14 Best Beaches in Mauritius For A Perfect Summer Getaway!

It is so beautiful to see the big blue waves come running to you. The white sands, basking under the sun are such a delightful scene to feel. Building castles and looking for seashells are must-do-things on a beach. Surrounded by more than 150 km of beaches and lagoons, Mauritius has some of the world's best beaches to relax on. Blue turquoise water and coconut trees make Mauritius the paradise of Indian Ocean. These lagoons are beautiful as they are protected by coral reefs and contain clam waters ideal for water sports.

Here is a list of best beaches in Mauritius and the most happening things that are a must-do on them:

1. Flic en Flac - Leap into The Corals!

Flic en Flac Beach, beaches in Mauritius
Termed as an aquatic playground, Flic en Flac is a whimsical beach, the stellar stretches of this beach will blow your mind. The beach also attracts water enthusiasts as it is one of the best dive sites. La Cathedrale is one of the best places, with gesturing arches and caverns. Ten minutes away from the beach is Casela, the Island's eco-park. With calm and shallow waters, Flic en Flac is ideal for beginners in diving.

Things to Do

Besides swimming and diving, eat in the inexpensive stalls and restaurants of the beach. From wine to beef, the items available are not limited to seafood. Snacks are also a treat to you here.

2. Trou aux Biches - Swim, Snorkel or Sunbathe Anything You Want To!

Trou aux Biches, beaches in Mauritius
Located to the north-west of Mauritius, Trou aux Biches is considered to be one of the best beaches in Mauritius due to its ideal conditions for swimming and snorkelling. The beach is 2 km long and is perfect for sunbathing as well. The Mauritian sunset view in the afternoon from this beach has been mesmerising visitors for centuries.

Things to Do

The beach is famous for snorkelling and deep sea trips. One must also try eating the food of various cuisines from the stalls of small restaurants on the beach.

3. Grand Baie - The Most Tranquil Beach!

Grand Bay beach, beaches in Mauritius
Grand Baie beach is a public beach located on the northern coast of Mauritius. Though the beach offers a beautiful view of the Grand Bay, you might not feel it comfortable to stay for long hours on the beach. It is densely crowded most of the time. The boat traffic is heavy, due to which one might not be able to see the clear emerald waters of Grand Bay. The place is ideal for sports enthusiasts. If you want to spice up during your trip to Mauritius, this beach is the right place. Some facilities are available along the roads leading to the beach. You can enjoy food from international restaurants. They also serve cocktails and excellent seafood.

Things to Do

You can shop at the stalls on the beach. Drink lovers will find this place as a treasure. Apart from boat rides and swimming, you can also skydive and go on trails to other small Islands.

4. Tamarin Beach - The Island's only Surf Beach!

Tamarin Beach, beaches in Mauritius

Well, that's not a typo. The beach is named after a massive number of tamarind trees planted by Dutch travellers to Mauritius. A taxi drive or self-drive to this place is comfortable. Privileged to be the island's only surf beach, it is famous for swimming along with dolphins. You can book your trips with some operators and enjoy a face-to-face with dolphins. You can also rent paddle boards. You might like a jet-ski as well.

Things to Do

There are some excellent restaurants on the beach. French wine sold here is famous for its value. There is a garden with live music as well. Apart from watching and swimming with dolphins, stroll on the white sands of Tamarin beach and enjoy other water sports too.

5. La Cuvette Beach


While there are a plethora of beautiful beaches in Mauritius that are prominently displayed on the country’s tourism map, there are quite a few beaches that are well off the beaten tourist trail, thus making them hidden gems that are known to only a few tourists, and the locals of the area. Over the years, with the increase of tourists in Mauritius, most of these beaches have been discovered by tourists, so you really wouldn’t think that there still are a remaining few beaches that almost no one knows about, making them little havens of peace and tranquillity. One such beach is the La Cuvette Beach.

Things To Do
The absence of coral reefs coupled with its clear water and its aesthetic beauty makes it one of the best beaches to go for a swim

6. Poste Lafayette Beach

Poste Lafayette Beach
Adding to the long list of beaches in Mauritius, the Poste Lafayette Beach is another beautiful exemplification of why this paradise island is famous worldwide as a perfect holiday destination. Also known by the name – Jalsa Beach, the Poste Lafayette Beach is situated towards the outskirts of a small northeastern Mauritian village of Poste Lafayette. About 500 metres from the popular Constance Prince Maurice resort, the Poste Lafayette Beach boasts a unique peaceful environment.

Things To Do
Are you looking for a perfect picnic spot? Go around the rocks and mangrove in the southern part of the beach, and you will find some small beaches hidden behind the forests. Few snack vendors put up their stalls during the weekends selling burgers. Majority of them are on the northern side of the beach.

7. Mont Choisy Beach - Take a Long Walk by the Beach!

Mont Choisy Beach, beaches in Mauritius

Mont Choisy is 4km away from Grand Bay and is easily accessible by bus from Port Louis.  It is a 3 km stretch of white sand with enthralling turquoise waters. Weekdays are ideal to enjoy these beach waters as weekends are often crowded by the locals. Some sports activities find a place on the beach. Jogging, walking, aerobics and water-skiing are all available along the beach.

Things To Do

Apart from enjoying the calm waters and adventurous sports, there is a neat football ground which is maintained well on the beach. You will enjoy a friendly football match with the locals on the beach.

8. Ile aux Cerfs - Golf Lover? You've Got to be Here. 

Ile aux Cerfs Beach, beaches in Mauritius
The white sands of Ile aux Cerfs beach never fail to impress you. With waves creating the rhythm of your life, the beach is an excellent place to relax except for the weekends when it is overcrowded. The beach offers good waters to roll in, and every water sport is possible here. Parasailing, banana boat rides, speedboat rides and many other adventurous sports await your arrival. Private spots can also be booked for few hours on this beach, as Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort and Spa is located on Ile aux Cerfs Beach. Strolling for an hour with waves lapping the shores will relax your mind and make you feel refreshed.

Things To Do

Playing golf in the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Course will be one of the best moments of your life. Set on a stunning spot, this golf course is an attraction for all golf lovers across the world. One has to taste the grilled Thai food from the stalls on the beach. 

9. Belle Mare Plage Beach - Go Windsurfing and Sailing!

Sunset at Belle Mare Plage, beaches in Mauritius
The beach might seem to be noisy due to motor boats, yet this 10km long beach offers beautiful pristine sand to stroll ten-minute. You can reach this place easily through a taxi. The strong currents of the beach make it unfavourable for swimming into deep waters. The perfect breeze on Belle Mare Plage makes it an excellent location for windsurfing and sailing. Weekdays are the right time to go to this place as weekends are overcrowded with locals. The beach is known for its combination of colours.

Things to Do

Walking and jogging along the shore is a treat to you. Windsurfing, sailing, and resting in the resorts are must-do. A floating restaurant, Barachois, serves delicious desserts in its pretty restaurant.

10. Blue Bay Beach - The Beach with Pristine Blue.

Blue Bay Beach, beaches in Mauritius

Blue Bay beach is known for coral reefs which can be seen when you take a boat trip. The underwater scenery, which is close to the shore, has colourful reefs in store for you. The beach is a ten-minute drive away from the airport in the southeast. There are some excursions available from this beach, which include underwater glass bottom boat trips and snorkelling. You can land yourself in the less crowded lagoons by snorkelling in these waters. 

Things to Do

Apart from snorkelling, swimming and excursions, wines and snacks are the famous products here. You can also visit the Blue Bay Marine Park. Some stalls on the beach sell local food and cheap snacks which one must try for sure.

11. Le Morne Beach - One of the Most Beautiful Beaches for a Perfect Beach Wedding! 

Le Morne Beach, beaches in Mauritius

With Le Morne Mountain in the background, Le Morne beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. It is a 4 km long stretch and is an excellent swimming spot for the locals. The beach has been attracting kite surfers. The 'One Eye' point at Le Morne Point is one of the best kitesurfing spots worldwide. If you are experienced enough, you can swim with the horses as well! Go on a trek on Le Morne Mountain which is going to be an adventurous climb.

Things to Do

Besides kite-surfing and swimming, enjoy the scrumptious food served at decent prices in the local stalls on the beach. 

12. Gris Gris Beach - A Beautiful Cliff Dive!

Gris Gris Beach, beaches in Mauritius

Gris Gris beach is located a few kilometres away from the village of Souillac. Coral reefs do not surround the beach, and therefore you cannot find big splashes of water. The beach offers a spectacular view from its cliffs. You can relax in a garden nearby and still view the beach, its waves and rock cliffs. The Roche Qui Pleure point of the beach is famous for the frequent strong waves that hit the rocks so much that it looks as if the cliffs are crying. 

Things to Do

Not an ideal place for swimming, it is best to enjoy the beauty of rock cliffs and splashes of water instead.

13. Ile Plate Beach

Ile Plate beach

The perfect and fitting description of the Ile Plate Beach can be concluded as the amalgamation of beautiful and incredible scenic views and turquoise waters apt for diving, which is surrounded by small sharks though. Located 11 kilometres towards the north of Cap Malheureux, the northernmost point of Mauritius, Ile Plate also goes by the name of Flat Island. Ranging over an area of 253 hectares, Ile Plate or Flat Island is one of the largest islets of Mauritius. Your eyes won’t get tired by the endless undisturbed views stretching out in all directions.

Things To Do
Ile Plate Beach is not only a favourite getaway for nature lovers but also a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Water activities like diving and snorkelling are immensely popular among tourists and locals. The diving site situated at the Pigeon Rock is known as the “Shark Pit” where you can swim around with the sharks. Keep in mind that the sea is rough and you can access the diving site after 20 to 45 minutes of a boat ride. You have to arrange all the diving needs in advance, and it is recommended that only experienced divers should undertake this activity.

14. Pointe Aux Piments Public Beach

Pointe aux piments public beach

Pointe aux Piments village in the western part of Mauritius is home to the Pointe aux Piments public beach. Located in the Pamplemousses district, it is one of the many beaches in Mauritius. Also known as the Le Meridien beach, the Pointe aux Piments public beach is spread across an area of 3-4 kilometres. It starts from the Petite Pointe aux Piments close to the Le Meridien resort and Le Victoria resort and goes up to the Trou aux Biches through the Pointe aux Piments village.

Best Time to Relax on Mauritian Beaches

Located in the tropics, Mauritius is a lush green country with favourable climate throughout the year. The pleasant climate in this Island nation is the reason why it is flooded with tourists throughout the year and continues to be Africa's best destination. In the summer, that is the period between November and April; the waters are warm and very ideal for water sports and other activities. You will surely enjoy lying on sands basking under the sun.
On the other hand, the period between July and September will limit the activities that you can do on the beaches in Mauritius, due to the relatively cold temperature of the waters. You might not be able to bathe or snorkel in the waters. However, any time of the year is the right time to pack your bags and go on a vacation to lie on the beaches of Mauritius. 

With this list, you know all the beaches to enjoy your vacations. Why wait to whisper to the waves? Pack your bags soon! Happy vacations!

This post was published by Sravya Vemuri