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Hong Kong Churches

Churches in Hong Kong are not only a sight to behold and admire, but also symbolic of the religious growth and proliferation the city underwent. This list compiles the best churches of Hong Kong.

Here is the list of 15 Churches in Hong Kong

1. Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

One of the finest examples of Gothic culture, architecture in Hong Kong, the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception located on Caine Road is an architectural masterpiece. Its main building design is in a cruciform shape with a tower erected at the intersection of the cross and overall has a very simplistic yet elegant design. It was given an honourable mention by UNESCO in 2003 and bears testimony to the development of the city.

2. Hop Yat Church

A member of the Church of Christ in China, the Hop Yat Church in Hong Kong has a neo-gothic design, and it looks quite pleasant in its appearance in comparison to its backdrop of drab towers and other regular buildings surrounding the area. Although it is not open for the public to go inside, it can only be seen from the outside and thus forms part of the popular Sheung Wan Heritage Trail Walk.

3. St Johns Cathedral

The oldest surviving Anglican church in Hong Kong, this cathedral building is built in English gothic design and in the shape of a cross. It has seen the city go through a lot of different phases and periods; thus it also has symbolic importance in Hong Kong’s history, especially when during World War-II a congregation of 100 people gathered for the last mass before the Japanese attacked. However, its services were restored, and it serves as a centre of faith even now for all the Anglicans.

4. St Josephs Church

Said to be symbolic of the Vatican Council’s new and liberal attitude/approach with its contemporary design, St Joseph’s Church located on the prime location of Garden Road in Hong Kong was utterly ravaged by a typhoon in 1874, was rebuilt in 1876 and then in 1949 erected in its present form. Its blue exterior and the modern design also bears testimony to the wealth of Catholicism in Hong Kong. This church offers three daily masses and ten masses every Sunday making it one of the most bustling churches in the city.

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5. Chinese Methodist Church

Situated on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai, the Chinese Methodist Church was a unique landmark when it was built with its green-glazed roof tiles and triangular shape. This is an autonomous church for methodists which is a covenant church of the World Methodist Council and is also one of the founding members of the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches.

6. Sky City Church

Located in Central Plaza of Hong Kong and true to its name, the Sky City Church is the highest in the world as it is perched on the 75th floor of the building! The views from here will be great. A weekly meeting is held here and at the other branch, which is in Kowloon. There is a special Skykids’ program which organises fun activities and environment for children visiting. This church hosts its international visitors in an English--language service, so you are bound to understand everything shared.

7. Tung Fook Church

Located in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong Island, the Tung Fook Church is a Christian church and part of the Evangelical Free Church of China. Its congregation has grown from a dozen in 1912 to over 4500 in number presently! This church has five places of worship at Causeway Bay, Wai Chan, Kwun Tong, Tung Chung and Teun Mun but the Causeway Bay one is known for its popular neon sign that said “Jesus is Lord” in Chinese.

8. Holy Trinity Cathedral

Established in 1890 as a church in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the oldest Anglican cathedrals in the city. It was rebuilt twice ever since then. What is very unique about this cathedral is that its design harmonises traditional and western Chinese architectural styles with traditional Chinese decorations and concrete structures being seen inside the cathedral.

9. Lifehouse International Church Hong Kong

A Christian church that has bilingual services, the Lifehouse International Church Hong Kong is a church offering four weekly services in English and Cantonese. Located on Temple Street in Jordan, it also has a unique Lifehouse kids program for children on Sunday mornings.

10. Rosary Church

Situated on Chatham Road S in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Rosary Church is the oldest church in Kowloon. Built in 1905 via the donation of a Portuguese Catholic, the Church is set in a courtyard filled with plants. With a genre of the classic gothic-style design spread across its architecture, the structure hosts a yellow-like facade, although the original plan was to build it like a Roman Basilican model. It offers English masses two times a day during the weekdays and thrice on Sundays.

11. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

A very special church located in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong, Our lady of Mount Carmel Church is a vibrant and proliferating Catholic Parish which experiences a diversity of followers and propagators in their ethnicities, ages, etc. It offers a daily mass in Chinese and masses in English as well as Mandarin on Sundays. While the original chapel was established in 1845, as the community grew, the church was expanded, and the current structure was revamped in 2001.

12. Kowloon International Baptist Church

A dynamic, English-language based church located in Kowloon Tong of Hong Kong, this Baptist Church is a congregation of people from over 25 nationalities! It not only offers English masses every Sunday but also has a small bible-reading study group to promote the teachings and story of Lord Jesus among all age-groups. Masses are also available/offered in Cantonese, Mandarin translations for the non-English-speaking public.

13. St Andrew’s Church

Situated in Kowloon, the St Andrew’s Church in Hong Kong was built in 1906 after a significant tycoon hit the city. The church survived the ravages of several typhoons, a bombing, a landslide and continues Anglican community till date. This church experienced the history of Hong Kong throughout the years, especially during the World War-II where it was used as a Shinto Shrine and a magistrate by the occupying Japanese.

14. St Alfred’s Church

Established as St Alfred’s church in 1977 after going through several renovations, expansions in the light of increased population in the area during the 1960s, this church was initially a TV studio converted into a small chapel. Located on Man Lai Road in Tai Wai, this church has an interesting position of the altar as it sites the pews arranged in front of it in parallel rows, signifying a posture of devotion.

15. St Paul’s Church

Located in Central, Hong Kong and at a 2-minute walk from Lan Kwai Fong, St Paul’s Church is a gothic-style church. Established in the early 20th century, the building was originally occupied by Japanese Soldiers during the time Hong Kong was under the occupation of the Japanese. The present structure underwent a major renovation in 1934 and was completed shortly after that.

Faith is a beautiful thing to have and manifest, the immaculate churches of Hong Kong are a must-visit for believers and non-believers alike!

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