What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is throughout the year depending on which region you are travelling to. Vietnam is a country which experiences three different weather patterns across three different regions. The northern part of Vietnam is best visited from March to May and from September to November when the weather is generally warm and sunny. If you prefer the tropical climate, then central Vietnam can be your choice of visit. This region experiences heavy rainfall, and one must take care to make a note of the typhoon season as it can get particularly difficult to travel during this time. The southernmost part of Vietnam does not experience much variation in climate annually. December to April is considered to be an ideal time to travel the south. Warm to hot temperatures dominate this region with a dry spell from January to April and downpours from June up to November.

Vietnam in Winter (January - March)

The northern side of Vietnam experiences a chilling winter with temperatures dropping down to as low as 10°c, accompanied by light rainfalls. The capital city of Hanoi gets milder weather compared to the extremities of the other parts of the north. The central part of Vietnam experiences a less harsh type of winter season than the north with cool and dry weather. Towards the southern region, a much better climate is felt during this time, with warm and dry weather conditions.

Snow in Sapa
Snow in Sapa (Source)

Vietnam in Spring (April - June)

High uncertainty of the weather conditions marks this period across Vietnam as it is a transition of the spring season to the summer season. The north of Vietnam experiences warmer but cool weather with occasional rainfall. A rise in the temperature along with humidity is observed with each passing month. Central Vietnam sees a dry but temperate climate up to the middle of May while the southern parts including the coasts get much higher temperatures and dry weather.

Vietnam in Summer (June - September)

This period marks the peak season of holidays in Vietnam both for the locals and tourists from other countries. Many of the tourist hotspots like Sapa, Nha Trang, Halong Bay, etc. are very crowded and bookings of travel and accommodation should be made well in advance.

Regarding the climate, Vietnam is defined by wet and scorching weather. The northern region is particularly hot while receiving lots of precipitation. Moving down towards the centre, the weather is drier than the north. But from mid-August, heavy rains and typhoons occur. Finally, in the south, the weather is generally much more pleasant although daytime temperatures can reach up to the mid-30s.

Monthly Weather in Vietnam

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 17 23
February 17 25
March 20 27
April 22 30
May 24 32
June 25 33
July 25 32
August 25 32
September 24 32
October 22 29
November 20 27
December 17 24

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