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"Cultural Hub with remnants of French colonialism"

Haiphong Tourism

Haiphong is Vietnam's third largest city and a major port. Haiphong is an industrial city and you can feel it in the air as soon as you enter. However, Haiphong also offers you with hidden relaxation, tucked and hidden away in the industrial town. It has a number of beaches and markets in addition to historical structures and pagodas and even a museum. It is truly an undiscovered gem!

Haiphong is the third largest city in Vietnam has a variety of activities and places to explore. A trip to Haiphong is incomplete without the statue of General Le Chan. This colossal statue is located walking distance from the bus stand. Haiphong bears testament to the beauty of French colonial architecture with the entire colonial quarter of Dien Bien Phu Street, and Tran Hung Dao Street lined with buildings built in the French style. The French-built opera House is the artistic centre of the city. Modelled after the Palais Garnier in Paris, 1946 built structure is a centre for Sino-Vietnamese hat Tuong operas, Vietnamese hat cheo dramas, and Cai Luong folk musicals. Visitors interested in the traditional theatre can also catch one of the Haiphong Water Puppetry TroupeÍs weekly performances. The Du Hang Pagoda, the oldest structure in the city, is also another must visit. Haiphong is rich in street food. For the tastiest and most inexpensive meals, head to the busiest street stands you can find.

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Do Seafood Market

Do Seafood Market is one of the best areas to visit to soak in the Vietnamese Culture. Do Market is the biggest wholesale market in Haiphong and it specializes in dry seafood. The dry sea food selling area is located between the area behind the Cho Do and the Sat Market. Here, you will find dried shrimps, mackerels, dried squids, dried ñSa Sungî with various levels of price, depending on the freshness and size of products. Some of these stores also sell fresh seafood.

Shopping in Haiphong

Haiphong is well known for its quality shoes. The entire length of the Nyugen Duc Cahn street is lined with shoe stalls, filled with shoes of varying shapes, colours and sizes. This is the best place to haggle and shop for quality shoes.

Nightlife in Haiphong

Haiphong has an exotic nightlife. Haiphong Brewery, which unarguably makes the best beer in the country is a must visit if you are in the area. This is an open joint with a kitchen serving food and tables to stand and drink beer. JulieÍs Bar is the most popular expat bar in the area and is an excellent place to visit if you are staying in Haiphong for a while. Aladin Bar is a retro-bar-nightclub and serves quality cocktails in addition to popular music. Factory Bar and Grill is an industrial themed Bar and nightclub, with a live DJ. There are also mobile bars parked at the edge of Tam Bac lake serving cocktails for cheap.

History of Haiphong

Haiphong is home to Le Chan, a member of the Trung Sisters who revolted against the Chinese rule in Vietnam and ruled from 40 AD to 43 AD. By the beginning of the 19th century, Haiphong had developed into a significant commercial and industrial city. Late in the Vietnam War, Haiphong fell prey to heavy firing from the US army as it was the only port for the Northerners. However, the city retained most of its structure.

Language of Haiphong

Vietnamese is the most common language, but snippets of French and Cinese are also spoken. English is understood quite well in this region as it is a major industrial hub.

Hai Lung Flower Village

Hai Lung Flower village is located in the Hai An District of Haiphong city. It is a traditional flower village and is home to a rich variety of flowers. Some of which are exported to the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. The flower village is most crowded during the Tet season, which coincides with the time when the flowers are in full bloom. The area is a hub for photographers as it results in some of the best pictures. Visiting the flower village also helps you understand Vietnamese culture and the importance these flowers hold particularly during the new year.

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How to Reach Haiphong

How to Reach Overview

Haiphong has good connectivity by air, water and road. Haiphong has the Cat Bi international airport just 5 km from the city. There are frequent trains from Hanoi to Haiphong. Buses and Cabs can also be used to reach Haiphong.

How to reach Haiphong by flight

Haiphong has its own international airport - Cat Bi International Airport. However, the airport mostly hosts flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. There are also a few international flights to Macau, China and Thailand. The airport is just 5 km from the city centre, and you can either take a taxi (50,000 VND one way) or a Xe Om (40,000 VND one way) to reach the city centre.

How to reach Haiphong by bus

Frequent buses run from Hanoi to Haiphong. A bus from Gia Lam station on the outskirts of Hanoi to Niem Nghai station (3 km from city centre) costs about 70,000 VND and to Gia Lam station (6km from city centre) costs about 65,000 VND. A Xe Om from Gia Lam station to the city centre costs 3,000 VND.

How to reach Haiphong by waterways

Boats and hydrofoils run from Cat Ba island to Haiphong and cost about 200,000 VND

Local transport in Haiphong

Ferries to Cat Ba Island cost around 100,000 VND - 250,000 VND and leave from the port every hour or so. There are numerous Taxis and Xe Oms available throughout the city.

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FAQs on Haiphong

What are the places near Haiphong?

The top places near to Haiphong are Hanoi which is 91 km from Haiphong, Halong bay which is located 52 km from Haiphong, Sapa which is located 337 km from Haiphong, Hai van pass which is located 6 km from Haiphong, Hoi an which is located 579 km from Haiphong

What are the top hotels in Haiphong?

There are 214 in Haiphong which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Haiphong are Catba Local Adventure, dai duong hotel, Rosalia Hotel Cat Ba, Aroma Suites, GreenHome Apartments, DK APARTMENT. You can see all the hotels in Haiphong here

What is the best way to reach Haiphong?

Haiphong has good connectivity by air, water and road. Haiphong has the Cat Bi international airport just 5 km from the city. There are frequent trains from Hanoi to Haiphong. Buses and Cabs can also be used to reach Haiphong.
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What is the local food in Haiphong?

Haiphong has a very authentic cuisine with its dishes exhibiting the perfect medley of spicy, sour and sweet. Haiphong, being a port, serves particularly exquisite seafood. Some dishes such as field crab red noodle soup, crab spring rolls, field crab hot pot, sautéd snail, Hai Phong spicy sandwich are native to Haiphong and have spread to many parts of Vietnam. However, some foods such as Cat Hai fish sauce (made from fresh Cat Hai fish from the Gulf of Tonkin and served with crab spring roll), Haiphong dried noodle (used to make crab red noodle soup) can be found only in Haiphong. The must-try foods here include square crab spring roll and red crab noodle soup.
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What is the best time to visit Haiphong?

Anytime in January, June and October are the best time to visit Hai Phong in Vietnam. However, Spring season is incontestably the best season to visit Haiphong. Generally, Vietnam has warm and humid weather. The spring months of March-May are warm and has a temperature ranging between 89.2°F (31.8°C) and 69.9°F (21.1°C). The daytime is sunny and might be a little uncomfortable to roam around the places. However, as it is the low season, airfares and accommodation costs are cheaper. There are a relatively fewer number of tourists, and this gives you the privacy to enjoy the location at your own pace. The water temperatures are also relatively warmer. June-August, the summer months fall under peak and shoulder season in Hai Phong. Tourists are overflowing in June and early-July, and hence, everything is pricey. The temperature is warmer than spring. October falls under the fall season in Hai Phong, and it’s the busiest in terms of tourism in the country. The temperature is pretty accommodative, and again, the prices are on the higher side. Winter months of December-February are slow in tourism in Vietnam. Although there’s not much of a change in the climatic conditions other than the fall season with temperatures ranging between 72.8°F (22.7°C) and 64.6°F (18.1°C), tourists are less on the streets.
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What is not so good about Haiphong?

Sudden torrential rainfall

What is famous about Haiphong?

Seaside Views, Beaches, Water activities

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