Ultimate Guide for Scrumptious Balinese Food in Bali

Bali is home to one of the best cuisines in the world. There are multiple options to choose from: the street food to restaurants and local eateries, to community kitchens and Michelin five-star restaurants. There is some must-try food that Bali has to offer and thus, we curated a list to help you have an amazing culinary experience in Bali.

1. Satay/ Sate:

One of the popular foods both amongst locals and tourists, for being both convenient and delicious. Marinated in spices and coconut milk, chicken/ beef/ pork/ fish is grilled on skewers. Bali is especially famous for its fish and tuna satay which one wouldn’t find anywhere in the world easily. Sate is finger food which can be enjoyed on the go, with your other adventures in Bali.

Where to eat: Sate Babi Bawah Pohon(Legian), Night Markets in any city in Bali like Seminyak, Nusa Dua. Cost: IDR 90,000.

Babi Guling:  Also commonly known as ‘suckling pig’, Babi Guling is a world-renowned Balinese dish, which consists of the main pork dish which is slow-cooked and roasted for over 12 hours. It comes with a side dish of crispy pork skin, pork sausage, pork rolls, rice, vegetable salad and a coconut chilli dressing. Due to its demand, Babi Guling is also sometimes referred to as ‘Bali’s National Dish’.
Where to eat: Ibu Oka, (Ubud, Kuta). Cost: IDR 170, 000.

2. Customizable Acai Bowls:

Fresh customizable Acai Bowls and Smoothies are becoming popular due to growing health-conscious travellers in Bali. One can easily combine fresh tropical and exotic fruits for a nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack. Most popular fruits amongst tourists are mangoes, bananas, coconuts, dragon fruit combined with acai, granola and berries. You can also get customised fruit writings on your bowl like  Bali Vibes, Jet Set etc.
Where to eat: Kynd Community (Seminyak), Nalu Bowls (Canggu, Berawa), Cafe Organic (Seminyak, Canggu).  Cost: IDR 73,000

3. Nasi Campur:

Nasi Campur translates to food mixed with rice. It is popular among both locals and visitors. This traditional Indonesian dish includes grilled chicken, beef rendang, tofu and vegetables all in one platter with a portion of yellow or white rice. The food is cooked in clay and wooden utensils for a smokey taste. 
Where to eat: Warung Wardani (Denpasar), Warung Yess (Canggu). Cost: IDR 165,000.

4. Balinese Coffee (Kopi): 

Indonesia is the third-largest producer of coffee, due to its fertile volcanic soil and an ideal climate. Coffee in Indonesia is produced, roasted, processed and exported all around the globe. However, the coffee here is on the bitter side and thus is paired with cashew and coconut cookies. You can also experience coffee with alcohol at Seniman, where coffee is blended with vodka and Kahlua. You can also try espresso martinis and lattes at roasteries all over Bali. 
Where to eat: Seniman Coffee (Ubud), Anomali Coffee (Ubud), Revolver Express (Kuta), Cost: IDR 19,000- IDR 50,000.

5. Sambal Matah:

Sambal Matah has over 300 variations and is Bali’s own spicy creation. It is one of the staple diets of the locals which is prepared using finely chopped shallots, lemongrass, spices, garlic and herbs, and frying it in hot oil with a sprinkle of shrimp paste. It can be eaten as an individual dish or combined with fish or chicken, which enhances the main dish.
Where to eat: Warung Cahaya (Seminyak), Echo Beach House (Canggu). Cost: IDR 150,000.

6. Bubur Sumsum:

One of the well-known sweet dishes in Bali, which can be eaten as a dessert, snack or for breakfast. The dish is basically black rice pudding, which is heaven for tourists with a liking for sweet food. It is usually very syrupy and is served hot, garnished with coconut cream and sliced bananas. It is a true representative of Balinese culture and cuisine, for it is only made with locally available ingredients. The dish is also must-try, especially for vegetarian travellers.
Where to eat: Pasar Badung and Gajah Mada Street (Denpasar). Cost: approx IDR 30,000.

7. Bebek Betutu or Bebek Goreng:

It has a legendary tale of being the king’s favourite meal. It is an alternative for people who do not consume pork. It is prepared using a whole duck or chicken, which is stuffed with vegetables, spices and herbs. It takes about 8-12 hours to prepare and thus has a very rich and super-delicious taste. 
Where to eat: Bebek Bengli (Ubud), Bumbu Bali Restaurant and Cooking School (Nusa Dua). Cost: IDR 130,000-IDR 150,000.

8. Lawar:

Lawar is a salad-type dish, which is made with minced meat, vegetables, spices, grated coconut and red or white lawar. Red lawar consists of blood, while white lawar is made of jackfruit and has no animal products. In a few places, you might also find minced dragonflies and turtles in your lawar. 
Where to eat: Warung Nasi Lawar Sapi Odah(Sanur), Lawar Kuwir Men Sono(Abiansemal). Cost: IDR 15,000-IDR 20,000.

9. Pisang Goreng:

It is also popularly known as ‘fried banana fritters’. It is one of the most eaten local snacks, due to plenty of bananas available in Bali, during the season. It can be paired with ice-cream, syrup, chocolate, whipped-cream or eaten as it is. It is eaten mostly as snacks all around the country.
Where to eat: Mostly available at hawker centres and street food markets. Cost: IDR 7,000-IDR 8,000.

10. Gado-Gado:

It is a vegetable salad, that can be consumed to freshen up after an excruciating day of travel around Bali. It is another Balinese dish, which can be eaten cold, lukewarm or with staple food rice. It is very convenient to get and is another vegetarian dish that should be tried at least once. It is made of potatoes, beans, capsicum and tomatoes, with a peanut sauce dressing. There are multiple variations all over the country. 
Where to eat: Made’s Warung (Kuta). Cost: IDR 30,000-IDR 40,000.

11. Martabak:

It is a well-known street food which comes in both sweet and savoury variation. It consists of eggs, vegetables and chicken wrapped in dough and then pan-fried. It can also be eaten with fillings like chocolate, cheese and condensed milk. Though it is eaten more like a snack, it is very filling.
Where to eat: Night Markets in Candidasa, Nakula and Canggu. Cost: IDR 40,000-IDR 140,000 depending on the quantity and filling type. 
Next time you are in Bali, don’t forget to stop by during your adventure to relax and enjoy the delicious food in Bali that the places have to offer.

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