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"A melting pot of diversity."

Medan Tourism

The fourth largest city in Indonesia, Medan is one of the most diverse areas in the country, with people from almost all kinds of Asian ethnicities, including Chinese, Javanese, different Indonesian tribes, Southern Indians, and Northern Indians. This diversity has led to a vibrant culture, making Medan a must-visit for any tourist wishing to explore Indonesia.

Usually, Medan is overlooked by tourists as a mere transition point to Malaysia or other Indonesian cities, the island of Penang or the beautiful Lake Toba, but the city in itself has plenty to offer in terms of culture, food and sights. Medan is a cultural mix of many ethnicities and religions, so its landscape is dotted with Dutch buildings, mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, churches and many other places of worship.

With sprawling lawns, old government buildings, the heavy traffic and glistening new malls, Medan also offers an interesting contrast between old and new. Each ethnic group contributes to Medan's wide variety of food, making it an excellent place for food tourism, and a must visit for foodies and connoisseurs alike. Thus, despite its relatively unknown status, Medan is great for a weekend's worth of immersion in the diversity of Indonesia.

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More on Medan

Nightlife in Medan

Nightlife at Medan is not complete without drinking, and Medan is home to a large variety of bars, including karaoke bars, wineries, clubs and sports bars. Wine lovers should visit establishments such as Cava Lounge and The Vintage Wine Shop, and sports fans can visit Shoot Pool Lounge & Sports Bar. Other clubs with DJs include Medan Club and The Tavern.

Shopping in Medan

Cambridge square and Sun Plaza are the most popular malls in Medan, with the whole perimeter dotted with tiny caf_s and eateries, and with stores that can sell cheap knock-offs of expensive brands. The Central Market, which is the biggest market in Medan,opens at 04:00am till 10:00am in the morning. It has a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and other produce, fresh from the Brastagi highland plantation, at very affordable prices. Rame Market is another popular market which opens at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with plenty of cloth, dry fruit stores, and Chinese fabric stores.

Currency in Medan

IDR is the official currency of Indonesia and is exclusively used everywhere. Therefore all currency must be compulsorily exchanged, for foreign currency is not valid in Indonesia. Cash is advisable in Medan, for aside from the major establishments, credit cards are not accepted.

Exchanging Money in Medan

The best places to exchange money is at the airport, and at a few outlets at malls.ATMs are conveniently located in shopping centres,urban office complexes, many convenience stores as well as in areas that tourists frequent.

Daily Budget for Medan

Excluding accommodation, travellers on a shoestring budget should not need more than about IDR 15,000 - 20,000, and travellers on a moderate budget can operate on IDR 20,000 - 30,000, while more expensive travellers may spend any amount more than IDR 40,000.

Religion of Medan

Residents of Medan are mainly followers of Islam and Christianity, with many Buddhists and Hindus also a part of the population. Medan is filled with many religions, and is characteristically diverse, with many different places of worship around the city.

Medan Customs

Medan is also quite conservative, so tourists are advised to dress modestly and respect the customs that govern the region, including the prayer timings, specially during the month of Ramzan. Tipping also is prevalent in more expensive hotels and caf_s, but not other more traditional places.

Language of Medan

The language commonly spoken in Medan is Bahasa Indonesian, with Javanese and Chinese, due to its largely cosmopolitan nature. English is spoken commonly too, due to European residents in the merchant town. Occasionally, Indian languages are also spoken. Hello (General Greeting): •Hi. Apa Khabar'ê I am fromÄ: •Saya DariÄê Pleased to meet you!: •Senang bertemu dengan anda!ê Good morning/evening/ night: •Selamat pagi/malam/tidur.ê

History of Medan

Medan is known as the Paris of Sumatra, and is the most widely known city in the area, due to colonial settles concentrating in the area predominantly. After the arrival of the Dutch, Medan started to grow fast. In 1865 tobacco was introduced and Medan became a center for rich plantations. There were planters in Medan from many countries: England, the Netherlands, USA, France, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. During World War II, it also came under siege with the rest of Indonesia. Since then, it has modernised relatively quickly and is one of the largest cities in Indonesia.

Restaurants and Local Food in Medan

One of the most famous places in Indonesia for its eclectic combination of food from all over Asia, Medan is truly a place for food tourism. Sundanese food, Javanese food, Indian food, Chinese food, Balinese food and fusion cuisine are all available in abundance. The usual Indonesian dishes like cendol and gado gado are available, along with rarer Sundanese food like Nasi Liwet ( a rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices). There are also many varieties of coffee, with Malay-style noodles and rice. There is also plenty of Chinese-Indonesian fusion food, in addition to Middle-Eastern and Indian options.
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