A Complete Guide to Travelling to Bali in July!

Bali has always been a favorite holiday destination and the go-to place every time there is a conversation about going for a holiday somewhere. July is the second month of the dry season – the first is June – and is also the month that sees peak tourist season. With Bali being a place close to the equator, the weather there is warm all-year round. However, with the onset of the month of July, the weather sees a change from warm and hot to relatively pleasant with minimal amounts of rain. Without further delay, let us dive into more information about the weather in Bali in the month of July.

Weather in Bali In July

As mentioned above, the weather in Bali is temperate all year. The skies are clear and there is a slight wind accompanied with days of ample amount of sunshine. As July is a peak season, the inflow of tourists in Bali is definitely a lot more than the other months part of which is because of the fact the it is a month best suited for all tourist and travel related activities. Rainfall is less with almost no change in sea temperature.

Average Temperature in July

Daily Average Temperature – 27 Degree Celsius (approximately 80 Degree Fahrenheit)

Highest Temperature – 31 Degree Celsius (approximately 88 Degree Celsius)

Lowest Temperature – 22 Degree Celsius (approximately 72 Degree Celsius)


The rainfall in Bali in July is minimal with the average of 40 millimeters. The rainfall only happens for a few days in the entire month so it can be said that your trip to Bali in July will be not be spoiled by heavy rainfall and the humidity is low. However, it is advisable to keep an umbrella as an essential part of your luggage.


Because it is a month falling in the dry season, Bali sees a lot of sunshine in July. On an average, there are 10 hours of sunshine per day in this month. Cloudy days are a rare occurrence. An appropriate thing to do would be to keep sunglasses and an SPF lotion that suits you to keep tans at bay.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in July drops by a very slight amount, usually by just 1 degree. Despite this drop, the overall sea temperature remains warm and good for water activities as it does not feel cold, allowing the tourists to enjoy surfing, swimming and other adventure sports to their heart’s content.

Things to do and places to visit in Bali in June

Given that the weather in July is a pleasant one, it is understandable that tourists do want to go and see all the places they have on their bucket list for Bali. Given below are some places that are worth enjoying in July.

1. Visit the famous Ubud Royal Palace

Officially called the Puri Saren Agung, the royal palace of Ubud is one of the most prominent and well- preserved landmarks of Bali. The Ubud Royal Palace was built during the reign of Tjokorda Putu Kandel and has acted as a center of display for traditional Balinese architecture. The place has a garden setting and is a must visit for art lovers as well as those seeking to have a look at ethnic Balinese art.

Location – Talan Raya Ubud No 8, Ubud, Gianyar

Timing – 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

2. Discover the Sekumpul Waterfall

Termed as the best waterfall in Bali, the Sekumpul Waterfall – also known as the Hidden Falls – is the tourist spot to visit if you are aiming to go to Bali in July. The breathtaking twin falls drop to the valley floor – about 80 meters below. The entire area is surrounded by water vapors owing to fast and forceful drop of water and has deep forests making it a scenic beauty that is beyond imagination. What’s more is that to reach the fall, you have to trek down a path, satisfying the trekker in you. The way to the waterfall is slippery and involves quite a few steps so it is advisable to visit it while wearing footwear that will assist you in climbing steps without slipping.

Location – Sekumpul, Bali

3. See and pray at the beautiful Tanah Lot

A rock formation that is especially famous for housing an ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple, Pura Tanah Lot, this place is a very popular tourist spot. In Balinese, Tanah Lot means “Land [in the] Sea” and is only 20 kilometers Northwest of Denpasar. The shrine on this beautiful land is to pay respect to the energy of the Bali sea gods. The cliff is also home to a variety of restaurants and provides you with a very pulchritudinous look of the endless sea lying ahead of the cliff.

Location – Beraban, Kediri, Tebanan Regency, Bali

Timing – 7:00 AM to 7:0 PM

Festivals in July in Bali

As July is the peak month for tourists coming to Bali, it is no surprise that it is also the month when a lot of festivals take place in Bali which are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show.

1. Bali Kite Festival

July sees the sky of Bali fill up with kites as this is the month when the Bali Kite Festival is celebrated. Hundreds and Thousands of kites soar up in the sky, making it seem like it is the same color as that of a painters’ palette and not solely blue. While some of kites are, surely, small in size, most of them are relatively large and are found in various shapes. This festival is celebrated in order to please the harvest gods. This festival happens over a period of several days as July is the month when winds pick up speed. Throughout the festival, many people also compete to win prizes as well as get a piece of the sky fly their kites in.

2. Galungan

This 10-day festival is celebrated in the last week of July and carries into the first week of August. This festival is celebrated to honor one God above all – called Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa locally – also called The Inconceivable. This is celebrated in the time period believed by Balinese people to be the time when spirits roam the Earth. These spirits are show warm welcome by the people, through their customs, in temples as well as homes. Throughout the duration of this festival, a man dressed as Barong – mythical beast symbolizing divine protection – carries out an exorcism ceremony at night called the Ngelawang. The Barong’s act of roaming is considered to be an act of maintaining the balance between good and evil.

Things to carry to July in Bali

Bali during July is windy and balmy but not very hot. Hence, it is advisable to carry in your suitcase enough SPF and other lotions you would use in a regular sunny day. Also, in order to enjoy the vacation to the maximum, ensure that you are keeping light clothing and a good pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from heat. In addition to this, it would be a great idea to keep an umbrella so that you can protect yourself in case of a sudden shower. Keep in mind that as July is relatively warmer in Bali, water activities are a great idea and to do that, you should keep relevant swimwear.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to go to Bali in July to have a time of your life!

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