"The land of Hill Kingdoms, Temples and Monasteries"

Chamba Tourism At A Glance

Chamba is that one getaway you've always dreamed off. Minimal human alteration in the topography and environment, and the balanced temperatures of the area make it the perfect destination all year round. The river Ravi cuts across town and adds to the scenery.

The sub-Himalayan area is amply endowed with a variety of flora and fauna, making it a very picturesque background for your holiday memoirs. There's about enough lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and temples to make you feel like this virgin land has more than enough to offer to every tourist. You only go back richer from Chamba.

Hotels in Chamba

Chamba has hotels in nearly all price ranges, and are easily accessible, and nearly every hotel with a more than 2 star rating has a hospitable staff.

What's Great?

The prime location of Chamba district offers you various places to visit around the Chamba district.

What's not so Great?

There's not much to do within Chamba itself. One has to visit Dalhousie or Khajjiar for more touristy activities, however, they become crowded in peak seasons.

For Whom

Nature lovers, romantic vacations and for the family trips during the summer and winter season.

Chamba, being located in Himachal Pradesh has predominantly North Indian Cuisine. However, you can also find some local Himachal cuisine over here too. Madra, a native delicacy of Chamba is made of lentils like Rajma and Kidney Beans, cooked in a lot of spices and dry fruits. Yogurt is a key ingredient, and made nearly everywhere with alterations and tastes heavenly.

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Commuting Within Chamba

Commuting within the city is not a problem since Chamba is majorly a tourist destination. Cabs are readily available, however it is advisable to not travel during monsoons or snowfall since the roads tend to get slippery. If you are still out, make a strict venue wise travel plan. For example, if you are in Khajjiar, you can rent horses to and from the lake, and negotiate at all times. Rest assured, a trip to Chamba is very much improvable, for luxury vacation and a budgeted traveler as well.

One Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Pathankot railway station or Gaggal airport. Head to Chamba in a private taxi. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.
Day 2: Leave for local sightseeing in Chamba after breakfast. You can book a cab for a day from any rental service as all of them are reasonably charged. Bargaining should be done nevertheless without fail. Do carry small non-perishable food stuff, you may not find food outlets or restaurants in the more remote locations. Visit the well-preserved temples and ancient buildings in Chamba constructed in 500 AD. Visit the Bhuri Singh Museum, which was constructed to honour the king of Chamba- Raja Bhuri Singh. Later visit the Akhand Chandi Palace, Chamunda Devi temple and Laxmi Narayan temples that hold the great religious values.
Day 3: Leave for Bharmour after breakfast. Located 65 km away from Chamba, Bharmour was previously the capital of Chamba district. You can trek Manimahesh Kailash to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Kailash peak from the top. Then, visit the Manimahesh lake and the well-preserved Chaurasi temples in Bharmour. Back to hotel. Dinner and stay at the hotel.
Day 4: Leave for Dalhousie after breakfast. Visit Panchpula and Satdhara falls in Dalhousie. Enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Himalayan ranges in the background. Then, visit the famous Chamera dam near Dalhousie. Constructed on the river Ravi, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Chamba district from the dam. Back to hotel. Dinner and stay at the hotel.
Day 5: Visit Khajjiar. Visit the green pastures of Khajjiar, and enjoy horse riding. Then, visit the Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary, the ancient Khajji Nag temple and Khajjiar Lake in Khajjiar.
Day 6: Check-out from the hotel after breakfast. Back to home.

Reviews about Chamba

Carry extra food and supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.


Winters are excruciatingly cold, avoid visiting in winters. But if you do, carry extra woolens.


Make sure you have enough information beforehand of wherever you go sightseeing or have a guide with you.


Questions about Chamba

By Rajat Jain

How would you rate the difficulty of the Chamba trek? I am a novice trekker, should I go for it?

If you begin the trek from McLeodganj, then you start your trekking from Triund. It takes about 5-6 days to complete and offers quite some stunning views. But since you're a novice, it'd be best to have someone experienced alongside.

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