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Hai Van Pass Tourism

Hai Van Pass, between Da Nang and Hue, is said to be one of the most scenic and beautiful roads in the world. The road is flanked by the South China Sea on one side and the Annamite mountain ranges on the other. The pass stretches for 19 km and serves as a link between the north and south of Vietnam.

It is usually not crowded because most of the traffic gets diverted to the shorter route, which goes through the mountain. Driving through Hai Van Pass is the perfect adventure for backpackers, who can be seen riding bikes or hiking rides in groups along the scenic pass. 
Driving through the pass is a perfect day trip from the nearby cities of Danang, Hoi An and Hue.

One can undertake either a day trip on a bike or car to the pass, which lies around 28 kilometres from Danang. Those who are not used to Vietnam’s haphazard traffic need not worry as the road to and from the pass is well-made and not crowded.
Pine trees and clouds covering parts of the mountain, with the sea peeking between them, create a view to behold. It was also called 'Street Without Joy' as it connected the two cities that had seen the worst of the American - Vietnamese war.

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Transport through Hai Van Pass

For those seeking thrills, driving through the pass on a motorbike is the best and most popular option. You can feel the ocean breeze on your face as you make your way through the zigzagging roads. Bikes are easily available on rent for a day in the nearby cities of Danang, Hoi An and Hue.

A private vehicle will allow you to see the pass comfortably and is more convenient if you are travelling with a family or a large group. They are easily available for a day trip from nearby cities.

Local Train
This is the cheapest way to experience the view of the Hai Van Pass, but it does not allow for stops. Taking the train with the hard wooden seats and windows that can be opened is recommended. You can take a train from Danang to Lang Co, which is on the opposite side of the pass and is a 90-minute journey.

There are cycling tours which start from Hoi An to the Hai Van pass, which is a distance of 60 kilometres. Although the incline is steep, those who complete it will be rewarded with the most beautiful of a cycling track. Going in the morning is recommended to avoid the harsh sun and traffic on the route.

Places to Visit on Hai Van Pass

While the drive itself is quite pleasing, there are several sites along the way that you can make stopovers at while driving on this stunning highway. These include:

1. Fishing Village
As soon as you exit the village Hue, you will come upon a tiny fishing village. Depending on which direction you are headed to the village falls on your right or left-hand side. While there isn't much to see here, the villagers making an honest living fishing the treasures of the sea among green and serene surroundings is a welcome respite on your drive.

2. Elephant Springs
The perfect place to make a stopover, Elephant Springs are steady stream water that flows into green pools below. However, be warned as there are very few English signs along the way, so you are well-advised to add these stops on your map before you leave.

3. Lang Co Beach
While Lang Co Beach can be seen from the highway itself, it takes a skilled navigator to make their way to the beach itself! If you are lost, you can wait for one of the locals to show you the way. You are also likely to come upon stunning vistas of blue and silvery-white shores. The waters are also inviting and quite safe to swim in.

4. Marble Mountains
Just a few kilometres shy of Da Nang, the Marble Mountains stand as silent sentinels of the city. Rich with relics of Buddhist Pagodas, temples, and caves, the marble mountains are worth a quick detour.

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Hai Van Pass
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Lang Co Beach - Spectacular Beach Near Hai Van Pass
Military Shrine at Hai Van Pass

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FAQs on Hai Van Pass

Who should visit Hai van pass?

  • Biking enthusiasts
  • Driving enthusiasts
  • Backpackers

What is the best time to visit Hai van pass?

January to March is the best time to the Hai Van Pass. The weather is dry and pleasant, and the temperature is usually between 22 to 28 degrees. On the other hand, the weather is dry but hot and humid during the day in April and May. June to August is the peak season when the maximum number of domestic tourists come in during the summer. Rainfall starts from September to the end of December, which is the off-season. The pass becomes very risky during this time, and visibility is also low because of the fog and clouds.
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What is the local food in Hai van pass?

One of the best options is to stop at the seaside shacks on the way and gorge on some stunning and fresh seafood such as prawns, crab and fish. These eateries are cheap, serve fresh food and cater especially to the backpackers along the route. 

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What is the best way to reach Hai van pass?

  • There are two major roads to get from Danang to Hai Van Pass. One of them is a coastal route and the other is an inland highway. In case you come directly from the airport you are likely to come from the inland road. However, the coastal route is infinitely more scenic. 
  • Both roads bifurcate on to the Hai Van Pass at the same place on the northern part of the city. You can either go through the tunnel post the Song Cu De Bridge for the inland route or continue straight on the Deo Hai Van Route for the more scenic coastal route.
  • Both journeys stretch for approximately 25 km and take an hour to complete.

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What are the places near Hai van pass?

The top places near to Hai van pass are Hanoi which is 88 km from Hai van pass, Halong bay which is located 56 km from Hai van pass, Sapa which is located 337 km from Hai van pass, Haiphong which is located 6 km from Hai van pass, Hoi an which is located 575 km from Hai van pass

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