Skydiving in Thailand: 3 Best Operators in Thailand to Conquer Heights

Have you ever dreamt about free-falling from the sky? Ever had the urge to swap bodies with a bird? Wished about indulging in a crazy adventure sport just for the thrill of it?

If you have ever experienced any of these thoughts crossing your mind, it’s a sure shot guarantee you will love the feel of skydiving! As exciting as it sounds, it is a million times more entertaining to actually glide towards the earth from a high point in the sky.

What better way to experience this than going skydiving in Thailand! Known for its tropical beaches, stunning temples and magnificent royal palaces, Thailand is also one of the most popular destinations for skydiving.

Best Skydiving Operators in Thailand 

1. Skydive Pattaya

tandem skydiving
Skydive Pattaya is an operator for tandem skydiving in Thailand, working since 2006. The chief instructor at the operation is Jukka Holttinen with 27 years of skydiving experience. The jump is made from the highest altitude, i.e. 13,000 feet, permitted by the local air traffic control. Minimum age limit for enlisting yourself here is 18.

Booking Criteria: 
In order to book your jump, you need to fill out a form in advance.  Skydive Pattaya offers a pick-up facility from nearby hotels between 7:30 AM and 11:00 AM. It is open 6 days a week.  Skydiving is not recommended post consumption of alcohol or scuba diving, and Skydive Pattaya follows rules to make sure this does not happen.  The basic weight limit for jumping is 95kg and the maximum limit is 115kg. However, people above the weight limit of 95kg have to pay surcharges for the booking.
Tandem skydiving prices vary according to the number of people,
starting from 11,350 THB for one person.·   
- 2-3 people: 10,900 THB (Per person)·   
- 4-5 people: 10,500 THB (Per person)·   
- 6-7 people: 10,100 THB (Per person)·   
- 8-9 people: 9,700 THB (Per person)·   
- 10+ people: 9,300 THB (Per person)
Address: Sky Dive Centre Near Nongkhor Reservoir In Sriracha.

2. Thai Sky Adventures

freefall skydiving
Pattaya offers another great operation to get skydiving in Thailand off of your bucket list. Thai Sky Adventures offers different forms of skydiving to choose from including tandem. It further provides diving courses such as “A” License USPA Course and AFF USPA Course. The age limit for skydiving is 14 years, with parental consent, and 18 years otherwise.   

Prices for skydiving at Thai Sky Adventures depend on the type of skydiving you opt for. This includes a 20-minute flight up to 1300 feet, a 60-second freefall back down to 5 feet and then slowly drifting back to the ground in roughly 5 minutes. The various prices are listed down below:
- 1 person: 11,350 THB
- 2-3 people: 10,900 THB
- 4-5 people: 10,500 THB
- 6-7 people: 10,100 THB
- 8-9 people: 9,700 THB
- 10+ people: 9,300 THB
Address: Nong Kho Reservoir, Nong Kham, Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand.

3. Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort

Set in north-east Thailand, the resort offers skydiving packages for families, solo adventurers, etc. Apart from the tandem jump, the skydiving school also helps in getting USPA license. The resort offers mountain biking, wall climbing and other adventure options, along with skydiving lessons.
Address: Sawang Daen Din, Thailand

Tips to Know Before Skydiving in Thailand

  • Eat normally before your jump to keep your energy levels up.
  • Reach the drop zone in time to avoid any last minute rush.
  • Read the skydiving waiver before you sign.
  • Do not make immediate plans after skydiving since weather conditions can delay the process from the set time.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures by buying photography and video package to remember the thrilling experience of your first (or subsequent) jump!
Looking for adventure at one one of the most culturally rich places in the world? We hope that this list has answered all your questions about skydiving in Thailand. 

This post was published by Archita Zutshi

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