Best Wildlife Resorts in India - Jungle Resorts That You Must Visit

India is a country that has tonnes to offer. No matter which part of the country you choose to visit, there is always something fun, interesting or exciting to do. For example, if you want to catch scenic beauty at its best, you can head to the North East and treat your eyes to the vista of sprawling tea gardens and winding hills. If you just want to relax amidst the beauty of nature, you can go South, to the backwaters of Kerala. But, if it is thrill and adventure that you seek, wildlife resorts are your answer! India has a plethora of options that you can choose from, should you wish to plan a wildlife trip anytime soon. After an evening of spotting some rare animals in their natural habitat, you can come back to your resort and unwind peacefully. They have a lot of amenities to offer and make the most of the environment that they are built around, so it is the best of both worlds! Scroll on to find out about the ten best wildlife resorts in India and get ready to block your rooms.


Here is the list of 19 Best Wildlife Resorts in India - Jungle Resorts That You Must Visit

1. Club Mahindra Thekkady - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 Winner

Picture yourself on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, now at the altitude of 2700 feet above sea level, there is our destination - Club Mahindra Thekkady. The Glorious 'Club Mahindra' tag brings class and a high expectation with it. The place conjures up the endless green plantations and hill views right from your balcony. The 'Machan' style is accommodated all over the place till the Coffee, Cardamom and pepper plantations. It will please you to stay a day longer. We are taking about The South, so to skip the 'Land of Spies' would be a huge insult, make sure to try Avyal, Vegetables cooked in coconut paste and the south Indian version of kheer, Payasam. South Indian pride is displayed well during their festivals of Onam (Harvest Festival) and Vishu (New Year), try to visit then and be a part of something big. Not to forget the peaceful bamboo rafting and boating in Periyar. For history lovers, visit the Tribal Heritage Museum to get a glimpse of the tribal culture. At the end visit the endless Peru hill and the arts Plantations in Vandiperiyar. After the vacation, you might want to change your bedroom interior to All-Green.
Approximate Cost - INR 6,500/-

2. Inn the Wild, Madumalai Tiger Reserve - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 1st Runner Up

The particular South Indian resort takes its name very seriously. Huddled on the Nilgiri Foothills on the fringe of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is our spot. Everyone has seen the legend of Tarzan but never thought of living like that, here you can live in your tree house and transcend yourself to the wildness of the Tarzan. Also, for the people with a weakness for tribes will die to live in the tribal homes and Jungle Shacks. A normal Safari is too boring, try the night safari and enjoy the music of Jungle Night in a protected manner with the Naturalist. What makes this place a boon for readers is the unique library with no expenses for borrowing, the forte of the library is that you can even barter your old rusty book you are bored of and have a new one in exchange.
Approximate Cost - INR 7,000/-

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3. The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 2nd Runner Up

The Oberoi Vanyavilas is truly luxury at its best! You will feel like you're nestling in the lap of heaven, in this resort. With its lush greenery, quiet pools and luxury tents, this resort is close to the famous tiger reserve. You can hop over for some tiger spotting and return to the comfort of your rooms in no time at all. There are even private gardens here to allow you to relax, away from prying eyes. This resort has also received some awards for its excellent service.
Approximate Cost: INR 45,000/-

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4. Udai Vilas Palace, Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Located in Rajasthan, this resort is placed right inside the wilderness. It is also located next to Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, which makes it very convenient if you want to visit at any time. The property is, needless to say, situated on lush greenery and has all the luxuries and other facilities that you require. Apart from a rejuvenating spa service, Udai Vilas Palace also has super-deluxe accommodation, ayurvedic treatments, fun events and theme evenings or parties. There is never a dull moment here.
Approximate Cost: INR 5,800/-

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5. Tusker Trails Resort, Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Rent a car and wander your way from the shady and sturdy trees of the Bandipur National Park after reaching the Tusker Trail Resort, Bandipur. Karnataka's Bandipur National Park is very famous for its tigers, lions, panthers, hyenas, jackals, leopards, sloth bears and other animals. Staying at Tusker Trails, which is adjoining to the park, is a fantastic option. The property here includes a 7-acre garden, beautiful cottages, lounge areas and outdoor dining options. They even organise safaris and jeep visits to the national park for their guests, every morning and evening. You can then get to see the wildlife up close and personal. Your natures walk is incomplete without devoting your time to the Zoological Gardens and trekking park. It's always better to research and go, and also pick the nice discounted packages on the official website. So plan, pack and proceed!
Approximate Cost: INR 9,750/-

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6. Corbett Leela Vilas, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Corbett National Park is one of India's best when it comes to tigers. Corbett Leela Vilas is located very close to the park and can be easily visited, being all of ten minutes away. Tiger tours and other wildlife safaris are organised by the staff on a regular basis. The resort is fringed by a cropping of mango orchards and lots of greenery. The cottages have an ethnic look that makes it blend in with nature. Games and other activities are also organised regularly.
Approximate Cost: INR 8,999/-

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7. Sunderban Mangrove Retreat, Sunderbans, West Bengal

This particular wildlife resort is an exciting option because of its location on Satjelia island, West Bengal. This is an eco-friendly resort but is also fully equipped with all the modern amenities that a guest would require. Jungle safaris and tiger spotting expeditions are snowflakes here and conducted in the Sunderbans. Water angling in the Gomor river is also a popular tourist attraction here. What's more, a unique tribal performance called 'Bonbibi Yatra' is held in the resort every evening for entertainment purposes.
Approximate Cost: INR 8,000/-

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8. Maneland Jungle Lodge, Gir, Gujarat

If you want to steer away from the commercial noise of a proper resort and prefer something a bit more quiet and private, the Maneland Jungle Lodge will be ideal. The resort is built around the natural wildlife, without destroying it and provides guests with an unobstructed view of the same. Once here, you can stay put in their deluxe rooms, standard rooms or even the bungalows. There have been many sightings of the Asiatic Lion by guests who have been staying at this resort!
Approximate Cost: INR 4,800/-

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9. Aman-i-Khas Resort, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

This resort has been built in sheer 'camp style'. It has followed the colonial style and combines camping with luxury. There are all of ten tents on the property, each one as beautiful as the next. The Ranthambore reserve is a great place to spot the Bengal tiger in all its glory. When night falls, a fire is lit up outside the tents, and everyone can come out and sit by the fire. It makes for a lovely bonding session with the other guests, and you can discuss how many tigers you spotted!
Approximate Cost: INR 30,000/-

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10. Kanha Earth Lodge, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

This resort is in close proximity to the Kanha National Park. It is also an eco-friendly resort, so there's no guilt about causing any harm to Mother Nature during your stay! It is interesting to note that the design and the architecture of this lodge is inspired by a tribe called the Gondas. If you're lucky, you can even spot some rare animals roaming around near the resort premises. You can also opt for the adventure trails organised by the resort or go on bike rides along the resort's in-built trails.
Approximate Cost: INR 30,000/-

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11. Dhikala Forest Lodge, Corbett, Uttarakhand

This is a forest lodge that is managed by the state. It is an authentic forest lodge, complete with ethnic huts and cottages and even a new wood house. You can enjoy the jungle safaris, the elephant tours and more such fun activities. The Corbett National Park is best enjoyed while staying here in Dhikala Forest Lodge.
Approximate Cost: INR 5,000/-

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12. Baghvan Jungle Lodge, Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

This jungle lodge is surrounded and filled with a dense growth of trees, including a large banyan tree under which you can sit for some respite from the heat. It is a part of the prestigious Taj Resorts. True to its name, the greenery here makes for an excellent experience. You can head over to the National Park to spot some rare animals, and it can turn your day around! After that, you can return to the lodge and take a dip in the swimming pool.
Approximate Cost: INR 30,000/-

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13. Kabini River Lodge

Enchanted with the beauties of wild and the former hunting grounds for the Maharaja of Mysore, lays the beautiful Kabini river lodge. The 54 acres of property is nestled on the bank of river Kabini, offering the charms of elephants, deer, wild bores and even Panthers. It's marvelous service, and unique location makes it one of the top 5 wildlife resorts. The absence of Television and A/C, helps you gel along with serenity of this place, relaxing your mind, body and soul. The place opens numerous options to stay, starting from regular rooms to cottages, tents, dormitories, etc. This place offers time to enjoy and work too. It has a series of formal conference halls, which makes the word wo-cation a real deal! You can plan now if you want; every season is a holiday season here, especially for the months of March, April, and May. Due to the high-temperature animal sighting around the river is more frequent. You could be lucky to spot a tiger cooling up on the river bank. For the most adventurous hearts, the report suggests the options of trekking, safari, river rafting, coracle rides and much more.
Approximate Cost - INR 14,000/-

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14. Casa Deep Wood, Masinagudi

One of the best holiday choices you would ever make is going to the Casa Deep wood resort, situated in the trails of Nilgiri Mountains. Beautified on the Sigure Plateau, where the western and eastern ghats join hands, is our idol choice for a family outing. When you often talk about seeing wild animals, you forget the god's grace of flying species. The place offers about 300 bird species and a bird hide for watchers and photographers to exploit, and if we talk about the creatures of land, a perfect course of jungle safaris in the Bandipur and Mudumalai tiger reserve is handcrafted for you. Recently the place has transcended itself to an eco-spa and Jungle retreat so that you could give Mother Nature a chance to detoxify your body and soul. This course is assisted by a unique fitness module specially designed for every visitor. Enjoy your roasted chicken while having a chat on a bonfire, enjoy a picnic along the river waters and even have your memories updated at once with a 24×7 internet connectivity!
Approximate Cost - INR 5000/-

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15. Jungle-Inn Eco-Friendly Resort, Nagarhole

With a total distance of just 1 km from Nagarhole National park, the resort is smartly located to give the maximum exposure with minimum time consumed. A simple rustic atmosphere with large shades of trees and standard living rooms, the establishment has taken a liking to attract amphitheatres. What used to be a tobacco farmland is now growing a no. of bamboo groves, whistling pines and a large variety of flowers. The old and new Swiss tents bring you closer to nature, but the classic furniture and room service makes you forget your elite hotel rooms. The place has an open dining and forest faced sitting, helping you meditate in the silence of nature. To explore the diversities, they have safaris with well-trained guides and drivers, displaying the natural habitats of Asiatic elephants, the largest wild oxen, marsh crocodiles and approximately 60 tigers and 80 leopards. You can enjoy the bike rides and the eco tours where you will visit the native tribes, Tibetan settlement, and coffee plantations, get your picture clicked and see how many likes you get!
Approximate Cost - INR 4000/-

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16. Forest Escapes, Koyanagar, Maharashtra

Here you will not just taste nature, but you will give something back as well! These are the Forest Escape Resorts offering zero energy driven homes, making them the true sons of nature. The use of hybrid windmills and solar panels made that possible. Road well connects the place and so does rail and air, as it is just 6 Km far from Kaynanagar, a discreet hill station located in Patan, Maharastra. Nearby is the Kogana wildlife sanctuary which is known for its abundance is Flora and Fauna and not to forget the dense forest. You can find the same trees in your forest villa along with the comfort of the 2BHK and 1BHK for a sound slumber! You can have your safaris and enjoy all the amenities, but at the end, you need a little swim in your private quarter to bam up the exhaustion.
Approximate Cost - INR 12,000/-

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17. Tarika's Jungal Retreat, Chail

Spend some days on top of a hill and envy the people living their whole lives- working! To get this feeling visit the Tarika's Jungal Retreat nestled on the hilltop at 7054 ft and surrounded by thick forest greens, Chail, Himachal Pradesh. The establishment's specialty is the glamor of its rooms and grace in the service. Stay in the Glass Cottages and see for yourself, the whole room is glass build from the walls to ceiling, not to worry thick red curtains are maintaining your privacy. This place is very happening for those who don't waste a second. The view will make you a non-blinker and turn your vacation to stay-cation. The 24-hour coffee shop 'Aroma' and the sassy cocktails and mocktails of 'High Spirit' will make your evening talks lovely. In season you might witness the pearl white snow-flakes too, and add 'The Moment' to your wild outing.
Approximate Cost - INR 9,000/-

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18. Landmark Woods, Kaziranga National Park

Surrounded by the amidst the beauty of Kaziranga National Park is 'Landmark Woods'. The place is quite a charmer and could be pinpointed far away. All 25 rooms share a picturesque view but their specialty being the spaciousness, makes them perfect for a family visit. Still, a place could not be judged by the size of its room, but you can make your opinion after visiting the open-air barbeques and amphitheatres. Our pick is connected with all National parks equally. This adds spice to your ordinary safaris and elephant rids and make it more alluring. The tasteful single and double room sets make the combination wild and comfort impeccable. Each and every room is well-equipped with Wi-Fi, Television phones, and a regular room service. Your daily diary will be painted in ink with the colour of Landmark Woods!
Approximate Cost - INR 7,000/-

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19. Tiger Moon Resort, Ranthambore

The exotic resort is bashed up with Rajasthani Artwork, you can guess by seeing its reception. The place is near Aravalli hills in Sawai Madhopur where you can enjoy a special Birding Walk and in the moonlight by sitting around a campfire, with puppet shows and Folk dance as your entertainment medium. The place takes care of the newbies, by providing a complete set of knowledge in the form of a Wildlife library and professionally trained native guides to assist. As a wild safari, you will visit the famous Ranthambore national park; you may ask the guide to take you to the Devpura Black Buck Sanctuary and visit the Chambal Lake after.
Approximate Cost - INR 5,000/-

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Wildlife resorts have made it easy for us as tourists to enjoy animals in their natural habitat, without having to compromise on ours. So, the next time you make plans to go for such a trip, come right back to this post and help yourselves plan a stellar trip.

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