How To Reach Hoa Binh

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How to reach Hoa Binh by flight

The nearest airport to Hoa Binh is the Hanoi International Airport, located 82 kilometres away. From the Hanoi airport, you can either choose to go by car, cab or bus.

How to reach Hoa Binh by bus

There are regular buses from Hanoi to Hoa Binh. These buses cost around 33,000 VND upwards based on the quality. The buses drop you at either the Hoa Binh city center or the bus station.

Local transport in Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh is a fairly small city and getting around by foot is the best. You can also choose to hail a Xe Om (Motorbike Taxi) at the market or main stations. Renting your own motorbike is also possible and motorbike rental services rae located along the markets.

Hoa Binh Photos

Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Mu Waterfall - Situated at an Altitude of over 1000 m
Mai Chau - Rural District in Hoa Binh Province
Hoa Binh Dam - Largest hydroelectric Dam in Vietnam

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