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The Islands in Vietnam, or “Maldives Alternatives”, are an unconventional nature getaway; courtesy to its rich and diverse island culture. Spotting across the Vietnam coastline, the islands of Phu Quoc, Binh Hung, Nam Du, Hon ba, Ba Lua, Hang Rai, and more, offer a range of activities along with untampered beauty and rich history. Snorkelling, cave exploration, scuba diving, capturing flora and fauna, interacting with the locals, and spending time away from the metropolitan buzz are just a few examples of what these islands have to offer. An offbeat and authentic aura for all nature lovers to experience!

Here is the list of 9 Islands in Vietnam

1. Hon Khoai Island

Hon Khoai is the largest island located close to Ca Mau. It has some of the best beaches and beachside views. Hon Khoai is a three hour boat ride from Ca Mau, but the boat ride is absolutely worth it! Hon Khoai Island greets you with its rolling rocks, carpet of primitive untouched forests and beautiful beaches. On the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is a lighthouse built during the nineteenth century by the French.

2. Con Dao Islands

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Known For : The Prison Museum Bai An Hai Chua Van Son

Con Dao is a group of islands lying off the southern coast of the country. There are a total of 15 islands of which Con Son is the largest and the only inhabited island. Having served as the prison islands- first during French colonial era and later by the US supported South Vietnamese government, Con Dao is one of the key destinations to visit in Vietnam.

Best Time: November to February

3. Bin Hung Island

Home to raw and organic beauty, Binh Hung is the one stop shop for untouched landscapes and pure serenity. Located 30kms by road from Cam Ranh City, the island is quite accessible as the connectivity ranges from flights, trains, ferries, to bus rides. Not housing any hotel or resort, visitors prefer to stay at the islanders’ house. It offers unique delicacies, magnificent beaches, lobster farms, the beautiful South Sea Temple, and a must-see Hon Chut Lighthouse. While you’re there, do not miss the freshwater beach hidden inside a cave!

4. Hon Tre Island

If you’ve heard of Hon Tre Island, it’s not long before the name Vinpearl Amusement Park pops up! This island houses one of the most popular amusement parks in the country and a unique cultural village. With stunning natural beaches, aquariums, shopping areas, amusement rides, water sports, resorts, and more; Hon Tre is the ideal destination for children and adults! Be sure to visit in the dry season of February until May for the best experience. It has excellent connectivity as ferries are one stop away from Cao Da Port, and scenic vacation apartments and hotels are there for your comfort.

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5. Hon Ba Island

A mosaic of tourism, culture, and spirituality is what Hon Ba will offer to you. Best known to be a romantic spot for couples and a religious attraction for visitors, it houses a small Buddhist temple and intriguing history. Reaching this island is relatively simple as one can hire a boat or walk across the strait, and hotels are easily accessible. You are certain to find white horses gracing the cliffs, fragrant flowers, clear waters, colourful shells, and a breathtaking sunrise. Small Buddhist temples are scattered across the island, and the local culture is one of a kind.

6. Ba Lua Islands

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Ba Lua is a collection of 45 islands, connected through straits which you can walk across! You will find people residing in only 10 of these islands, and while some are beautiful tourist spots, others house just one family. Visitors can rent a boat from Hang Pagoda to explore the Ba Lua. Few islands offer accommodation managed by family owners, where travellers prefer to stay; while some opt to camp out! These islands have spectacular caves such as the Money cave, rich biodiversity, delicious seafood, rare dolphins, and stunning sunsets.

7. Yen Island (Vung Chua)

Yen Island is known as the ‘Couple Beach’ due to the different sea currents that make one side of the water cold and the other warm. The island is said to be a heaven on earth due to the panoramic views it offers. What makes Yen Island a special one is the construction of the bamboo brides, which allows the visitors to walk around the island.

8. Nhon Chau Island

Also known as Cu Lao Xanh, this island is the perfect spot for taking part in different water sports. The name of this island translated to ‘Green Island’ because of the fantastic colour of the seawater. Located 24 kilometres far from Quy Nhon City, there is also a 119-meter lighthouse on the island that offers stunning views of the clear water and the whole island.

9. Hon Son Cha Island

Listed among the nation’s 15 marine reserves Son Cha island, Hon Son (also known as Lai Son) is a perfectly proportioned island located between Hon Tre Island and Nam Du archipelago. Situated 235 meters above the sea level, it offers scenic views of the landscapes. The island is also home to coral reefs that hold over 144 species, 135 different types of seaweed, and 162 different types of colourful fish.

Let us know about your favourites in the comments below!

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