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Con Dao Islands

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Country rank: 1 out of 34 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Off the southeast coast


Ideal duration: 2 days

Best time: November to February (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Vũng Tàu (Check Flights)


"World of Sandy Beaches and Coral Reefs"

Con Dao Islands Tourism

Con Dao is a group of islands lying off the southern coast of the country. There are a total of 15 islands of which Con Son is the largest and the only inhabited island. Having served as the prison islands- first during French colonial era and later by the US supported South Vietnamese government, Con Dao is one of the key destinations to visit in Vietnam.

Con Dao Archipelago is a beautiful beach destination lying at a small distance from the southeastern coast of Vietnam. This exotic location is filled with thick forests, white sandy beaches, scenic bays, beautiful coral reefs and vibrant marine life. Along with the natural grandeur, there are some endearing resorts and plush promenades in the region. It also reflects the remnants of celebrated national heroes and is a harsh reminder of the atrocities on the laboured prisoners. But the fun in clear waters of many sandy beaches of Con Dao will make you never want to leave the sprawling life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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A lot of big hotels will accept major credit cards but some will not. You shouldn't risk it though and carry Vietnamese Dongs with you. Although exchange rates for Visa and MasterCard credit cards are better than cash transactions. And also, it is better to pay via cards for large transactions so that you can claim or dispute any burglary or fraudulent transactions. At small places like eateries and shopping, Vietnamese Dong is applicable.

Although there are some ATMs available, there is almost no currency exchange facility on the island. So don't forget to bring Vietnamese Dongs before hand.

Since you can easily visit all the places on the island on foot, hence there is hardly any commuting cost. Keep around 10-20k VND in your pocket for food and shopping.

Religion has a very little prevalence in Con Dao. Buddhism is the key religion in Con Son village. There are few religious temples or pagodas in the village. These are a must visit by people of all religion, for the architectural marvel that they are.

Swimsuits are worn on the beaches, and western clothes are acceptable on the entire island. But people respect religious sentiments and wear full clothes at places of worship. People of Con Dao are warm and good natured.

Vietnamese is the key language spoken in Con Dao. English is understood by the tours and travels and other service providers.

Con Dao Islands were the prison Islands during French colonial era and later for the US supported the South Vietnamese government. The prison cells were infamously known as 'tiger cages.' These prison buildings are still present and are open to the public.

Nightlife at Con Dao is still very limited. Nights here are quite and peaceful. Although there are a few bars and clubs which have seen the light of night, namely, Bar 200, Karaoke Phuong Thien and Lacasa Cocktails Bar.

Con Dao Market is the place from where the locals buy all the essential things, from food to clothes. If you're staying in a resort, it would be the best place to collect some souvenirs for your home.

Vietnamese food is easily available here. Not surprisingly, most prominent food category is sea food, which is both cheap and delicious here. Recommended places to eat are Thu Ba (for best sea food), Caffe Infiniti, Bar200 and Nam Dinh on Pham Van Dong Street.

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How to Reach Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands are connected with Vietnam's mainland through flights and ferries. (Read More)

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