Snorkelling in La Digue

Cobalt blue waters, pristine white sand, a friendly turtle nuzzling against your feet and curious clownfish swimming along - this picture seems too beautiful to be true, doesn't it? Not anymore, if you're planning to Seychelles anytime soon! The island destination offers a myriad of sea exploration trips, and snorkelling at La Digue, the third largest island of Seychelles, is your best bet this holiday season. Located off the coast of Mahé, this picturesque island offers you the luxury of snorkelling in clear waters. This island boasts of the best coral reefs in Seychelles and the best biodiversity, which means that you can enjoy the bright colours of the corals, and the unique sea life that the region offers.

There are different options available for novice swimmers and experienced snorkelers as well. The distinct geographic location, climatic conditions and landforms make for a truly memorable holiday. If you're unsure about the snorkelling destinations around the island, don't worry - we've got your back. Go through our comprehensive list of locations and agents so that you can embark on the vacation of your dreams!

Snorkelling in La Digue

Best Locations For Snorkelling In La Digue

1. Anse Sévère 

One of the best sites to snorkel as you can spot butterfly fish, porcupine fish, batfish and damselfish here. The shallow water means that you can walk comfortably, but beware of urchins and eels. The rock formations here are breathtaking. Check if you can spot leopard rays here!

Anse Severe, Snorkelling in La Digue

2. Anse Gaulettes

 You can spot parrot fish, octopi, urchins, clownfish and other delights here. This public beach may be a bit unclean for your liking, but the sea life is beautiful.

Anse Gaulettes, Snorkelling in La Digue

3. Anse Source d'Argent

This scenic beach has spots for both newbie snorkellers and experienced divers. A reef formation that can be crossed during low tide and slow currents leads to a sandy, coral formation which boasts of different hues. Seagrass makes way for sand and corals in this seabed. Beware of eels and rays while walking on the shallow bed!

Anse Source d'Argent, Snorkelling in La Digue

4. Anse Caiman

This location is reserved for experienced swimmers, as the current may be strong sometimes. Caiman offers beautiful scenes underwater, which are frequented by sea turtles. It sees a dedicated community of experienced snorkellers every year.

Anse Caiman, Snorkelling in La Digue

5. Anse Patates

This beach is comfortable for novice snorkellers. You are sure to spot sea turtles here, and they are very friendly! This area is relatively empty of tourists as well, so you can explore in peace.

Anse Patates, Snorkelling in La Digue

These beaches are at a walkable or bikeable distance from La Passe, where you will find the snorkelling instructors. You can also take an ox-cart to the beaches and enjoy the view!

Best Time For Snorkelling

Always speak to the concerned authorities before you snorkell, and make sure that the winds and tides are in your favour. They have a significant role to play in sea conditions. Choose the safest and cosiest sites. Don't worry as La Digue does not fall on the path of any cyclones. Tourists peak in the island in July, August and December. This might hinder your experience. So, choose the period between March and May, and September and November to snorkell.

Snorkelling with Turtles in La Digue

Approximate Cost

Snorkelling in La Digue

Snorkelling Centres In La Digue

Azzurra Dive Centre: This centre is located as part of the La Digue Island Lodge, at Anse Reunion, at the heart of La Digue. It has certified PADI instructors who provide basic training at the lodge's pool, before venturing out to sea. The Centre has different packages for locations and days.

Trek Divers Scuba Club: This is ideal for experienced divers who need a place to explore in Seychelles. This PADI Scuba Diving School also undertakes regular snorkelling expeditions. This is located at La Passe, which is close to Anse Sévère.
Lone Wolf Charters: This company takes you to secluded islands and La Digue as well. It provides boat rentals and snorkelling gear. The catamaran is found at La Passe.

Belle Petra Boat Charter:
This charter affords you the luxury of snorkelling, boating and fishing. The service ends with a BBQ on the boat. Snorkelling locations around La Digue are also explored. You can contact them at La Passe.

Eco-Center - Watersports and Nature Tours:
This Center, located at La Passe, offers scuba diving and snorkelling experiences. They also rent gear and handpick locations based on your preferences.

Snorkelling with fish in La Digue

Safety Tips

  • Always check the wind and tide conditions before you snorkel
  • Choose the safest locations, recommended by your instructor
  • Although it is not necessary to know about swimming while snorkelling at novice sites, it is better to know your basics
  • Check all equipment before you descend
  • Select warning gestures before you start, and practice them. Your instructor will help you with this
  • Do not disturb or disrupt the sea life you see
  • Avoid picking turtles up or feeding the fish
  • Make sure you have enough gear - you will need a mask, snorkel, waterproof bag, snorkelling bag, fins, water-resistant sunscreen and a snorkel vest. 
  • Try to take a waterproof camera to record your experiences

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