Majestic Mountains In Seychelles

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Majestic Mountains In Seychelles

Glassy turquoise waters and powdery golden sands are the trademarks of Seychelles, but, beyond the coral reefs and beaches, you will find lush dense forestry and towering mountains. The mountains are not volcanic, but mostly made of granite and the hiking trails are well-marked with great viewpoints. The Mahe Island has the majority of mountains in the entire island group and while exploring the trails on the mountains, you would stumble upon a number of native and exotic wildlife like the Aldabra Tortoise, Seychelles Kestrel, Seychelles Blue Pigeon and more.

Here is the list of 10 Majestic Mountains In Seychelles

1. Mont Signal - 1,061 ft

The mountain hike from Victoria to Mont Signal after a bus or taxi ride to the Mont Buxton will be refreshing, especially for watching the sunset on west coast from the island’s rocky crown. The watchtower from colonial era stands like a sentinel along the way and the well marked and paved 1.6 kilometers long return path with signboards passes along the island center.

2. Montagne Glacis - 1,185 ft

Montagne Glacis in Mahe Island is a birding paradise with Seychelles kestrels, blue pigeons, bulbuls, sunbirds and swiftlets. The Montagne Glacis Important Bird Area is also famous for exotic plantation like Ceylon Cinnamon, Paradise Plum, Cotton Fruit and Cabbage Palm and some endemic amphibians and reptiles. Enjoy the 0.9 kilometers long Glacis La Reserve Trail overlooking granite cliffs and eastern coast of Mahe.

3. Montagne Brulee - 1,438 ft

Monte Brulee or Montagne Brulee can be reached via a small road from Anse aux Pins village that leads to the peak within 30 minutes and you will be treated with mesmerizing eastern coastal views of Mahe. The trail is well-maintained and well-marked and you will have to cross bridges over streams, mahogany plantation, palm grove and dense forest to reach the wooden viewing platform.

4. Les Dents - 1,609 ft

The Casse Dent hiking trail in Les Dents passes through mature trees, marshes and overgrowths with a number of uphill and downhill paths. Located in Cascade region, Les Dents has two trails converging into one on a plateau before forming a waterfall by a cave. After passing 2/3rd route you can see the panoramic west coast view from a viewpoint. You will find Mission Lodge, a ruined distillery and an ancient settlement along the trail.

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5. Copolia - 1,630 ft

In Port Glaud region on northern Mahe, Copolia mountain hike comprises of a moderate 45 minute to 2-hour long trail that is marked with yellow and blue signage along 1.6 kilometers. The granite mountain top offers panoramic views of eastern coast of Mahe and Victoria. Along the trail starting from Sans Souci Road, you will find native vanilla, cinnamon and pitcher plants.

6. Mount Simpson - 1,854 ft

Bel Ombre region is famous for the Mount Simpson mountain peak and its Forest Lodge apartments from where a magnificent view of the mountain valley is offered. Climbing the summit, you can also see the Silhouette Island faraway on a clear day. Within 700 meters, you will find the highest peak of Bel Ombre, Mont Le Niol, which stands at 2,234 ft.

7. Morne Blanc - 2,214 ft

Reaching the Morne Blanc along San Souci Road that runs uphill from a tea kiosk in Victoria will be a mystical experience through misty forest. The views of the western coast of Mahe are clearly visible from the summit and the highlights of the trail are the arched mature trees aged more than a hundred years and the native fauna.

8. Trois Freres - 2,293 ft

A small paved trail of 1.4 kilometers length runs from Sans Souci towards Trois Freres Mountain and to find the trailhead, you have to pass a residential area. This is an easy hike for about 35 minutes and from the trail, you can enjoy the sprawling view of St Anne Marine Park, Victoria and other islands located on the eastern border such as La Digue and Praslin, especially when it is a sunny day.

9. Mont Dauban - 2,427 ft

The Silhouette Island boasts of Seychelles’ the second highest peak of Mont Dauban which is often shrouded in mist. Mont Pot à Eau (2,034 ft) is the second highest mountain in the island and many of the endemic Pitcher Plants are named after this. You will pass through the pristine rainforest with exotic orchids, rare hardwoods and mango groves where bats are frequent. The round-trip hike takes nearly 12 hours.

10. Morne Seychellois - 2,969 ft

The highest peak of Seychelles, Morne Seychellois can be accessed via a 5-hour hiking trip through the Morne Seychelles National Park which is blessed with untamed vegetation, placid rivers and a number of endemic frogs and wolf snakes. The San Souci road passes through the park in a winding way and once you have reached the summit through bumpy trails within undergrowth thickets, a stunning vista awaits.

Among the five mountain regions of Seychelles, Port Glaud has the most number of peaks followed by Bel Ombre, Takamaka and Cascade. Eco-tourism is followed in all the regions and it is recommended to take the help of a guide as trails often tend to be confusing and not well marked. Not all peaks are open for tourists but climbing a particular distance is allowed.

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