Getting Around Thailand

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Getting Around in Thailand

Travelling in Thailand is cheap and efficient. However, the large expanse of the country means that the journeys take a long time. A large number of travel options solve this problem to a major extent as travelling in Thailand is easier than any other South-east Asian countries.

Getting Around Thailand By Air

Thailand is a large country, and hence, people prefer to travel by flights when they want to save time. Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways have connectivity throughout the country, using two dozen airports. Travelling by air is sometimes cheaper than a bus or train if the tickets are booked well in advance.

Getting Around Thailand By Rail

Thailand rail network consists of four main lines and a few branch lines. It is managed by State Railway of Thailand (STR). These lines cover most of Thailand, from Chiang Mai in the north to the Malaysian border in the South. Trains are, however, slower compared to buses. There are three classes of trains – first class with air conditioning but higher prices, a second class which is comparatively cheaper and decently comfortable, and third class being the cheapest way to travel in Thailand. It has nominal fare and is a fun experience.

Getting Around Thailand By Road

Renting a car is a cost-effective way of travelling in Thailand and saves the effort of haggling with the local taxi drivers. Drivers are available from rental companies at very reasonable prices and hence, preferable to driving your own car.

Getting Around Thailand By Water

Boats remain an indispensable way of travelling around Thailand, from Bangkok to Phuket. The most common boat in Thailand is the Long-tail boat which is manoeuvrable in shallow waters but is not suitable for long journeys. Ferries also ply from Surat Thani to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan. Boats are not preferred to travel long distances in the country.

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