20 Classic Desserts of Singapore - The Perfect Sweet Saviour

Singapore, one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, has become a favourite tourist destination for people from all over the world. Along with beautiful monuments, Singaporean cuisine is another major attraction for all the tourists with the locals obsessed with makan (food). Even though food is one of its greatest drawcards, the desserts of Singapore aren't as recognised or popular as they should be. Eating the melt-in-your-mouth Singaporean desserts is like taking a bite into its cultural and ethnic diversity.

We have compiled a list of 20 classic desserts in Singapore that are 'die, die, must try' (Singlish slang for 'to die for'). It's time to get high (on sugar, of course!)

1. Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan chiffon cake, Dessert of Sinagpore
The fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake of Singapore (Source)
The delicious Pandan Cake is believed to have Malaysian or Indonesian origin with Dutch influences.
What is it? 
The main ingredient of this succulent Singaporean dessert is the traditional Pandan leaves, whose juice is used to give an authentic flavour, as well as, vibrant green colour to the cake. Another primary ingredient is coconut milk, which provides the cake with a creamy consistency.
The Nation's Cake
The Pandan Cake has gained recognition worldwide and was recently titled by CNN as the ‘National Cake of Singapore’.
Where to eat: Pure Pandan, Bengawan Solo.

2. Ice Cream Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwich at Ice Cream Uncle Singapore
Ice Cream Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwich (Source)
Ice cream carts are a common sight all over Singapore, which provides delicious and chilled ice cream sandwiches to all its customers. Most famous of these ice cream sandwiches are those of Ice-Cream Uncle’s Stalls. Started by Uncle Jimmy, the stall offers wide varieties of ice cream sandwiches at a very reasonable rate to the people.
What is it?
Ice cream filled in pandan flavoured bread or crispy wafers is exceptionally delicious. The flavours of this delectable dessert of Singapore varies from durian sweet corn, red bean to the mainstream vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
Where to eat: Orchard Road near Takashimaya and Paragon.

3. Chendol

Chendol, A Singaporean Dessert
Chendol with ice-cream, pandan jelly and delicious toppings (Source)
One of the most common Southeast Asian desserts, Chendol is also one of the most famous and loved Singaporean dessert.
What is it?
The Singapore version of Chendol comprises of ice-cream in palm-sugar syrup, coconut milk, green rice-flour or pandan jelly along with red beans. Customisable according to personal choices, Chendol comes with a topping of corn or durian.
Where to eat: Dove desserts, Penang A1 Chendol, Old Amoy Chendol, Four Seasons Chendol.

4. Pulut Hitam

Pulut Hitam, Dessert in Singapore
A bowl of Pulut Hitam (Source)
Pulut Hitam is a classic dessert of Singapore, which is also famous all across Southeast Asia. The locals and tourists equally like this piquant delicacy. Pulut Hitam can be easily found in hawker stalls all across the streets of Singapore.
What is it?
Pulut Hitam is cooked out of black glutinous rice, palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves giving a nutty flavour to the dessert.
Where to eat: PeraMakan, Wishbone, Clifford Pier, The Pine Garden

5. Cheng Tng

Cheng Tng, Dessert of Singapore
Cheng Tng - A twist on the clear soup (Source)
Cheng Tng, literally meaning clear soup, is said to be one of the most loved desserts in Singapore. This miraculous soup not only quenches thirst but also cures throat ache. Some people even add sweet potato, winter melon and dried persimmon to it, to increase its cooling effect.
What is it?
The soup comprises of ingredients like red dates, longans, barley, lotus seeds, sago and white fungus. The soup can be consumed hot or cold depending upon your liking.
Where to eat: Ye Lai Xiang Hot and Cold Cheng Tng, No Name Cheng Tng Stall, House of Cheng Tng

6. Orh Nee

Orh Nee, Singaporean Dessert
Orh Nee made with yam paste and sugar syrup (Source)
Orh Nee is a traditional Chinese Dessert that spread to Little Red Dot around the 19th century, and since then, has become a famous Singaporean dessert.
What is it?
The main ingredient of Orh Nee is Yam paste drenched in sugar syrup, making it highly sweet. As a sweet balancer, yam paste is cooked along with pumpkin and gingko nuts, till it reaches a smooth consistency.
Where to eat: Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Restaurant, Tien Garden, Ren Ren Desserts, Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant

7. Durian Pengat

Durian pengat, Dessert in Singapore
Durian Pengat as found in Singapore (Source)
Pengat means fruits or vegetables cooked in preparation of coconut milk and sugar. The delectable dessert of Singapore has its origin from Malaysian and Peranakan communities.
What is it?
A twist on the classic Durian Pengat, this dessert in Singapore involves cooking the Durian until a mousse-like consistency along with Pengat. This mousse-like dessert has lip-smacking flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Where to eat: Owl café, Sinpopo Brand, Escape Restaurant and Lounge, AquaMarine

8. Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang, Desserts in Singapore
Ice Kachang - A favourite among the little ones (Source)
Ice Kachang is one of the favourite desserts in Singapore, especially among the kids for its attractive colourful appearance and flavoursome taste.
What is it?
The perfect summer dessert has mountain shaped grated ice, glazed with rainbow-coloured syrup, condensed milk and caramel-like Gula Melaka. The heap of ice, with its delicious syrups, has sweet corn, red beans, nipa palm seeds and jelly. There are a wide array of toppings choices for the ice kachang as well.
Where to eat: Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert, Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang,Princess Terrace, Peanut Ice Kachang

9. Tang Yuan

Tangyuan, Singaporean Dessert
The yummy Tang Yuan (Source)
Tang Yuan is a Singaporean dessert made up of sweet glutinous rice balls along with peanut, red bean or black sesame stuffing. Having Chinese roots, Tang Yuan is often eaten during Winter Solstice Festival symbolising family togetherness, harmony and unity. Many customised versions of this dessert are available all across Singapore.
What is it? 
The flavoursome Tang Yuan is cooked in sweet peanut soups, ginger-flavoured soups, as well as, green tea flavours. These rice balls are served in sweet soup.
Where to eat: Ah Balling Peanut Soup, Dessert Story, Ah Er Soup

10. Tau Huay

Tau Huay, Dessert of Singapore
The Tau Huay pudding (Source)
Tau Huay, another popular dessert of Singapore, is a soya bean-curd dish. It is like a pudding that can be consumed both hot or cold.
What is it?
The soya bean milk is boiled with sugar and a coagulant which is cooled to form a pudding. People consume it either in breakfast or lunch. This dish is served with Youtiao; cooked in sugar syrup.
Where to eat: Yong He Eating House, Rochor Beancurd House, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd, 51 Soya Bean

11. Sugee Cake

Sugee Cake, Dessert in Singapore
The spongy Sugee cake made with semolina (Source)
Sugee, the Indian word for semolina flour, is the main ingredient of this classic Singaporean dessert. Just like other sponge cakes, the sugee cake has semolina, which gives a thick consistency. The cake can be consumed plain or with icing; both versions are equally delicious.
What is it?
This pound cake is made with butter, egg yolk, semolina flour and crushed almonds for garnishing.
Where to eat: Quentin’s the Eurasian Restaurant

12. Apom Berkuah

Apom Berkuah, Singaporean Dessert
The sweet and sour Apom Berkuah pancake served with banana sauce (Source)
Apom Berkuah is the ideal Singaporean breakfast for the locals who love beginning the morning with a splash of sweet and sour.
Element Delicious
The famous dessert of Singapore, Apom Berkuah, is a fluffy pancake made from fermented rice and coconut water. These pancakes are served with warm banana sauce as a topping. Most people also add the juice of Bunga Telang flowers which add a tinge of blue colour to the pancake.
Where to eat: Permakan (Keppel Club), Permakan ( Vivo City)

13. Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly, Dessert of Singapore
Grass Jelly served with lime juice (Source)
The perfect summer dessert in Singapore, Grass Jelly can be consumed by cutting into cubes or garnishing with ice and squeezing lime juice on it.
What is it?
The luscious Singaporean dessert is made by boiling oxidised stalks of plants from the mint family with potassium carbonate, which is then chilled for a jelly-like consistency.
Where to eat: Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly, Wampoa Soya Bean and Grass Jelly, Yunnan Garden

14. Sago Gula Melaka

Sago Gula Melaka, Dessert in Singapore
Gula Melaka or palm sugar is one of the most popular ingredients all across Southeast Asia. The Sago Gula Melaka is a much-loved dessert in Singapore, often eaten at home after the meal.
What is it?
In this dessert, a mixture of caramelised palm sugar and sago are shaped in balls. This ball or mould-like structure is then further served with coconut milk and some more garnishing of Gula Melaka on top. Sago acts as a thickening agent which gives a thick consistency to this pudding.
Where to eat: The Blue Ginger Restaurant, Chilli Padi  

15. Mango Pudding

Mango pudding, Singaporean Dessert
The delicious Mango Pudding (Source)
Mango Pudding is a famous Singaporean summertime dessert made of ripe mangoes. This dessert is not only renowned in Singapore but also renowned all across South Asia, including countries like India and Hong Kong (place of origin).
What is it?
Along with ripe mangoes, condensed milk and sugar are added to thicken the pudding. Some Singaporeans prepare the mango pudding by first making a mango puree and then adding cream and sugar into it. For a jelly-like consistency, gelatine is also added along with sugar. Before serving, a bit of milk or coconut milk is added to enhance the flavours. It is best when served chilled.
Where to Eat: Ah Chew Desserts, Honeymoon Desserts, DessertStory

16. Tau Suan

Tau Suan, Dessert of Singapore
The hot Tau Suan served with dough fritters (Source)
Tau Suan is a Singaporean dessert made out of split mung beans. It is a hot dessert served with dough fritters which add to the crunch in the soup-like dessert.
What is it?
The split mung beans are boiled with pandan, which is then mixed with potato flour to add to the consistency of the soup.
Where to eat: Tiong Bahru Tau Suan, Le Chasseur, Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert

17. Peanut Paste

Peanut Paste, Dessert in Singapore
The peanut paste (source)
A simple yet delicious dessert of Singapore, Peanut Paste is ubiquitous throughout the city. As the name suggests, peanut is the key ingredient in this dessert.
What is it?
Lots of peanuts are boiled and then blended to make a paste. To this paste, appropriate proportions of water, milk and sugar are added. Alongside peanut paste, there are lots of stalls selling almond paste, sesame paste and walnut paste.
Where to eat: Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, 115 Desserts, Chinatown Food Centre,Sugar Granny Cafe, House of Desserts.

18. Kueh

Kueh, Singaporean Dessert
The sweet and savoury Kueh (Source)
Kueh is a Southeast Asian dish similar to biscuits, pastries and pudding. There are wide varieties of Kueh available which can be both sweet and savoury.
The One that Stands Out
The most popular type of Kueh are Ondeh-Ondeh and Ang Ku Kueh.
What is it? 
Most sweet Kueh has a thick and sticky consistency. Ondeh-Ondeh Kueh is a sticky ball-like dessert which has pandan along with gula Melaka. Ang Ku Kueh is made up of glutinous rice flour, which is further filled with peanuts to add to the dish's crunchiness.
Where to eat: Bengawan Solo for Ondeh-Ondeh, Poh Cheu for Ang Ku Kueh

19. Tissue Prata

Tissue Prata, Dessert in Singapore
Tissue Prata - a must have dessert in Singapore (Source)
Tissue Prata is a famous dessert in Singapore and Malaysia - a thinner version of Roti Prata, a sweet flat sheet of paper. It is one of the must-have Singaporean desserts.
What is it?
Tissue Prata is a thin flatbread often sprinkled with sugar on top. You can have Tissue Prata with chocolate or even with any choice of ice cream.
Where to eat: Mr Prata, Spize, What You Do Prata

20. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, Dessert of Singapore
Yummy Gulab Jamuns (Source)
Gulab Jamun is a famous Indian dessert, and a Singaporean favourite. These utterly delicious balls are incredibly flavoursome.
What is it?
Gulab jamun are deep-fried milk balls drenched in sugar syrup. Most often, these balls are scented with Gulab (Rose in Hindi).
Where to eat: The Banana Leaf Apolo, Mogul Sweet Shop at Little India Arcade
These lip-smacking and Instagram-worthy desserts of Singapore are sure to make you want to visit the country soon (even if just to taste them!). Let us know about your favourite Singaporean desserts and the best stalls and places to dunk our sweet tooth into delish these desserts in the comments below.

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