Coffee Plantations in Bali to Get to the Source of Your Coffee

Bali is much more than just having fun under the sun, relaxing by the amazing beaches, or visiting some of the most beautiful temples in the world. Bali is also home to soothing coffees, and exploring these amazing coffee plantations in Bali is surely a lovely addition to the memories you will make on your journey.

Taking a tour of the coffee plantations, one will come across many types of herbs and plants like cocoa, coconut accompanied by medicinal herbs. Interestingly, Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries in the world, with the average production of around 600 thousand tons!

Here is a list of 10 famous coffee plantations in Bali:

1. Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism:

Bali Pulina is a beautiful plantation that is home to a natural park and is one of the most unique coffee plantations in Bali. The place also gives support to the local farmers to sell their products. Bali Pulina attracts many visitors who are mostly coffee lovers to taste some of their most expensive and delicious coffee that is Kopi Luwak (prepared out of coffee berries). The best part about the whole experience is taking a sip of fresh coffee while enjoying the breathtaking view of the village.

2. Teba Sari Agro-Tourism:

Teba Sari is a great place to witness the different procedures that go into the preparation of coffee. Some of the activities demonstrate how the coffee beans are consumed, digested and extracted by the Asian palm civet. One can also take a stroll around the coffee garden, as they watch the locals performing their daily chores.  Teba Sari is a great place to try the special Luwak coffee, or even special Bali chocolates and rice wine which is locally prepared.

3. Alam Sari Agro-Tourism:

There are many fun tours which are arranged at Alam Sari in Gianyar. One can participate in many exciting activities such as watching the unique process of converting coffee plants into coffee products, along with the famous Luwak coffee. The place is great to indulge in some local crafts or just enjoy the beauty of the plantation in the fresh air.

4. Lumbung Sari House of Luwak Coffee:

Many travel and tour services in Bali also include a tour of Lumbung Sari House of Luwak Coffee along with a couple of other things, so you can plan a short visit to this coffee plantation. This is the perfect place for a short and enriching tour around the garden. One will also be accompanied by a guide who will share some interesting insights about coffee. Lastly, one will get an idea of the traditional coffee preparation process, finishing it off with some delicious coffee and chocolate tasting.

5. Buana Amertha Sari Agro-Tourism:

Buana Amertha Sari is a popular and amazing place to watch the natural coffee making process and later participate in the tasting of freshly brewed coffee. Get mesmerized by the lovely flavor and aroma of the coffee all the while enjoying the beautiful view of the green hills.

6. Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation:

Segara Windhu is a lovely coffee plantation in Bali known for its friendly and approachable staff who will guide one through the coffee-making process. There is also a small store in the plantation to shop for delicious coffee and yummy chocolates for home or gifting purposes. 

7. Munduk Organic Coffee Plantation:

This organic coffee plantation in Bali is a joint effort between Balinese and European teams working together to provide the best coffee in the region. The plantation uses an eco-friendly approach to grow crops and also support the farmers with daily income.

Many different coffee roasting and cupping sessions are arranged to learn about the preparation of this special coffee. All the coffee here is homegrown with organic procedures and you can easily place an order of whichever flavor of coffee you desire.

8. Mas Plantation and Luwak Coffee:

Mas Plantation is a superb place to try out the famous Luwak coffee. The staff is friendly and approachable and one can also participate in an interesting tour of the coffee gardens and also learn an interesting thing or two about the coffee-making process. The best part about the place is that coffee is available at comparatively cheaper rates as compared to the other coffee plantations.

9. Negari Luwak Coffee:

Negari Luwak is a beautiful place to purchase organic products and that too at affordable prices. There are different coffee tasting tours where one can taste different flavors and of Bali tea or coffee. One can also enjoy a delicious cup of Luwak Coffee priced between IDR 35000 to IDR 40000 per cup. There is also a small coffee store to purchase some authentic Balinese teas and coffees.

10. Belantih Coffee Farm (Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation):

Belantih Coffee Farm is an all organic and natural farm where one can see the traditional methods of coffee preparation and watch the locals indulge in their daily activities. Here one will find one of the best flavors of Arabica coffee which is freshly prepared and available for tasting along with some very delicious coffee flavors.

Make the most of your Bali trip by paying a visit to one of these amazing coffee plantations in Bali, while one enjoys the amazing views while taking in the flavors and aroma of the freshly brewed Balinese coffee.

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