Markets in Bali to Find That Perfect Souvenir


Markets in Bali

Bali is famous for its enchanting customs. The unique traditions, customs, art and culture is something that makes the island stand out. One can find a variety of handicrafts, traditional artefacts, clothes, food, jewellery in the markets in Bali.

Here is the list of 11 Markets in Bali to Find That Perfect Souvenir

1. Sanur Night Market, Bali

Sanur Night Market is also known as Pasar Sindhu Night Market or Pasar Malam Sindu. Located at the northern end of Sanur’s Jalan Danau, Tamblingan Road this market is one of Bali's longest-running and most established night markets. Prepared to have your senses assaulted with the bold flavours and scents of the ubiquitous street food stall serving up classic Balinese food.

2. Ubud Art Market, Bali

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Located right opposite the Puri Saren Royal Palace, Ubud Art Market is the ideal place to buy something authentic to Bali From ikat woven skirts and woodcarvings to oil lamps and brass statuettes, this market has all kinds of handicrafts. With relatively higher quality and greater varierty of products, this market is popular with both locals and foreigners. As always, bargaining is a must.

3. Badung Market

Located in the centre of the provincial capital of Denapasar’s main street, Badung Market is the most busy shopping centre in Denpasar and is situated right opposite one of the biggest temples in the city. Sarong vendors, fruit and vegetable hawkers, and butchers all jockey for space in one of Bali’s most established and oldest markets. Expect an authentic Balinese market experience because this is definitely not a tourist trap and is the market where mostly locals come to do their shopping.

4. Kumbasari Art Market

One of Denpasar’s most enduring and iconic attractions, the Kumbasari Art Market is a one-stop-shop for all things handicraft and art-related. Spanning 4 floors, the Kumbasari Art Market changes as the day progresses. Scenes with early morning market with fruit vendors abound morph into a bustling hub where tourists walk away with everything from easy to find sarongs or keychains to massive sculptures by midday. The Kumbasari Art Market also turns into a makeshift food court once the sun sets, with rows of food vendors selling scrumptious cheap eats, perfect after a long day of haggling and browsing through paintings.

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5. Kuta Art Market

Stretching out from the Kuta Sidewalk, the Kuta Art Market is hugely popular amongst tourists and is a favourite destination to head to when looking to buy souvenirs to remember you trip to Bali by. Rows upon rows of shops selling items of art that are known the world over as Balinese ensure that you can find whatever that you’re looking for under any budget. World-renowned surf brands like Billabong, Ripcurl, and Quiksilver have also set up shop alongside local designers, alluding to the market’s popularity.

6. Bedugul Traditional Market

Also called Pasar Candi Kuning, is one of central Bali and Bedugul’s main markets. Typical market fare such as fruit and vegetables make up most of what the market offers, and it is renowned for the wide variety of fruits in particular. Classic Balinese souvenirs like wooden keychains and handicraft can also be found here. Sandwiched in between the Beratan Lake and Eka Karya Botanic Gardens, the Bedugul Traditional Market makes for a great stopover in between both these really popular tourist attractions.

7. Pasar Endek Klungkung

Located on Jalan Puputan in the Klungkung Regency, Pasar Endek Klungkung is known for being the place to go to buy traditional Balinese ethnic wear. The market is frequented by mostly locals looking to buy authentic and affordable ikat or batik fabric for their ceremonial attire, and therefore will offer plenty for tourists looking to take some fabric back with them.

8. Pasar Taman Sari Market

Situated 15 minutes away from the uber posh and upscale neighbourhood of Seminyak and is the only market near the area. Pasar Taman Sari Market transforms into a night market once dusk sets in and carts selling bakso (meatball broth) and other classic Indonesian street food fare takes over. The day market starts at 5 AM and the night market opens at 4 PM.

9. Tegallalang Market

Another popular attraction in Tegallalang apart from the famed rice terraces, the Tegallalang Market is a great and more affordable alternative to Ubud Art Market or the Sukawati Art Market. Since the shops are located very close to where they source their art from wholesalers, most shops also offer delivery services. Be aware that most shops are closed on Sunday, so avoid going to the Tegallalang Market then.

10. Gianyar Night Market

The Gianyar Night Market is situated close to Ubud's city centre and is a known stop for those in the know regarding where to get the best street food and places to go for cheap eats. Prepare for an assault on your senses as the multitude of sights, sounds, and smells of innumerable woks being clanged, meat being grilled, and veggies being sauteed take over the air.

11. Kuta Night Market

The boisterous nature of Kuta ensures that party central of Bali is always awake and the Kuta Night Market is no exception. The exceptional diversity of street food on display at the Kuta Night Market makes it the perfect places to go after hitting the clubs, and is ideal for the post-party meal! You can also find the typical kitschy tourist items like keychains, trinkets, handicraft, all of which make the perfect souvenir or gifts for loved ones back home, or as a way to memorialize your jaunt in Bali.

Indeed these markets in Bali are a must visit to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

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