The Best Bars in Bali for That Perfect After-Sunset Drink!

The magical island of Bali has some of the best bars in Indonesia. If you are planning to party hard with your friends or just sit back and relax with a beer or cocktail, we can guide you to choose from one of the best bars in Bali.

Choose from the below categories of bars in Bali to suit your mood, need and company!

1. Sunset and Beach bars

A sundowner drink in hand and endless gazing at the fading sun to witness a spectacular sunset sounds like a dream come true, isn't it?  Sunset bars along the beachfront are a bliss and are in plenty while you are on the island of Bali. Visit one of these bars to take you to a different level of pleasure altogether.

The Lawn, Canggu

Be it sunset view that you wish for or a comfy lounge by the sea side, the Lawn in Canggu is a good option. The bar ambience, the black sands of the beach and the drinks menu all compliment each other to make it a wholesome experience.

Beach Bar at Alila, Seminyak

Beach Bar at Alila is a refreshing bar along the beach side of Seminyak. It offers some of the best snacks to savour that come with gluten free and vegan options along with many wine, cocktail and mocktail options to choose from. Their couches by the sea are a perfect place to sit down and relax while the beachfront gives you a visual treat.

The Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak

If partying by the pool is on your mind, then The Potato Head Beach Club should be your choice. The infinity pool of this club can give you the best poolside party experience. Its amazing soundtracks help you indulge more into the party mood. The great lawns and fabulous drinks can only make it more enjoyable. During the day, this can be the place where you can just relax and sip drinks by the poolside or have a great view of the sea.

SugarSand Beachside bar and restaurant, Seminyak

SugarSand Beachside Bar is one of the most vibrant bars in Bali. If you visit during the sunset, you are here for a treat. The spectacular sunset view of the ocean waters give you an elevated experience. Sit on one of the lounge chairs and enjoy a cocktail while the ambience does the remaining wonders on you.

Omnia Dayclub, Uluwatu

World-renowned DJs entice you with their magic in this all time vibrant club of Bali. Perched on top of the cliffs of Uluwatu’s coastline is this terrific place which can rejuvenate your senses while you relax or chill-out with your favourite drinks. 

El Kabron, Uluwatu

Fine dining plus good drinks is the minimum takeaway from this Spanish bar and restaurant. Its breathtaking views from its cliff-top location can add to the flavours of its offerings. Its friendly staff help you choose from the best they have on the menu making your visit a worthy one.

Single Fin, Uluwatu

Day time favourite for surfers and surf-spectators, this is a must-visit place in Uluwatu. It has a large balcony that projects a view to the cliffside bay of Uluwatu’s beach. Enjoy its laid-back ambience and share the mouth-watering platters and gulpable drinks with your comrades.

Ku De Ta, Seminyak

Arguably, this is one of the best beach bars and restaurants in Seminyak. Soulful and sophisticated, this must-see, must-visit venue in Seminyak has been an all-day long favourite for many of them. 

La Plancha, Seminyak

If the hues of nature haven’t satisfied your soul yet, then the colours of La Plancha definitely will! This Spanish restaurant and bar has more than you can ask for in terms of food, drinks and vibrance. Its colourful bean bag couches in the bar area that faces the beachfront on the shores of Seminyak. It offers best sunset view and is located near the famous surf break of Seminyak Beach. Whether you are in a mood to party or not, the vibes of this beach bar shall turn on your mood for some amazing party under the canopy of the colourful fringed umbrellas.

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Jimbaran

If your scout is to visit one of the most iconic bars of Bali, then Rock Bar is your destination. Uniquely stunning sunset views, its clubbing music, the thrilling cable car ride down the cliff along with its palatable food and drinks makes you want more of everything at Rock Bar. Do not leave Bali before visiting this place that can create memories for you!
The Rock Bar Bali
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2.Rooftop Bars

For a different flavour and experience, Rooftop bars stand out in a lot. They bring out the romantic in you. Along with a great aerial view of Bali, these rooftop bars and restaurants give you the mood to sit back, talk endlessly and relax which, for most is the primary motive of a holiday. The suggestions below are only a few handpicked ones which might appeal to you. 
Rooftop Ayana

Unique Rooftop Bar, Jimbaran

If you love Mexican cuisine or have always wanted to try it sometime, then you shall be pleasantly surprised here. While you enjoy some drop-dead gorgeous views of sunset from the rooftop, you could relish some savouries, food and drinks all with a twist of Mexican flavour in them. Its set up is Unique, just as its name. The chic pool and the treetop views are an additional advantage of this great resto bar which gives you good food, drinks and a great oceanic view. You could party by the pool or relax on its lounge while you can admire the ambience, people or the scenic views.

Growup Rooftop Bar, Seminyak

Nestled right in the heart of Seminyak, Grow Up Rooftop bar is an open-air terraced bar and restaurant. It is one of the highly recommended rooftop bars of Bali and offers scrumptious food and fabulous drinks. It is the brain-child of the multi-award winner Chef Ryan Clift. Its fine dining offers some amazing cocktails along with small morsels of lip-smacking food. Your visit to Bali might be more meaningful after you drink and dine here!

Smoqee Lounge and SkyBar, Jimbaran

Smoqee Lounge and Skybar on the Le Meridien restaurant in Bali is one such place where you wouldn’t mind visiting often. It offers some of the best menus to choose from. Its cocktails, mocktails and other alcoholic beverages are no doubt , one of the best in town. It's sea-food dining adds another feather to its cap. It is a luxury hangout but every penny spent here is worth it.

Kopi Langit Rooftop Bar, Canggu

Located in the midst of a peaceful locality is this place whose name literally means Coffee Heaven. True to its name, it offers a plethora of options in coffee and other beverages. It has a formal to semi-formal kind of atmosphere making it ideal for family, official or conference kind of crowd as against most bars in Bali that are chic and happening. You would prefer to come here if you like class with minimalistic yet sophisticated set-up.

Rooftop Sunset Bar at Double-Six, Seminyak

This is one of Bali’s luxury resto-bars. It offers a great view of the Indian Ocean and some of the most spectacular sunset views alongside the famous beaches of Bali. The staff, service, food, drinks and ambience are all commendable which makes it popular among locals and tourists alike.

3.Beer Bars

Young or old, lazy or otherwise, beer can cheer anyone who has an appetite for it. Especially while on a vacation, beer can be your best companion. It is more of a blessing if you have a fetish for beer in places like Bali. Bali proudly flaunts a variety of beer of which Bintang, Anker, Bali Hai and Stark Craft Beer are the most famous ones. Locally brewed craft beer is increasingly becoming popular in the Balinese island among locals and tourists. You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to grab a beer mug and gulp it down your gut when you are on the Island of Gods. Here is a list of must-visit beer bars of Bali for you to pick from.
beers in bali
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Beer & Co.(Legian), Canggu

If you want a glass of wine, whisky, cocktail or a mug of draft beer while you are touring in Bali, think of no where else but Beer & Co. in Canggu. It has a chic atmosphere with rustic decor. You shall step out of this place happy and blissful after quenching your thirst and satisfying your hunger.

Stark Craft Beer Garden, Kuta

Rated high among the beer bars of Bali, Stark Craft Beer Garden is one of the best bars in Kuta. It is a relatively small place and it isn’t pricey. It suits your budget, fills up your tummy and swells up your soul for sure. As the name suggests, this is the best place to have the Stark Craft Beer that hails from the North of Bali.

Beer Stop Bali, Badung

You can plan to stop here not just for beer, but for a burger too! Beer Stop Bali has a variety of beer on its menu along with sumptuous options for food and beverages. Its cocktails are a real treat to the eyes and the tastebuds. The snack options can accentuate the pleasure of drinking as you munch and sip alternately. Again, it isn’t one of those luxury bars and neither is it too casual. It fits well for every traveler’s budget.

Beer Brothers Ubud

A beer bar with a contemporary theme is how one can describe Beer Brothers Ubud. They offer some of the best beers and cocktails and serve good meals too. Fitting well into the size of your pockets, you can sit back and relax without having to worry about the bill. Their food and drinks are one of the best ones in the area. 

Hoi Polloi, Seminyak

Deciding on what you want to order from can be difficult in places like Hoi Polloi where the options are all too tempting to resist! If you are thinking of just a beer or two, the aroma of freshly made pizza might confuse you. It might so happen that you could end up having a lot from their offerings since everything looks, smells and tastes great. Hoi Polloi is a Greek term that literally means ‘the people’ and this bar looks like it is meant to cater to people of all classes and types! If a casual beer garden with an air conditioned atmosphere is what you are looking for, then this is the place to visit.

Flat Stanley, Badung

Everyone who visits Flat Stanley is in awe over the atmosphere and the food. Reminding you of the vintage Californian style, they make the best flatbread pizzas which happens to be the best on their menu. The drinks are an added advantage, though their food ranks better. Flat Stanley is one of those few places where craft beer is brewed well. Suitable for a meal during the day or a chilled out experience during night, this is the perfect place to head out.

Black Sand Brewery

It is one of the new entrants to the best bars in Bali list. It is a casual brewery with house-brewed beer and has the typical Western pub grub. Its outdoor seating adds to the delight while you unwind over drinks with some amazing company of friends, family or fellow travelers.

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