Nha Trang

You can move around this location by taking any public bus or motorbikes. In case you want a bit of privacy then there are options such as taxis and cabs to consider.

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