Mosques in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Mosques

Here is the list of 6 Mosques in Hong Kong

1. Jamia Mosque

The oldest and the first mosque to have been established on Hong Kong ground, the Jamia Mosque was built in 1980. Located on Shelly Street since its inception, this mosque has trilingual stone engravings in Chinese, English and Arabic. The Jamia Mosque has been erected in a rectangular form and characterised with arches windows and an arched main door as well.

2. Kowloon Mosque

Kowloon Mosque is the first mosque built in Kowloon and is also one of the five important mosques in Hong Kong. Situated on Nathan Road, this 16000 sq. ft. mosque holds a capacity of 3500 devotees at a time. Kowloon Mosque is open to non-muslims as well. It houses traditional Islamic architecture with a highlight of four 11-metered minarets marking its terrace boundaries.

3. Ammar Mosque

Located on Oi Kwan Road, Ammar Mosque was the brainchild of a Chinese Muslim architect. This holy place allows only its devotees. Established on the 14th of September, 1981, the Ammar mosque was constructed with funds from the Islamic Union of Hong Kong. Besides religious schedules the mosque also provides great food.

4. Ibrahim Mosque

Situated on Hoi Wang Road, the Ibrahim Mosque of Hong Kong is the most recent addition to the list. Completed and inaugurated in 2013, Ibrahim Mosque provides various amenities for devotees and visitors such as a pantry, classrooms and a conference room. It also houses the Imam's office. Each of these facilities are sectioned between men and women so as to abide with the religious code of conduct.

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5. Chai Wan Mosque

The fifth mosque to have been landmarked in Hong Kong, the Chai Wan Mosque lies on Cape Coliinson Road. The luxurious marble interiors of this mosque stand out. With three indoor prayer halls and an outside prayer hall for smaller religious meetings, the Chai Wan Mosque was declared a Grade 3 Historic Building on the 17th of May, 2010.

6. Stanley Mosque

Stanley Mosque is the fourth mosque to have been constructed in Hong Kong. Located on Tung Tau Wan Road, this mosque lies quite close to the Stanley Prison. Personalized with a vast prayer hall, a courtyard and a veranda, the mosque vicinity also has a parking space. However, the Stanley Mosque is not always open to the public.

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