Winter (November - March)

This is the high season in Thailand as during this time the landscapes are lush and the temperature is cool. The season of Christmas and New Year attracts a lot of visitors and thus, the prices tend to be generally high.

During this time the temperature is very high, going around 30°C. There are sea breezes in the coastal area and the weather is ideal for the Northern area and the Gulf Coast.

These are the monsoon months, characterised by moderate showers to major flooding. The travel is generally low during this time as some islands shut down and the boat service is limited.

Monthly Weather in Thailand

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 21 29
February 21 31
March 23 32
April 24 32
May 24 32
June 25 32
July 24 31
August 25 32
September 24 31
October 23 31
November 23 30
December 21 29

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